The Upheaval (Legend of the Arch Magus, #2) By Michael Sisa

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An Arch Magus dies, only to find himself in the body of a young man in a medieval Kingdom. He finds out that he is the second son of a Duke, exiled to a desolated town by his own family. Shackled by the notorious reputation of his new shell, he tries his best to develop his domain, implementing new policies and innovations, leading his subjects to prosperity. In this world where magic is undeveloped, he shall once again pave a new path. The Upheaval (Legend of the Arch Magus, #2)

A very good continuation of the first one left the feeling of unsatisfying, wanted more, eagerly look for the next one :) The Upheaval (Legend of the Arch Magus, #2) Rating 4.0 stars

Another milestone - this is my 500th review. If I put them altogether it might come out to a small book. So in essence I am an author too!

Some people don't like OP characters, I do. Imagine having the power and knowledge of the most advanced magician in history in the mind of a 14 year old boy. The main character is awesome. The amount of knowledge he has in incredible. His basic abilities and knowledge are considered advanced knowledge to this society. The Upheaval (Legend of the Arch Magus, #2) This series is so awful I can't stop reading it.

This book has all the sins. Trust me, it's so bad you will love it.

An army of 15,000 gets casualties of over 30,000.A third of the initial army was killed Half of the initial army war burned. 7000 beastmen were killed. More than half the initial army was killed in just this skirmish. They still had thousands of men attacking the town.

Ok, other than the inconsistent logic and the author not bothering to keep a tally, you have sins such as EPIC FIGHTS but not really. I AM THE SMARTEST AND AM YOUR GOD. I can't cast a lot of magic because this body is weak but proceed to spend half of the book casting spells without getting tired. The Upheaval (Legend of the Arch Magus, #2) Love it, love it! Such good plot development. Time for book 3! The Upheaval (Legend of the Arch Magus, #2) Legendary Arch Magus

Loved this book. I will admit the first one dragged in places, but the author clearly had grown in skill since then. There were some minor grammatical errors. Places where the wrong word was used for context. But overall a great read. Wish it would have been longer though. I finished this book in only a couple of hours. I am eagerly awaiting the next in tbe series. The Upheaval (Legend of the Arch Magus, #2)

Update: I only just realized that this is by the same author who did Lord of the Apocalypse. That is honestly amazing to me and makes me very happy. I had an extremely low opinion of LotA, but here we are only 1 year later and to me, I think the author has improved by leaps and bounds. This is the sort of growth that is great to see. Extreme props to M. Sisa for growing so much in a short period of time and even managing to stay prolific while he's at it. I'm even more excited for the next book in this series now.

As far as Legend of the Arch Magus, I think this series is separating itself from the pack of similar stories now as of book 2. The main character is overpowered, but not in a way that ruins tension since he employs significant efforts in the way of strategy and tactics. Since he has been reborn in a new body, there are opponents that are stronger than him in various ways, but he manages to overcome them because he has more tools in his arsenal. The balance the author manages to keep for this character relative to the situations he finds himself in is perfect.

The side characters are all pretty good as well. It seems like everyone has their own motivations and alliances which helps to give the world a real lived-in feeling rather than the cardboard cutout living on a prop set that you find in many other stories.

I would say that off the top of my head, this book is my favorite for the story where someone is reborn in another body and building things up from nothing. It reminds me of how much I enjoyed things like Kingdom and Utawarerumono. The Upheaval (Legend of the Arch Magus, #2) Although a lot of events were narrated, nothing actually happened. There is no struggle, no evolution. Dumping an omniscient character in a world where he has nothing to learn makes for a quite boring tale. I'm off this series. The Upheaval (Legend of the Arch Magus, #2) Y The Upheaval (Legend of the Arch Magus, #2) A sub-par take on the reincarnation sub-genre. It's very clear that the series was never seen by a real editor. The prose are dull and the dialogue is lacking. It's very clear that the author absorbed a lot of shōnen anime/manga/light novels and created a writing style that is essentially Japanese media localized by amateurs which ends up with a bunch of cartoonish characters with no substance and a consistently cringy reading experience. The Upheaval (Legend of the Arch Magus, #2) Lark has returned to Blackstone to continue his development of the area. When he learns an army of 10000 beastmen is on its way, he has to work in earnest. Even he cannot defeat an army on his own and he has no intention of giving up.

If you like part 1, you like this book as well. It is a nice mix of village development, individual/military action and a bit of politics. The protagonist is smart and caring, if not a bit brutal where necessary.

The story is mostly told from Lark's point of view with the occasional foray to others. Some of these switches work, others not, but I am admittedly not a big fan of the style. I am also a bit curious about how accepting people are of the new Lark and all the innovations he brings to the world. Granted, he lives in the middle of nowhere, but people in general are not very accepting of big change.

Al in all, a solid sequel and looking forward to the next book. The Upheaval (Legend of the Arch Magus, #2)