Three Perfect Liars By Heidi Perks

Heidi Perks Î 7 READ

From the author of Her One Mistake, hailed as “chilling, captivating” by New York Times bestselling author Megan Miranda, comes a riveting new suspense novel about three ambitious women whose lives are turned upside down in the aftermath of a horrifying fire, which destroys a successful advertising agency and threatens to expose a tangled web of lies.

Laura has returned to work at Morris and Wood after her maternity leave, only to discover that the woman she brought in to cover for her isn’t planning on going anywhere. Despite her close relationship with the agency’s powerful CEO, Harry Wood, she feels sidelined—and outmaneuvered—as she struggles to balance the twin demands of work and motherhood.

Mia was only supposed to be a temporary hire at Morris and Wood, but she’s managed to make herself indispensable to everyone. Everyone, that is, except Laura. If people only knew why she was so desperate to keep her job, they might not want her to stay.

Janie gave up everything to support her husband and the successful agency he runs. But she has her own dark secret to protect…and will go to any lengths to keep it safe.

With signature prose lauded as “breathtaking” and “bone-chilling” by USA TODAY bestselling author Cristina Alger and plenty of shocking twists and turns, Three Perfect Liars is an unputdownable thriller for fans of Watching You and The Couple Next Door. Three Perfect Liars

I’ve enjoyed quite a few books by Heidi Perks. I thought Three Perfect Liars sounded like another gripping read.

Laura, Janie, and Mia all have something in common. They are all connected to the very successful advertising agency, Morris and Wood.

Janie is married to the owner of Morris and Wood. Laura works there but has been away on maternity leave and Mia has been covering Laura's position.

But now Laura is back.

When a fire breaks out at Morris and Wood, an investigation is launched. Someone wanted to destroy the agency. Unfortunately for them, fire won't keep secrets from being exposed.

And EVERYONE is keeping secrets.

I thought this was a good read. We find out about what happened in the time before the fire as well as present day. Interspersed are interviews with police and staff.

Another gripping read from Heidi Perks!!

I'd like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this novel. All opinions are my own.
English 3.5 stars

Three Perfect Liars is a thriller about three women intent on getting revenge.

Janie, Lauren, and Mia are all tied together through a fancy advertising firm. All have struggles and secret agendas. But who will win in the end?

POV’s switch between the three women (i.e. the “three perfect liars”:

Lauren, returning to work after maternity leave, is struggling to find her place now that her role has been usurped by the woman who was supposed to be her temporary replacement. Jealous, obsessive, and at the same time grappling with leaving her newborn, she is about to implode.

Mia, Lauren’s replacement, has been keeping some big secrets. Is she at the firm for the right reasons or is she there to steal another woman’s job?

Janie, married to Harry who is head of the firm, was a former prosecutor and is now trying to embrace being a stay at home mother. Angry at her husband for past misdeeds and convinced he is having an affair with Lauren, she is ready to end her marriage, but at what cost?

These three women are supposed to be “three perfect liars,” but they suck at lying, and it’s easy to read between the lines and figure out their agendas.

The story begins with the fancy advertising firm being set on fire. The narrative goes back to eight weeks before the fire, and the events slowly unfold. Honestly, while this is a very readable and a page-turner, all could have been resolved in a lengthy paragraph or a page. I found the ending and reveal of the arsonist anticlimactic. I really liked these characters and wanted more layers and nuance for their stories. So while this was a riveting page-turner, the last 10% was a disappointment, but I would still recommend it for an entertaining read.

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
English Look at the smoke!! You cannot stop coughing, right? Somewhere is burning. Oh no! Morris& Wood’s building which was only built five years ago is on fire! Could it be arson? Or could the old time protestors who were against the modern complex from the beginning be responsible of the fire?

