The Vampire King and I: Book One By Rose S. Marie

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I am always here for a dominant hero story, and this gave me exactly that. Make the hero a vampire and I’m officially in reader heaven.

It was a little confusing at the beginning with trying to understand Domi’s personality. He’s described as severe and unmoving and later makes jokes and appears to use dry humor often.
There are moments where the author breaks the fourth wall and, while I don’t mind it, I do think it should serve the story arc in some way. There are moments when it’s confusing as to what Dawn the character knows. Eventually, we find out that Dawn learns of Domi being a vampire much later in the story.

I enjoyed the action, and though the story arc could have been fleshed out a little better, overall, it was an enjoyable read. The Vampire King and I: Book One This was not your typical vampire story...yes it had some editing problems, but I enjoyed the The Vampire King. He had a huge I don't give a damn attitude for a reason and when he saved Dawn from being attacked, that's when the tingles and magnetic sparks began. Dawn awoke in a castle and was grateful and thankful and scared as to why the help and who was her benefactor. He introduced himself with his real name, but she called him Domi for short. Coming together was fiery and sexy, it also led to words spoken and declared and chaos and war begins. This was filled with a lot of new paranormal characters and Dawn fights to live, while Domi fights to save and protect his Family and more. I found it to be Worth reading, look forward to Uriel/Kalifa and Mr. O'shea ‼🔥💋💙 The Vampire King and I: Book One Vampire, Shifters, Elves, Fairies, Goddess and a Dragon Oh My

This over the top story had it all. I actually enjoyed the story. It had alot of moving parts so you had to keep up. If you enjoy Fantasy then this book has it all: Vampires, Elves, Fairies, Wolf & Lion Shifters, Archangels and a Dragon.

This story was all over the place but Domi The Vampire King was a mean, sadistic monster and that all changed when he found his mate. He was still mean and sadistic but he found a reason for living as well as the family he never knew he wanted or needed. Dawn was everything he could have asked for and more. Although he was still pretty sadistic in the end. I'm looking to Part 2 The Demon King & I. Since being the Demon King is Domi's ultimate goal. The Vampire King and I: Book One I liked it

I liked it. I didn't love it. Its more fun to read these type of sci-fi books when the new couple has to investigate & go on adventures together. Part of the book shes in some type of coma & the other half shes kidnapped. Dawn was such a victim of her circumstances for the majority of the book that she had no real personality. Only thing I knew about dawn was that according to herself she was ugly. The self loathing is not fun to read & doesn't endear you to the character. It's ok for black women to be vulnerable but that doesn't mean she has to be pathetic. Parts of the book was funny which I enjoyed. I didn't believe for second they were in love, they were hardly in the same room for the majority of the book. This (I will kill everything to have you) type of love made no sense because they were rarely together. When & how could they have fallen in love? They hardly seem fated. The Vampire King and I: Book One Pleasant surprise

This book was pretty good. A few things here and there but overall I liked it. I enjoyed the moments of humor that was interspersed in the book.
Domi wasn’t no one to play with. He was king and everything bothered him - weather, air, humans, other species, etc. All was beneath him and subject to him. All better bow and obey ok!

His queen was a mere human who experienced life’s lowest of moments. Going from beloved daughter to orphan who suffered atrocities at the hands of others, to runaway, to homeless and hungry, to sexual target by evil men. Then Domi saved her. She went from the box house to the big house!

What she didn’t know is she was the vampire kings new obsession. Hell he didn’t really know it!
This leads to a whirlwind of things happening in an epic fashion. Romance, soulmates, kidnapping, powers being revealed, prophecies, and babies! Alliance’s being made, bartering for favors, oaths being sworn, angels and dragons and multi-breed shifting pups! Plus more.
I’m glad there was a lil bit of an explanation for the motivation behind the hate at the end. Definitely worth the read.
The Vampire King and I: Book One


I felt like this may have been Rose Marie’s best work, that’s not saying that I don’t like her other books but The Vampire King and I was just simply in a lane of it’s own. I enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end, everything unfolded so beautifully. I was happy to see that Camden from His obsession was mentioned here. It was short but nevertheless I like it.
I look forward to reading Uriah’s story. He is the definition of the saying “hurt people,hurt people” .
Well done to this author.
Highly recommended! The Vampire King and I: Book One Wonderful

This book was amazing. It had many surprises. I can't even the describe the book other than to say it was great. Great job Rosie Marie. The Vampire King and I: Book One Did that

I love this book to begin to end can't wait for book 2 .love how crazy king was how they had three babies how you put everyone in books!! The Vampire King and I: Book One I loved this book! 10 Stars!
However, it does require the reader to have a very open mind and welcome supernatural characters and events. I personally loved every moment. Spectacular!

I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy a bit of fantasy with their romance. You will not be disappointed. The Vampire King and I: Book One The story was so-so, but the grammar, misspelling, and wrong word usage killed it for me.

I was so excited for this…but y’all this was bad. With proper editing, this book would be a 6 out of 10 with no storyline change. As it stands currently, it’s a 2 out of 10 for me.

To be completely honest, Rose Marie isn’t the best at grammar, spelling, and word usage. But this one takes the cake for sure. She kept using the word “flint” to describe the hero moving quickly from one place to another. That is not what flint means. I’m guessing she meant to use the word “flit” but just couldn’t take the time to check if she was using flint right. And this wouldn’t be a big deal but she used the word flint in like every other paragraph. She also used the word “clucked” to describe the action of the heroine tapping a pin against her chin in thought. Clucking is for chickens! What’s wrong with the word “tapped”? These are just two of the many instances where she used a word improperly. She had a lot of misspellings, duplicate words, switching “of” with “for” and vice versa, and she would have scenes where you couldn’t tell if a character was coming or going. Again, she usually has some of these mistakes in all of her books. I’ve even coined it the “Rose Marie writing style” when I see other authors write like this. But this was a little too much of that.

Also, why does she keep putting characters from different series in different books? Did Connor O’Shea really have to make a cameo here when it didn’t add anything to the already so-so story? And two more things, why does she name drop herself in her books and why did she make the heroine aware of the fact, multiple times I may add, that she was in a book? One of the excuses the heroine gave herself as for why her relationship with the hero was going too fast was because they were “only in ‘x’ chapter of the story Ms. Marie is writing”. Like what? That’s just so jarring as a reader when you’re trying to get into the storyline of a book. The Vampire King and I: Book One

The Vampire King and I: Book One