Touch of Darkness (Fated Legacy, #1) By Delta James

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I love that we will see the next generation—the offspring of those from Wayward Mates and Tangled Vines—but we also get to catch up with the couples from the first two series. The story takes place in 2048 in New Orleans. Skylar Gautier, daughter of Jean-Michel and Darby, works with the New Orleans police department. Travis Nichols, son of Cameron and Riley, has come from Galveston, Texas, to open a new restaurant in the French Quarters—not by accident, but because this is where Skylar is—and she is his fated mate.

“Skylar Gautier was arrogant, stubborn, and disobedient, and the only she-wolf he ever wanted.”

The story’s plot will have Skylar notice some unusual but familiar circumstances about the random killings of females in the area. She has been watching some cold cases, plus new murders, and believes that this is the work of a serial killer. Before she can share the information, she needs to be sure. When it appears that the killer has Skylar in his sights, that is when Travis puts his foot down. Her vehicle will be torched and her apartment ransacked; she has only a few options, move in with Travis, go back home to Riviere Du Loup, or go into witness protection. With the support of Travis, provided she agrees to his terms, and with the approval of her superiors, Skylar will not
only make her gold shield, she will head up the task force and be allowed to pick her team.

Travis: First, like it or not, I’m your fated mate. Second, you’re not going back to your crappy apartment. Three, you will keep me advised of everything you’re doing and where you’re going to be. And fourth, you are going to submit to my authority and behave yourself and when you don’t, you’ll submit to my discipline. Have I made myself clear?
Skylar: You can’t stand there and dictate terms to me.
Travis: I rather think I can.
Skylar: I will not agree to any of this
Travis: Your agreement isn’t necessary. Your father is a traditionalist, or have you forgotten he ran your mother to ground?
Skylar: I don’t need you to look after me, and I sure am not going to let you spank me.
Travis: I have no doubt you’re going to fight both but win neither. It’s me or your father.

“A wolf’s gotta do what a wolf’s gotta do. Right about the time I realized you were my fated mate, I decided to follow my father’s advice that forewarned is forearmed. My mother dealt him all kinds of grief before she decided to settle down.”

Skylar: Why not ask me to become the sweet, compliant she-wolf of your dreams?
Travis: Because we both know I know you better than that. Besides, feisty, fractious fated mates are so much more fun to tame.
Skylar: I don’t see that you’ve given me much of a choice.
Travis: That’s not true. I’ve given you several choices. You may not like any of them, but how we proceed from here is entirely up to you.
Skylar: Thanks for supporting me on this case.
Travis: I meant what I said. As long as you play by my rules and I can keep you safe, I won’t let Malloy, or your father, know. The minute I believe you are in danger, I pull the plug.

I love the chemistry between Skylar and Travis. It seems that the 2048 couples, while still independent, determined, and highly capable, seem to meld better together. That isn’t to say that the Alpha isn’t dominant, powerful, and controlling, they just seem to be more reasonable, within reason, of the strong female fated mates they have. Travis doesn’t see himself leading in his father’s place in Galveston someday; he picked New Orleans, he respects Skylar as a police officer, and supports her—he just is determined to keep her safe. She may try and deny the fated-mate claim, but she knows he is correct—and even ask him to claim her.

“There was a rightness to being with her—being in her. This was not an alpha male conquering his mate. No, this was two souls joining and realigning their universes.”

Together, these two find happiness, bliss, and so much passion. His support and care of her as a police officer detective is critical. The story has the good, the bad, and the evil, and with a legend, a voodoo priestess, a lifetime of nightmares, and unity, they have a chance of making a difference. I can’t wait to see where this new series will continue.

“The Darkness is still out there. We’ll just have to wait to see where it rises next. It’s not done—not by a long shot.” Delta James 'Touch of Darkness' is Delta James' second book in her Fated Legacy series and if you're a Delta James fan then you'll completely understand when I ask, How many ways can I say this author is spectacular? This series is the next generation of all those heroes and heroines we met in her Wayward Mates series. If you've read those books, then I'm sure you'll be as thrilled as I was with this new series. If you haven't, not to worry, it's not a prerequisite to reading this but you'll soon what to backtrack and find out about the past. In 'Touch of Darkness' we get Skylar Gautier, the alpha daughter of Jean Michele and Darby Gautier who are also the Alpha and Mistress of Orleans plus Skyler's fated mate, Travis Nichols, alpha son to the Alpha and Mistress Cameron and Riley Nichols of Galveston. This book is so good and I'm afraid to give too much away in the review but I'm gushing over here. Two strong characters and an alpha who goes against tradition. A serial killer on the loose and a police department trying to put the pieces of a sadistic puzzle together. Fated mates with one wanting independence and one not giving over their dominance. If this were a movie it would definitely win an Oscar and it's so worth more than five stars. Delta James Enter the kids of the Wayward Mates series. Skylar and Travis are phenomenal together. They learn to compromise so each is fulfilled in their relationship. Her being a cop means she bends much more (protecting his mate is not up for question) but he gives her his support. I love that her case is prominent in the story. The details around its resolution are so intricate and well thought out for the most part. Great storytelling.

I received an ARC for an honest review. Delta James Okay, so, since I dove into this series out of order I'm thinking it's safe to give this 3 stars (for now). After I dive into the previous book, I'm hoping some things will make a bit more sense to me and then I might change my rating on Touch of Darkness.


It probably doesn't help me much since this is part of a spin off series either and I never read the original beforehand. Again, I'm just committing all kinds of book crimes here and I have zero regrets. Maybe one day I will rectify this but today is not that day.

