The Wrong Boy By Willy Russell

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Amazing characters, great writing I loved these people & the heartfelt development of the character is priceless.Don't miss this book!! The Wrong Boy It was a wonderful book. Made me roar with laughter and also cry. Willy Russell is a great playwright and now I realise he writes a great novel too. The Wrong Boy A black humour book with the emphasis heavily on the black. It follows a young boy who ends up on the wrong end of a series of incidents becoming isolated from his friends and then family. His journey to adolescence is quite tragic not, for me, lightened by the humour which The Wrong Boy Ein wirklich klasse Buch, das man gelesen haben sollte. Hier sollte man auch das englische Original lesen, da sonst viele Wortspiele nicht funktionieren (erwähnt sei hier nur mal der Physiotherapist > Psycho the Rapist) :D The Wrong Boy I absolutely loved this book and was sorry to get to the end. It's so exciting to come across a book that you know you're going to love reading. I read a huge amount and most books I forget the title and who wrote it but this book will stay in my memory forever. I might The Wrong Boy

I actually picked this book up first in a second hand shop. It's a wonderful story of a young man negotiating adolescence and both being and perceiving that he is misunderstood; a reflection of the way adults so often turn the most innocent of things into something lewd The Wrong Boy This is not a quick read it's just over 500 pages and the text is dense. The protagonist, Raymond Marks, has a lot to say for himself and we are quickly enveloped in his life, his routine, his family and his observations and thoughts. Raymond is writing letters to The Wrong Boy 'The Wrong Boy' is written as a series of letters from a 19 year old boy, Raymond Marks, to his hero, Morrissey. The letters contain flashbacks to a childhood prank which went disastrously wrong and, following time spent in a mental health unit, eventually leads to Raymond The Wrong Boy Not the kind of book I normally read but once I got into it I found it absolutely brilliant. Sad, funny, crude, just a very enjoyable book. The Wrong Boy This book starts with a boy writing to the pop star Morrisey. Very odd. These letters are the chapters as Raymond Marks pours out his heart, telling Morrisey what is happening in his life. Put that way it sounds very sad. His life is BUT the brilliant way this book is The Wrong Boy


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