Three women stood at the quay: Eminem’s “I love the way you lie”song plays in my head : just gonna stand there and watch me burn”, mixing with “Disco Inferno” lyrics: “Burn baby” and of course but three women are already singing: “We didn’t start the fire”

Three women: one of them is CEO Harry Wood’s wife Janine who resigned from her rising courtroom career because of her husband and now they’re drifting apart after all sacrifices she made. She is not happy and for her daughters’ sake, she’s trapped in her marriage.

Laura, one of the ambitious, rising star of the company, returning back to her office after her maternal leave and she finds out her precious Coopers’ account she’s worked for years were taken over by Mia: the same girl who was her replacement but it seems like Laura has been replaced by her.

She knows she is not the person who she’s and she’s after her job even though her sweet pie, lovely husband Nate thinks she’s overreacting AGAIN! Yes, at the past she had another tantrum with a woman colleague that started shit storm and which ended not to so good for her mental condition. And Laura might be angry to Harry who ignored her hard work and sacrifices she’s made for the company by replacing her with younger and inexperienced version of her.

And Mia, has her own secret agenda, she takes care of her sister and mother, she’s friendly, social, most of the people love her at the office which makes Laura more agitated and jealous. Is she a sweetheart as like people think about her or is Laura right about to be suspicious? Why she’s so keen to keep her job and stay connected to Wood family?

Three of them are lying about the fire. They might be protecting someone or some big secrets can change all of their lives? Who has died at the fire? Who is responsible?

This is quite emotional, thought provoking , thriller and women’s fiction. Especially Mia was my favorite from the beginning. I also empathize with Laura and her reactions about her replacement because her work is the only way to express herself like Janine who got jealous after finding out her best friend’s returning to her job.

But Laura’s obsession about getting back her position and exaggerating ambition irritated me as her sweetheart husband did everything to support her. And her lack of interest with her baby’s condition and selfishness also pissed me off.

Janine was neutral character for me. I could her Switzerland character: I didn’t like her or hate her!

The pacing was great. The story telling technique by presenting us police interviews and three women’s POVs brilliantly hooks your interest and you cannot stop reading to learn more about the secrets of these women.

Overall: I loved the powerful conclusion of the story. I loved the author’s approach to the sensitive subjects such as abuse, rape, inequality in work space.

So I’m giving four fiery, volatile, burning stars! This is fast, intriguing, captivating, exciting reading for me!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Gallery Books for sharing this riveting ARC with me in exchange my honest opinions. English Five years ago Harry Wood built a modern office building overlooking Lymington Quay which causes considerable controversy with protesters describing it as an eyesore. In the present day a fire is raging in the building. Is anyone trapped inside? What causes the fire? Is it arson? If so, who is responsible? The police spotlight falls on three women who have issues with each other. The first is Janie Wood, wife of Harry, a formerly successful defence barrister in London. The second is Laura Denning who works for Harry’s advertising and marketing firm, recently returned from maternity leave to find a cuckoo at her desk - the third suspect Mia Anderson who has turned her temporary job into a permanent one to Laura’s fury. The story is told from the perspective of these three interspersed with interviews by DC Emily Marlow and the staff of Morris and Wood.

One of the things I find most interesting is how the author explores Laura’s perspective and the unfairness of her position. Laura is understandably furious at her usurper but her problems are also those of many working parents - how to balance a career with being a good mother. Janie resents Harry for a number of reasons which is also partly to do with career and she also carries guilt from a defence case which turns out to be pivotal to this story. Mia has a multitude of issues and you don’t find out what she’s up to until nearly the end of the book. Harry is probably the worst CEO imaginable as he bends to the wind and ends up pleasing no one. The Lymington area is lovely and makes an excellent backdrop to this story.

There are many positives about this book and I did enjoy it, however, it flits backwards and forwards in time randomly which interrupts flow. The story builds to a staff party at Harry’s house three days before the fire and I think the events there are a bit of a letdown as I expected something more explosive and I think the end is a bit underwhelming too. That being said, despite my reservations it is a good read with interesting characters and some thought provoking issues.

Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin for the ARC. English A novel that begins with an advertising firm burning to the ground soon introduces the reader to three women who are directly associated with the inferno. Three Perfect Liars by Heidi Perks is a whodunit that aptly satisfies thriller-lovers’ need for surprises and unrelenting suspense. Laura, a wife and mother, returns to the world of advertising after being on maternity leave. Mia, the woman who temporarily filled her position, has taken over her accounts and her office and will not be surrendering them. It seems that she has an ulterior motive in staying with the company and Laura is secretely investigating her past. Janie, the wife of the CEO of the firm, suspects that either woman may be involved with her husband. And this sets the scene for lies and more lies. Each woman has her reasons for lying and the lies will lead to a deadly fire. The author alternates the narrative between the three women and a police detective who is investigating the crimes. All roads will lead to a shocking ending. I thorouhly enjoyed this original mystery. Highly recommended. Thank you to Simon & Schuster Canada and NetGalley for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. English

Following the burning down of an advertising agency in Britain's southern coast, one which resulted in a individual leaving the building in a body bag, the police have a surplus of suspects.

Laura: Just back to work after a six-month maternity leave, Laura is dumbfounded, and deservedly ticked off, that her main account has been reassigned to the woman temporarily covering her job. As if leaving her newborn baby to work long, grueling hours isn't enough, Laura also finds herself feeling pushed aside and out of place in her once happy work environment. She vows to get to the bottom of her boss's very controversial decision.

Mia: Ulterior motives abound with this gal. After blatantly lying during her interview to temporarily gain access to Laura's desk during her maternity leave, Mia has a crazy, hidden agenda.

Janie: The wife of Laura and Mia's boss, Harry, Janie, a former defense barrister, has many secrets of her own...and a lot to feel guilty about.

Three women. Endless secrets. Much deserved revenge.

Told from alternating perspectives, including those of the three women, the story also depicts the police interviews with various employees following the devastating fire. The characters were very well fleshed out, and the misdirection was brilliantly written, yet something about this story didn't come together for me. It wasn't a story I was excited to pick up and read, although I was intrigued about the identity of the arsonist. I had a vague idea of how the story might go, and I was partially correct, but I was never able to fill in all the blanks. So that's a win.

Overall, I'd rank this book as fairly average, but that book cover is freaking fantastic.

**Many thanks to the publisher for my review copy. English It took only 7 minutes for the first fire engines to arrive at the Morris and Wood Offices, but watching from the Quay, across the river, even SHE could see that it was TOO LATE. The entire building that housed the advertising agency was gone.

REVENGE and ANGER had blinded her, but she never meant for anyone to get hurt...for anyone to have to be removed by stretcher...

An ARSON investigation, told through interviews led by Detective Emily Marlow, interspersed with the story of the weeks leading up to the fire, made this a FAST paced read.

Three Women-all possible suspects.

Laura, has just returned from maternity leave, and has apparently lost her main client..she isn’t happy and is determined to win her job back, but what will her plan cost her?

Mia, who was supposed to be just a TEMP, covering the maternity leave. What lengths would she go to to keep this position?

Janie, wife to the powerful CEO of Morris and Wood. How badly does she resent her husband Harry, for making her give up her successful career to move to the South Coast, from London, to build these offices.

I had not read the author’s debut, “Her One Mistake” but after receiving a digital ARC of this title from Gallery, through Edelweiss, I will need to rectify that soon!

This suspense novel, is another written in the style where the characters stories will be woven together by the end, in ways you cannot imagine when the book begins.

I started this today, and was so captivated by the story, that before I knew it, I had finished the book!

Did I guess the Arsonist?

If you are a US reader, you can find out who SHE is on June 9, 2020!
Pre-order now! English I had a strong feeling that this novel would be “lit”, and I’m thrilled to see I was right! (Terrible dad dog/son 🐕 would roll his eyes if he understood!)

After a well known ad agency goes up in flames, an arson investigation has been opened. The culprit never intended for anyone to still be in the building.

