The Viscount and the Witch By Sahara Kelly

The greatest magic of all comes from the heart...

Rhys, Viscount Hadley, is the practical sort. A true gentleman of the Ton, he leaves London at his Uncle’s request to render counsel to the daughter of an old friend. Riding through the country to a small Hampshire village, he has no idea where this journey is headed.
Lady Alice Korte-Giddenhurst senses his imminent arrival. She has strange gifts — talents for which there are no rational or scientific explanations. She knows, in that mystical place within her mind, that Rhys will be more than just a visitor. So much more. And she finds herself eager to begin their dance of desire.
When Rhys arrives, he’s thunderstruck — the woman welcoming him seems to be glowing. Or maybe it’s just the immediate and powerful attraction he feels toward her. Whatever it is, he’s intrigued enough to stay for dinner…and thus the adventure begins.
The Viscount and the Witch


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Interesting story, but not as risqué as I expected

I liked the story, which I actually thought was quite sweet, but the ending was a little convoluted. The title suggested a little more heat than the story delivered, as the love scenes were not too graphic. Sahara Kelly I won an audio copy of this delightful story from the author. My husband and I listened to The Viscount and the Witch on a road trip. We had fun chuckling together. The Viscount and the Witch is a fun historical mystery and romance. I guessed wrong on the perpetrator but was right about most all of the rest. My husband is not big on romance or historicals but he got a kick out of this story too. The narrator did a good job of voicing the characters and made a boring trip more fun. Sahara Kelly An intriguing story

This was quite good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It starts out with a conversation between Viscount Hadley and his uncle about a woman who is involved in a lawsuit over an inheritance. He asks the viscount to check on it so he does. He visits the woman and it's love at first sight. She knows he's coming and has had a vision of them very happy together. Things happen to make him need to spend the night and well..the story takes off from there. There are no dull points and the ending is rather a surprise as the author seems to lead the reader off in a different direction. Sahara Kelly The Viscount and the Witch is a light-hearted historical romance with a touch of mystery thrown into the mix. Written by Sahara Kelly, the story begins with a conversation between Rhys, Viscount Hadley, and his uncle about a woman who is involved in a lawsuit over an inheritance in a small Hampshire village. Lady Alice is the woman in question and the daughter of an old friend. When Rhys arrives, Alice acts as though she known him. In truth, Alice is blessed with the gift of “sight” and healing. Rhys is mystified by Alice’s charms and he can’t resist the immediate and powerful attraction he feels toward her. Rhys also doesn’t hesitate to help resolve the lawsuit. It thankfully doesn’t take long before the pair begin a new lifelong adventure with each other.

I listened to the audiobook of this story narrated by Mark Norman. He did an admirable job using a variety of voices for each character (I do think that production should have been able to clean up some of the swallowing noises though). Regardless, I thought this was enjoyable listen that runs about 5 hours. Sahara Kelly Barely OK..

I’m having a tough time rating this book. Part of it’s a 1 star, part of it’s 2 and part is a 3. The 1 star comes for the most disgusting word ever, pussy, when describing a woman’s private parts. The 2 is for Rhys being in love with Alice the next day and wanting to marry her, and her feeling the same way. Talk about insta-love. That’s waaaay to fast for falling in love. I know this is only has 177 pages but the love didn’t have to come that fast. And 3 comes from the mystery of the book. I do hate, hate, hate nothing but love stories BUT I also hate mysteries without a romance. AND since I hate the word that I mentioned before I can’t see myself reading this author again for that reason. If she used it in one book I figure she uses it in all he books. She only used it once but that was enough warning for me.

I did like the banter between Rhys and Alice, and Jilly, and then when Aunt Millie came around. I was left up in the air as to who the bad guy was: Piers Trethwarren or Lord Vincent Fairmont, or someone completely different.

Oh, and there wasn't very much witchy things going on, and that's the reason I got this book. That, too, was disappointing.

There was a little semi-sexual tension but then they had sex and it wasn’t real explicit and their sex talk was really kind of silly. The sex wasn’t very good at all. And the swearing was nothing but damn and hell a few times.

As to the narrator: Wow, what can I say? He was always making swallowing sounds so I sped him up to 1.5 to see if that would help, and it did a little. His voice for Rhys was terrible. Rhys sound like an idiot sometimes and even more feminine than Alice, in the way the narrator read his words. And Lord Trethwarren’s voice was even worse, he seemed to be screeching most of the time. And Jilly’s was just too masculine for a maid.
Sahara Kelly

What a sweet story. Yes, there is a villain and you'll be really surprised at who it is. The two characters were destined to be together. She has magic healing hands and a few other talents as well.

You'll love the scene at the ball with the mice -- too funny!

Definitely a nice read. Sahara Kelly Love this!!! Its hilarious. Rhys & Alice are so compatible & upfront without all the drama plus equally bold about their feelings for one another. Such a magical & heartwarming regency. Listened nonstop. Narrator does an excellent job with the many voices. (Audible version) Sahara Kelly This book is a clever combination of Regency romance, supernatural witchery, and mystery. Lady Alice Korte-Giddenhurst is suspected of being a witch and has decided to live by herself in the country in order to avoid the gossip. Viscount Rhys Hadley is sent by his Uncle to aid Alice in a lawsuit involving an inheritance of land. When the two meet, sparks fly and instant love occurs.

Alice does seem to have some special gifts that can't be easily explained away, but Rhys isn't intimidated by her in the least. Instead, he proposes marriage. Yes, the instalove is a little much, but in a short book, it can be excused. The characters are wonderful and their repartee is great. Ms. Kelly always manages to give her characters more than you would expect from a Regency romance.

This book is a little different than a lot of Regency romances, focusing on the mystery and supernatural aspects more than the normal fashion and balls of the Ton. There are a couple of mildly steamy sex scenes and the listener needs to be aware of this if listening in public.

The narrator does a good job and most of the characters have distinctly wonderful voices. His pacing was perfect and his performance makes a good book even better. I was given the chance to listen to this book through a book review club and chose to review it. Sahara Kelly Fun ADULT Historical Romance💕and Mystery

At the request of his uncle, Viscount Hadley🐺🍆⛲ travels from London to a small village to counsel Alice💃💋, the daughter of an old friend.
When he arrives, it's apparent they have a real connection to each other! Alice💃💋 has some paranormal powers👻 she inherited from her parents, but She only uses them for healing.

Hadley🐺🍆⛲ spends time fending off daughters of the local gentry, when he only wants to be with Alice💃💋.
Someone doesn't want them to be together. Who is it?

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I enjoyed the book but the narration not so much. Maybe the microphone was too close to his face? I could easily hear him swallowing and breathing and licking his lips, which was extremely annoying to me. I had the sound level at a very normal setting, and listened without headphones. Can only imagine what it would have been like with headphones! I also wished he had a somewhat deeper voice. It was fun listening to him doing separate voices for each character, though!

The stars for this review are for the written book, not the narration. The book is not overly long, which I like. I have read a number of Ms Kelly's books now and they are all good 👍. Sahara Kelly NOW AVAILABLE in AUDIO!!! The first time I have tried producing an audio book. The fabulous Mark Norman is the reader and he does a superb job! (Fellow Brit, of course!!!) I hope you'll try it out. Sahara Kelly