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My 11 year old son loves this series almost as much as the diary of a wimpy kid series. I haven't read them myself, but they keep him engagedhe usually reads them in one sitting. He has good reading skills.college level for skill alone and grade 8 or 9 for comprehension, but he doesn't get bored with these. 978-1406363494 My 8y/o is obsessed with the Diary of a wimpy kid series and thought this might take her to the next reading level. I love these, but she reads books too quickly! Very similar style to the other series. Needs words and less comics. 978-1406363494 My 9 year old daughter really enjoyed the first 4 books and is excited to continue to read the rest of the series.
I found this series on a fluke, but so glad I did. The author has a supplemental website to assist with vocabulary in the books.
Great find. 978-1406363494 I really liked the book but Timmy has pinned every case on molly besides the one she actually committed. I probably should have put this the first sentence but Timmy has a polar bear named Total who is really lazy and fat. My favorite part was where Timmy said the hotel couldn't charge money for the room's phone because it was in the room and it would be like charging money for the bottles of water on the table to Rollo who is his best friend and Rollo said Timmy those are like $6 each. I glance down at the now empty bottles. My least favorite part was the great explorers history exam

1) Who was Meriwether Lewis
2) who was William Clarks
Probably someone who made fun of Meriwether
3) why did Meriwether head west
To get away from William.
unfortunately there isn't anything else interesting about the book so bye. 978-1406363494 My boys (4th and 5th grades) love these Timmy Failure books. I personally thought they would have outgrown them by now, but they always ask for the new ones when they come out. I am thrilled to buy any book my reluctant readers actually ask me for. Thank you Stephan Pastis!! 978-1406363494

Enjoyed this well thought out book, read all the previous ones with my son and this was a worthy addition to the series.Stephan Pastis has a great imagination and all the characters in the book are very funny and are brought to life with the way they are drawn 978-1406363494 What a great book series for my son and I to read together! He's 14, but still loves that quiet bonding time of reading in bed together before drifting off to sleep. These books are hilarious, predictable (so your brain doesn't have to think too much) and yet totally relatable. They are quick reads with both simple and complex words for language mastery at any level. 978-1406363494 This is my 9 year old grandson’s favorite book series and he read and collected the whole series! Duchess 978-1406363494 As an adult, even I find this book entertaining. Great sarcasm, humor, foreshadowing in it. It is like diary of a wimpy kid; however, the vocabulary and content is sophisticated. A kid would love it and learn a bit by reading too 978-1406363494 This book is so good! It's seems impossible to imagine somebody not liking this. I really want the author to write series!!! Timmy failure is the best worst detective ever! I especially like that Corrina Corrina is actually really nice but timmy thinks that she is really evil. Timmy is a winner!
:} 978-1406363494

Timmy Failure Sanitized for Your Protection Timmy Failure: Sanitized for Your Protection

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