Third Time Lucky (The Bennetts Bastards Series, #1) By Jennie Kew

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Finalist in the 2019 Stiletto contest for Erotic/BDSM
Finalist in the 2019 Passionate Plume contest for BDSM

She'd given up on love, until he gave her his.

Abigail Bennett has the worst taste in men. Her husband left her for another woman and her boyfriend was a liar and a cheat, so the last thing she wants is another relationship. Sex on the other hand—or her total lack of it—is an ongoing concern. But maybe Wolf can help? And not just in the bedroom.

The annoyingly sexy, dominant author is exactly the type of man she needs to keep her ex-husband and his wandering hands at bay, but Wolf’s help comes with a price, and while Abby is willing to take him into her bed, she’s determined to keep him out of her heart.

Wolf Adams has one month to complete his manuscript and get it to his publisher, or forfeit his substantial advance. Sent to the country on retreat, the city boy is certain the change of scenery will motivate him to finish the book. But when he meets Abigail Bennett, he enters a game of cat and mouse unlike anything he’s faced before.

Unable to resist the voluptuous artisan, Wolf agrees to pose as Abby’s boyfriend and help ward off her ex’s unwanted attention, but only if she helps him finish his book. Because while he's happy to play her games, he has a few rules of his own… Third Time Lucky (The Bennetts Bastards Series, #1)

I was a little cautious going into this as I'd never read a book which explored BDSM and (if I'm being completely honest), it's not a theme I would set out to read. But, and this is a total credit to the author, after reading book 2 first and loving it, I wanted to learn more about the Bennett's. In this book, the relationship between Abby and Wolf captivated me so much, I found myself hooked and unable to put the book down. This was about so much more than just their physical relationship and more about learning to trust again after being hurt, about the acceptance of oneself, and about how, when we find someone we can trust wholeheartedly, we can heal from the pain of our past. I love Jennie's writing. I loved the emotional development between the characters. I loved the ending - how Wolf demonstrates what true strength really is. Third Time Lucky (The Bennetts Bastards Series, #1) 🎁 FREE on Amazon today (9/10/2020)! 🎁 Third Time Lucky (The Bennetts Bastards Series, #1) Jennie Kew writes hot, erotic romances. I’ve read some of her shorts and loved them. So reading one of her full length novels was a given.
In this book, Abby belongs to the family clan locally known as the Bennett’s Bastards. I love that Abby comes from an extended family of half-brothers and sisters, and that they're fiercely loyal and supportive of one another. Her siblings make secondary character appearances in this story, and I can see Jennie setting up some threads for their stories in this series.
Wolf is an author on a deadline, sent to the country property Abby owns on an enforced writer's retreat to finish his book. He's dealing with some intense personal issues, and unbeknownst to him, Abby's home and his attraction to the host is just the panacea he needs to motivate him into meeting his deadline.
Both Abby and Wolf have been unlucky in love but from the get-go their attraction steams up the pages. Their D/s relationship is an intense, emotional rollercoaster ride as they discover what they mean to each other and work through their separate (past) relationship issues.
Abby’s story tugs at the heartstrings (for me, this was truly her story, it engaged me as a reader right from her opening scene) and Wolf is one, hot alpha Dom who helps her to discover that he’s the one for her.
A great read and the first in a new series – can’t wait for the next one.
Third Time Lucky (The Bennetts Bastards Series, #1) Wow. Abby and Wolf are smoking hot. I like the character development in this story. I love the strength in Wolf and the determination under the fear in Abby. I love the secondary characters. Her five brothers that come to visit are a hoot. I was a little annoyed with Jane, the best friend. Of course, Richard is a true Dick. The smexy times were definitely smoking hot and a bit outside my comfort zone, but what a story. The drama and angst moved the story along at a nice pace. The writing is well done.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Third Time Lucky (The Bennetts Bastards Series, #1) Finalist in the 2019 Passionate Plume contest for BDSM
​Finalist in the 2019 Stiletto contest for Erotic/BDSM Third Time Lucky (The Bennetts Bastards Series, #1)


She needed a real man...
by and1515

Abby unfortunately she saw herself as being defective and broken.
She had lost all hope in finding the right man after all the losers who decimated her self confidence leaving her wondering why.
But being vulnerable and lonely her creepy ex tries to worm his way back into her life.
Abby knew deep down the last thing she needed was to let that fool back into her life.
Abby, knew she shouldn't behave so reckless but she was tired of doing what was considered proper all the time so no she was all for throwing caution to the wind.
Not once did she ever think someone would actually stumble across her playing the little mermaid.
But there he was the man of her
red hot fantasies crashing into the real world.
He was alone when he opened his eyes but like his name Wolf made quick work figuring out where his mystery girl disappeared to.
Yeah nothing prepared Abby for the surprise at her door or even the events that followed.
She was an enigma who fascinated him to no end he could see underneath all her armor holding her together.
He was nothing like anyone she'd ever known she have to decide if he's truly worth the risk or will she side on the error of caution and push him away?

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Third Time Lucky (The Bennetts Bastards Series, #1) Hot, sexy, steamy romance. Great adult characters and a well developed relationship story that made you root for them as a couple. There was also a lot about how their BDSM play/desires shape their relationship, but it wasn't out of context of the events and instead helped propel their characters and storyline froward. They weren't idealistic millionaire vs innocence troupes with perfect bodies, but more realistic relatable characters. To be fair, I don't know many female blacksmiths or male fantasy authors, but they were described in a way that made you feel like they weren't un-relatable.

The Bennett's Bastards premise is intriguing and I've started purchasing as they're released. Definitely recommend. Third Time Lucky (The Bennetts Bastards Series, #1) 4 1/2 Stars

What to say, what to say. This story was crazy, but it a good way. It will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. Whew! I'm trying hard not to spoil anything, as it was so good that I didn't, and couldn't put it down; at least not for long, anyhow. The characters, even the secondary, are well written, as is the story. And the way the heroine meets our hero?!. Well, let's just say it was fun! ;)

I am reviewing an advanced copy that I requested, but I fully recommend purchasing this book as soon as you possibly can. Third Time Lucky (The Bennetts Bastards Series, #1) Never before had I read a book by Jennie Kew but I am sure it will not be my last meeting with her writing. Throughout the story I thought, “This story hits the right note.”

The meeting between Abby and Wolf is downright shameless.
Respectfully the power with which Abby embraces her femininity.
The discovery that he was left behind by the woman who took his breath away is precious.

And then she turns out to be the woman with whom he will stay for 4 weeks as part of his retreat so that he can write his book. The Dom in him recognizes the sub in her.
If it turns out that she needs an escort to 2 appointments, he offers himself and wants her submission in return for the next 4 weeks.

Beautiful scenes in which her confidence grows after she was used by 2 men who did not respect her.
Beautiful scenes described full of sex, but also where he shows her and let her feel that she is a powerful woman.
Beautiful to read the love they feel is growing.
Beautiful to read the trust they have in each other getting stronger.
Heartbreaking when she sends him away.

Beautifully written, realistic, respectful.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Third Time Lucky (The Bennetts Bastards Series, #1) Pshew!

What a roller coaster of a read! Meet Abby, a woman with so many issues, yet still a force to be reckoned with. Along comes Wolf, a man with an empathetic soul and a lustful way about him. Add a nosy country town, a dickhead ex, 6 gorgeous brothers and make sure there is nothing on the stove be sure you will not put this book down until it's finished. Almost didn't want it to end. Third Time Lucky (The Bennetts Bastards Series, #1)