Tom Clancy Firing Point: 7 By Mike Maden

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What a shame there isn't substance or better storytelling in so many of the books bearing Tom Clancy's name the past few years. This latest title is humdrum, predictable and frankly embarrassing in places. It's as if Mike Maden felt he had better things to do and better places to be. Twenty pages in I knew this was going to be a dog. I want my money back.Lately many of the title that focus only on Jack Ryan Jr. seem like they were created on a factory floor; the same parts just moved around in a different order. This really is a disservice to Tom's memory. The man was a genius storyteller. The writers trying to carry on his legacy are going to have to try much, much harder.You'll get enjoyment from going back to Tom's original works of fiction. Now those are worth paying for and reading over and over. Failing that I suggest only going with new titles that feature the entire Campus, which at least have enough characters to pull off the plot and keep you engaged. Seinen There are 3 other authors who are great writers and know how to do the Jack Ryan novels as they should be done.Mike Maden makes a mess of it every time. As usual, the plot (and I use that term lightly) has holes big enough to drive a tank through. He seems to try to make too many sub plots and then he never completes or winds up all of the issues in each so one is left with questions than answers. He over reaches on the abilities of a lot of the characters. One of my personal pet peeves is his treatment of Gavin Biery. If you were to read this book first you would think the man a complete air head with no back bone when just the opposite is true. Over all, I think he just tries too hard and fails miserably.The next book in the series is being done by Marc Cameron and will be out in November. I am SOOO looking forward to that one to get the series back on track again.To who ever is making the decisions on the writers going forward. Please, reconsider using Mr. Maden in future. I for one just won't buy any done by him. Seinen Several writers have taken on the style of Tom Clancy and have continued the series involving the Ryan family. They are doing a commendable job with each book following the ongoing saga of Jack Ryan Sr. & Jack Ryan Jr. as well as other characters flowing nicely from one book to the next. I believe this is number 29 in this series. I hope the writers will continue to find material to carry on. I very much enjoy the stories being told. Seinen Lovely Seinen I have bought hundreds of books from , but have never left a review because I feel that everyone's taste is different. But this was not value for money and since a paid £17 for it, and with at least 20 pages blank or with a date only, I am inclined to be less than happy. The story is weak and not worthy of the Tom Clancy cover headline. Jack Ryan junior is being painted as a pubescent thug who will not comply with laws of any land, and his father should long ago have retired from the White House, having been there for 26 fictional years. Even his character was weakened by this storyline. Perhaps the time has come to stop cashing in on the ghost writing experience and to let Mr. Clancy rest in peace. Sadly, the storyline about a quantum computer could have been a good one. Seinen

Jack Ryan, Jr. is out to avenge the murder of an old friend, but the vein of evil he's tapped into may run too deep for him to handle in the latest electric entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

While on vacation in Barcelona, Jack Ryan, Jr. is surprised to run into an old friend at a small caf. A first, Renee Moore seems surprised to see Jack, but then she just seems irritated and distracted. After making plans to meet later, Jack leaves, only to miss the opportunity to ever speak to Renee again, as the caf is destroyed minutes later by a suicide bomber. A desperate Jack plunges back into the ruins to save his friend, but it's too late. As she dies in his arms, she utters one word, Sammler.

When the police show up they are initially suspicious of Jack until they are called off by a member of the Spanish Intelligence Service. This mysterious sequence of events sends the young Campus operative on an unrelenting search to find out the reason behind Renee's death. Along the way, he discovers that his old friend had secrets of her ownand some of them may have gotten her killed.

Jack has never backed down from a challenge, but some prey may be too big for one man. Tom Clancy Firing Point: 7