Tour Eiffel : Lubliner., J. By Jean-Paul Lubliner


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For the whole of 1999, a giant illuminated sign on the Eiffel Tower in Paris counted down the days to the new millennium. The resuld is this very original book: an image for every day of the year, showing the full depth and diversity of Parisian life. Tour Eiffel : Lubliner., J.

The Eiffel Tower has had a digital clock mounted on it for several years which has been counting down to January 1st 2000. Each day the counter is reduced by one until at midnight December 31st 1999 the new Millenium is launched (yes I know it's all in how you count it) The Fireworks display that was started as this countdown switched from days, to hours, to minutes, to seconds and finally to the moment of the turning of the century was the most fabulous of all the celebrations held world wide. And I and my Son were there to witness it. Directly across the Seine from La Tour Eiffel.
This book, written in both French and English is a photo record of the last year of that countdown. The text is charming and informative (and could help you learn some Francais)the photographs of this most photographed of French Monuments are original and imaginative. Each photo of La Tour Eiffel has the digital clock displayed so the day/date is fixed.
If you are a Francophile or just a lover of the Tower, this is a wonderful book. 2845760221