The story is told from three points of view. Laura, who has just returned from maternity leave, is excited to get back to her successful career at the agency. Mia took a temp role to cover Laura’s maternity leave. Much to Laura’s chagrin, Mia isn’t going anywhere. She’s been made a permanent member of the team...and has her own reasons for her career drive. Janie is the wife of the CEO of the ad agency. She doesn’t feel love for her husband anymore, but doesn’t know how to let him in on her feelings. She also left a successful barrister career behind to raise their children.

All of their stories leading up to the fire will intertwine as we also read the investigative interviews in the aftermath of the fire.

I have to say I was hooked on this book, and found it unputdownable. I had no idea how the POVs would all come together, and definitely never figured out who the arsonist was (rest assured, it’s not just a random character who pops up out of nowhere). It’s brilliantly plotted with chapters that all but force you to keep moving onto the next one.

Thank you to Gallery Books, author Heidi Perks, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. English Deceptive, mendacious, and captivating!

THREE PERFECT LIARS by HEIDI PERKS is available now at your favourite bookstore!

Norma’s Stats:
Cover: An intriguing, ominous, fiery, and clever cover design in reflection to the storyline.
Title: This title immediately intrigued me and definitely enticed me to request to read this one. Three Perfect Liars is a simple but extremely fitting representation to the storyline. Just who is the perfect liar here?
Writing/Prose: Well-written, readable, suspenseful, easy to follow, and compelling.
Plot: Slow-burning, character-driven, dramatic, engrossing, ominous, entangled, secretive, intertwining, steadily-paced, and entertaining.
Ending: The author revealed just enough information which allowed us to experience it as written making it a little bit easy to figure out their secrets and agendas. However, I thoroughly enjoyed each of these women’s perspectives and their secrets definitely kept me guessing and reading to see who among them started the fire.
Armchair detective skills: The ending was a little bit anticlimactic although I was a little bit surprised with the big reveal of who the arsonist was though. I did think it worked out really well for the rest of the story and I loved how thought-provoking it was.
Overall: This was an absorbing and slow-burning read that intrigued and kept me interested and riveted right to the very end to make it quite the entertaining page-turner. Would recommend it!

What I loved: Multiple perspectives, the alternating timelines and the inclusion of the police interviews definitely moved the story forward for me at a nice pace.

The author's writing style hooked me right at the very beginning and I loved how the characters’ stories were all cleverly weaved together in the end.

What I didn’t love: There wasn’t really anything that I didn’t love but what lost this from being a great read for me was the ending.

Thank you so much to Simon & Schuster Canada for providing me with this beautiful physical copy.
English Another great release from Perks that I thoroughly enjoyed! Imagine loving your job in advertising, and putting everything you have into it and then taking a short maternity leave only to come back knowing you have been replaced, by a younger and more likable version of yourself...infuriating! What steps would you take to win back those big accounts your nemesis is now handling, and even more so expose those ulterior motives you just know she has? That is the overall gist of this novel, accumulating in a tragic and fatal fire of the advertising agency, and I ate it up! Told in three women's perspectives, I thought for the most part our primary protagonist, Laura, was overly emotional and whiny at times, and found myself disliking her often, believing she suffered from post partum and in desperate need of medication. I surprisingly liked our antagonist, Mia, even though I knew she was hiding a sinister secret. Our third major character, Janie, was very likable and I was desperate to find out what was troubling her and how everything would tie together at the conclusion of the story. I think the 'reveal' could have been a tad bit more dramatic or shocking, but was satisfied with the story overall. I myself have a degree in Advertising, and chose not to pursue the career after graduation primarily due to the cutthroat, backstabbing and uber-competitive nature of the industry, which this novel exposed gloriously, IMO. Perks is fantastic at creating realistic and intriguing characters, and I've enjoyed both of her novels immensely, and would recommend this to any fan of dramas and suspense/thrillers. I can't wait for her next release! English