These Were the Greeks By H.D. Amos

The authors are sensitive to the current impatience with traditional historical content, yet they convey much historical fact without losing either the reader's attention or the shape of the long time period treated - Booklist. A most readable book - it can be wholeheartedly recommended - Joint Association of Classical Teachers. Surveying Greek history and civilization, this examines such topics as the Minoans and Mycenaeans, City-States, Wars with Persia, Imperial Athens, Alexander, and after Alexander, as well as Greek religion, games, democracy and law, work and trade, and education. These Were the Greeks


An excellent history of the Greeks from the early sea people's to Alexander the Great. English A history of ancient Greece--some good information, but there are better texts out there. English Informative and easy to read. English Extremely readable yet thorough picture of the culture, history, lifestyle, and art of ancient greece. English General history of ancient greece English

Very dry for the most part, but it gets the major points across. A decent text as an introduction to Greek history. English One of the few books I found interesting in university. English This was a Tapestry of Grace, Year 1 book. At times, the progression of history got lost in the details of the book, but it provided us with many interesting facts. English First, if you're looking for an in-depth and scholarly historical account of ancient Greece, this isn't the book you want. This is a textbook overview of ancient Greek history and culture. My five star rating is based on this being a good textbook; it is interesting, informative, well-written, covers a wide range of aspects of Greek life and thought, and has a lot of illustrations. English Fun, leisurely reading. By no means a composite of the Greek world. English