In this, you will meet Skylar and Travis. They've known each other basically all their lives. It just sucks when things get tricky because he knows she's his fated mate and that's about it. She's kicking ass and taking names being a bad ass detective.

With danger lurking around almost every corner, it was interesting to see what was going to happen next. I liked the characters themselves and the potential romance blooming over them. I just feel like I'm missing little pieces here and there. Which is why I need to read the other books and see if things will make sense before I continue on with this series.

In the end, I have a feeling more darkness is coming and I'm itching to dive in and greet it. Delta James


“Touch of Darkness” is the second book in the ‘Fated Legacy’ series by Delta James. First let me say you need not have read any of the books related to it in order to understand and enjoy this one. I’d like to take a minute to set the stage, though. This series presents us with the next generation of lead characters from two of the author’s other series - ‘Wayward Mates’ and ‘Tangled Vines’. They are all paranormal stories with wolf-shifters and humans, and are interconnected standalone stories.

The heroine in “Touch of Darkness” is Skylar Gautier. She’s the she-wolf alpha daughter of Jean Michele and Darby Gautier, who are the Alpha and Mistress of Orleans. Skyler's fated mate is Travis Nichols. He’s the alpha son of Cameron and Riley Nichols, the Alpha and Mistress of Galveston. An Alpha is a pack leader and a Mistress of a powerful pack runs things with him. An alpha is born with the traits of a leader but for various reasons may not end up actually serving as the Alpha of a pack.

Skyler is a strong female character. She’s an uncommon female alpha, and a tenacious police officer seeking to become a detective. Tyler, destined to be her mate, is a successful chef by trade. His birthright is to eventually take over for his father as a pack Alpha, but he’s perfectly willing to give that up and change his life around so he can support, encourage and protect Skylar any way he can while she pursues her dangerous career. Make no mistake, it’s extremely dangerous … especially now that she’s chasing a demented serial killer who seems to have Skylar as one of his intended victims. Skylar is not in any way submissive – except to Tyler, when she accepts that they are fated for one another, and accepts him as her Alpha.

This book has an excellent story, multidimensional characters, hot passion, cold-blooded murders, irresistible intrigue and lots of creativity woven into everything. It’s intense. Although the book has a conclusion, it’s clear that a broader storyline will carry forward into the next book, and I look forward to experiencing it.
I received an ARC of this book and am sharing my honest opinion after reading it.
Delta James I love second generation stories featuring the children of characters I already love. Skylar and Tavis's story was great! She's a tough Alpha she-wolf and a cop who is chasing a serial killer. Travis has known for a long time she is his fated mate but he stands behind her and supports her, even though he's an alpha male. Can these two find the killer before he strikes again? And will they be able to make things work between them? I loved this story and Ms James tells is so perfectly. Don't miss this book! Delta James When I read Touch of Fate, I worried that the Wayward Mates next generation stories might be lacking. I was kind of sad that we had to move on. I was SO wrong. Delta James has done it again. I only wish this book had been longer.

Travis and Skylar stepped up to the plate, just like their parents. I liked Travis, the ex Delta Forces, cowboy, chef. Although Skylar was initially resistant to being Travis' fated mate, the chase did not go one nearly as long as it did with some of the other couples. I liked that Skylar was strong, but willing to let Travis assist her without any resentment. This book had more of a dark theme than some of the previous books. A serial killer and an inhuman source of evil.

Travis and Skylar being fated mates only served to make them stronger. There was an interesting twist that was added about about wolf shifters. This book definitely lived up to the hype. Mystery, suspense, intrigue, danger, and evil.

Don't worry, there is still all of the love, romance, loyalty, and heat generated between an Alpha Wolf and his Alpha She-Wolf. I wish there had been a little more about Travis and Skylar after things were wrapped up with this situation. Maybe there will be more in future books. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Delta James shifter Romance

I really love Paranormal Romance and Shifters are a subset of Paranormal, so Shifter Romance is definitely my jam. This book connects with a previous series by this writer, because the h and the H are the grown children of two couples that appeared in the earlier series. I really love how the series is connected and I also love the story line and i am looking forward to more books in this series. There is a great evil out there called the Darkness and the characters have to deal with it. Delta James ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What an excellent way to begin a spin-off series of the incredibly addicting shifter writings of Delta James!

In this book, we get to experience the now adult children of two beloved couples from the Tangled Vines series. Travis and Skylar are wonderful. Travis is such an amazing character. We have come to expect the alpha wolf way of being brought to heel once they claim their fated mate. Travis was so different. He gave up what was to be his pack by rights, in order to let Skylar spread her wings and fly, with him right by her side. His acceptance of her strong personality, courtesy of her strong willed female descendants as well as his, allowed for this story to be so different from the rest. Instead of the usual fight for acceptance of being fated mates, Skylar welcomed this pairing, knowing that Travis would not suffocate her into the life of Mistress of the Pack, letting her live the life she was meant to live all along. The passion and strength of their love, allowing for the dile wolf to form...swoon! Delta James

The last thing Skylar wants is exactly what she needs

A serial killer is killing women in Crescent City. Skylar Gautier, New Orleans cop, and alpha female is determined to track and catch the killer herself. As she closes in on the killer, Travis Nichols, her fated mate shows up, ready for happy ever after. He is a distraction she does not need or want.

At first, the killer thinks it is a great game to lead the female cop on but then he discovers her secret and now she is the hunted. He wants her for his piece de resistance. Her life force will make him stronger than the master.

A premonition shows Skylar the darkness covering the land. It will take two alpha mates working together to create something only ever heard of in legends to stop the evil. They will both have to give up something and risk everything. Touch of Darkness (Fated Legacy, #1)