Three Entertainments: This Gun For Hire/Ministry of Fear/Confidential Agent (Classic Crime) By Graham Greene

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Three Entertainments: This Gun For Hire/Ministry of Fear/Confidential Agent (Classic Crime)

This is very much the kind of book that I don't want to say too much about, to have an inkling of the story in advance would be to ruin the experience of reading it. It's a wonderful kind of a mystery book where you don't know and can't imagine what's coming next. The setting is the middle of the blitz in London in the second world war and Arthur Rowe's life is going spinning of the rails. Highly recommended but difficult to talk about!

English Well, I really read This Gun For Hire by Graham Greene but I could only find it included in a collection. I have always wanted to read Graham Greene but never did til now. I found three copies of This Gun For Hire and ordered them for my children and myself. I planned to have a lovely little book discussion amongst the family. First no one wanted to read it and then they gradually picked it up after I raved about Raven, the hired gun with the harelip. It really isn't the typical hard-boiled detective story. Raven is portrayed as a sympathetic character. He finds understanding and acceptance for the first time in his short life with a young woman he kidnaps. The detective from Scotland Yard is certainly secondary though we need him for the young lady at the end. Mind you, she needs no saving. In fact, she does quite well with only minimal help on Raven's part. English Interesting read that is very apt for today's political situation. English [I only read two of the novels in the collection.] Greene's fictional worlds are unrelentingly bleak, dark and confused. InGun and Agent, senseless war looms, and the protagonists are powerless to stop it. Gun's Raven is the ultimate psychopath, lacking morality and spiritual solace,and the victim of a nightmarish childhood and family situation. His one chance at intimacy, with the tolerant Anne, is thrown back in his face, and he is betrayed again. The relationship between Anne and Mather is interestingly tried as she become an unwitting accomplish is Raven's crimes. The story is a lot deeper than it seems on the surface, as are all of Greene's.
In Agent, D. enters a Kafkaesque world of pursuers and illogical bureaucracy which he is powerless to resist. Mysterious forces thwart his every effort to stop a coal sale to aid his country's oppressors. The Enternatio language concept is a joke in such a paranoid culture. His relationship with Rose is sketchy at best--the ending is uncharacteristically happy for Greene. English I just read This Gun for Hire. I particularly enjoyed how the villains' characters developed. A fun read, and well written. English