The Wand: The Return to Mesmeria By Allan W. Eckert

Sequel to Dark Green Tunnel. The twins, Lara and Barnaby, find a new way back into Mesmeria, but in a time frame different than originally. The good Queen Mag Namodder has been kidnapped by the evil King of Bluggia and will die unless the twins and their friends can rescue her. In the effort, they encounter many dreadful hazards…and Lara becomes a witch. The Wand: The Return to Mesmeria

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This was my favorite book when I was a child. I especially liked its warm, musty smell. I read it so many times that I can still remember the two heroes, Lara and Barnaby, the villain, and the beautiful illustrations. The plot is a little bizarre; I remember some strange three-legged mushroom creatures that I think come to the rescue at one point. Or maybe they're evil. 0595183255 a cute sequel to his first YA fantasy book, the dark green tunnel. Definitely not as good as I remembered it from reading it at age 11, but cute 0595183255