Theory of Type Design By Gerard Unger

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An assessment of the diversity and creativity of type and how design makes sense of communicating text. Typeroom

Theory of Type Design, by internationally renowned Dutch graphic designer and typographer Gerard Unger (born 1942), is the first complete and accessible theory of the breathtakingly varied field of typography. Of all designed objects letters are probably the most pervasive, as Unger explains at the beginning of his study. Very familiar yet amazingly diverse in their appearance there seems to be no limit to human ingenuity when it comes to varying letterforms.

Unger approaches the diversity and creativity of the field with a wide ranging, reflective, critical theory of how we design and make sense of text. The history of typography is surveyed, from cuneiform script to Wim Crouwel's New Alphabet and today's digital developments, and explored in relation to how our eyes and brain process various letter shapes in order to understand text.

This volume consists of 24 concise chapters, each clearly describing a different aspect of type design (from practical considerations like spacing and rhythm, legibility, size and italics to ineffable considerations like personality and preference). This theoretical material is illuminated by than 200 illustrations and practical examples, and an extensive glossary succinctly explains terminology and key ideas.

Internationally oriented, and taking into consideration the past, present and future of typography, Theory of Type Design will be an indispensible resource for graphic design students, professionals, and those with a general interest in text and printed matter.

Theory of Type Design

Esse é um livro daqueles essenciais pra quem quer saber sobre design de tipos. Leitura essencial em um livro numa edição primorosa. Gerard Unger By one of the masters, practical and concise. A must in every type freak's library. Gerard Unger During a typeface design process we contemplate, try out, reject, select and adapt our interpretation of each glyph to achieve an agreeable design that, we hope, will result in a great and powerful typeface. Gerard Unger's book has inspired and helped me to achieve that goal. A hard cover book printed on high quality thick, yet light weight, cream coloured paper, excellent binding. Gerard Unger Excellent book on type design theory, by a type design master (Gerard Unger), unfortunately deceased in 2018. Gerard Unger Increíble libro aunque ya conozcas mucho de tu tipografía siempre es bueno volver a revisitar estos conceptos de la manera en que hace el autor. Un must para cualquier diseñador.El diseño desde el separador es muy bueno. Gerard Unger