The True Story of Okee the Otter By Dorothy Gross Wisbeski

Bringing up a wild otter is not like anything else in the whole world. The True Story of Okee the Otter

I still have my copy of this book.
Till this day I am in love with otters.
Go to see Oscar the otter at our local aquarium
all the time.
Very fond childhood memory English I read this as a kid and LOVED this book so much. It looks like it is out of print so cannot be found anymore. I would love to re-read it as an adult just because it has so many happy memories for me. This book helped contribute to my love of reading early on in life. English I read this in grade school & for YEARS I wanted a pet otter. English I read this book as a kid and absolutely loved it. At the time anyway. It didn't take much to thrill me back then. English Cute short story of a family that kept an otter as a pet. Too much work for me. English


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