Threads of Love By あずみ京平

3,5 Threads of Love 4 stars for volume 1
2 cute stories, with a nice art, but still I got a lot of questions with no answers, the most important is, will they have the same life span now that they are mated? I really hope so...

volume 2 --> 3 stars (03/03/19)
Nice art as usual, but that scene was rapey af. And still no news about the fact if the mates will live as long as their lovers...I really hoped there was something like that written this time. Threads of Love 其实我还是挺吃这设定的,从小结下的缘分,始终连在一起的红线...但5话讲了两对儿cp真是好赶哦,哪边都没能好好展开。 Threads of Love Mate/thread/shrine/animals characteristics Threads of Love

Volume 1:

Katsuyuki returns to the town he lived in as a child after being away for ten years, but he's faced with nothing but trouble. In order to try warding off evil spirits, he goes to a shrine to pray. There, he meets an oddly-dressed child with furry ears and a tail, who only Katsuyuki can see. The child follows him home, asking to feed, and proceeds to kiss Katsuyuki and swallow his spit... What the? Did he just get taller...? And now he wants to mate with me...!? The threads of fate interweave in this mysterious anthropomorphic fantasy! Threads of Love

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