The Trap! (Jocks for Sale #1) By Josh Hunter

These fraternity boys just made a BIG mistake.

Spring break in Cancun was supposed to be a non-stop party. Beer, sun, and bragging about all the hot girls that they’d hooked up with. Getting kidnapped by a criminal syndicate was not part of the plan.

Now these golden boy athletes have fallen into a shadowy world they never knew existed. A world where rich men collect boys like them for fun. A world where they will be broken, trained, and sold to the highest bidder.

Can the cocky jocks find a way to fight back and escape? Or is it already too late?

• First time gay domination story •

The Trap! (Jocks for Sale #1)


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Ok. I’m giving it an additional star based on the fact that honestly i realize it’s mostly just not my cup of teas over anything...bad per say. But. Lol. What can I say!? My lust for the cover art was more powerful than my common sense reading the title and making the obvious connection of what was going to happen.
Mild soil alert because. Really. The title really tells it all. I was originally excited as the book starts off as what appeared to be a college spring bring first time gay sex conquest. I mean first time gay stories are my strongest kryptonite! But!! Unfortunately!! This story turned out to be first time gay rape. THAT doesn’t appeal to me at all!!! I’m assuming the dude eventually gets to hook up consensually with his straight frat brother conquest so I’ll probably move in to the next book. Probably. Quick read. Boner killer when the story turned from what looked like a guy getting to hook up for the first time with a straight guy he’d been pining with a hot chick egging then on to the guys being tied up and gay rapped. 🤮 57 Another crazy can’t stop reading it series

This story starts with a spring break in Cancun for Connor and his frat brothers, escalates to a crazy proposition for Connor and his fraternity brother, and ends up with both of them on the wrong side of a human trafficking ring that’s been in business for longer than Conner is born. He feels like he will eventually escape but all the evidence stacked against him makes that more and more difficult as each day goes by. 57 This seems to be a milder take of Rachel Haimowitz Flesh Cartel series, Capture. Two young male students are kidnapped during their spring break vacation. I love a good pwp story and this one fits the bill. It is a bit (okay, a lot) twisted and I don't recommend it for anyone with triggers including physical violence, abuse, or rape. But for pervs like me, it is just the ticket. ;) 57 ^^I will add a full review of the book as a whole on the last part on GoodReads after I have read them all.

Hi everyone, Its Christopher the reader here and the book we are here to talk about tonight is The Trap! This book is the first in the series. I read this book for the first time in January and it took me a day to finish reading. I am now going to talk about some of the book details. It was rated for readers aged 18 and up, and was first published on the 24th of October in 2018. It was told using first person with it being in Conner's point of view. All together the book had 57 kindle pages.

- I liked the storyline, I thought it sounded really interesting. I liked the fact that we got to meet some of the characters before hand and get to know them. At first I found most of the characters kind of unlikeable especially with some of the stuff that they had said. I think that the book was written pretty well, I did find this to be a bit of a challenging read at times because of the content. From looking at the title of the book I do think it was a bit of a spoiler for this book. I did like discovering how it all came up to that point and discovering about the trap that was set up. I enjoyed the Mystery and Thriller side of it. I liked that the book included some action scenes. I do wonder if we will get an update later on in the next few books of the other characters that were also on the trip with them. I do personally find it a bit annoying that there are so many parts to this book instead of it just being one or two books this one was really short which I'm not a huge fan of. (I ordered this book for free on kindle.)

- I do like the two main characters, I do feel bad for them. I hope that we get to see more scenes with them two in, so that they are not completely on their own and experiencing everything alone at least. I am also starting to ship Connor (20) and Jake (18) (already friends) together a little bit but I'm not sure where they are going to end up. I do hope that we can get to know their characters a bit more in the next few books.

- I do plan on buying the rest of the books in the series to see what happens next and know how it will end. I like that I discover this series at this point in time as there are 10 of them at are already out so I don't have to wait, all I have to do is order them. I would like it if this book gets turned into an audible book as personally when I listen and read along I find that I gain a deeper experience with the book

For each book that I read, I rate it out of 10, so for this I'm going to give it 8.9. Remember this was what I thought about the book personally and I suggest that you give it a go for yourself. 57 This erotica story is about a bunch of fraternity brothers during spring break in Cancun who get kidnapped by a criminal syndicate and sold off as sex slaves. I’ve only recently gotten into erotica, but I’ve learned that I prefer erotic stories when they feature a decent story or characters that I can care about like protagonists from any other genre, and this story had both of those things. I read this looking for gay erotica, but the first sex scene in this series is a bisexual one, and I was pleasantly surprised with it. I am bisexual, but I’ve only read straight erotica and gay erotica, so finding a bisexual sex scene that was written in a pleasant way was a welcome surprise. The ending sex scene was also hot, despite being a forced sex slave scene. This story features scenarios and links that I’m not particularly into, but the author is imaginative and his writing is steamy enough for me to be engaged and interested in reading the rest of the series. I loved Connor and Jake’s characters and I loved this first entry of the series. I’ll definitely be continuing and will probably read every entry in this series. 57

Jocks think that they can have anything...

Until they cannot. Who do you trust? How do you protect yourself from what all of your friends want? Drugs, booze, sex, youth, and ego feed the annual Spring Break Fantasy. But some will discover the reality that hides in the crowds awaiting opportunities to profit with little risk. Who would hot want to deal in hot sex slaves? 57 Excellent - can't wait for more!

I was so excited to see that Josh Hunter started a new serial. This one looks to be much more twisted than Selling the Score, but just as hot. I love stories that try to break someone's psyche like this. 57 I tried to wait until more of this series was out, but I lost the battle within the day and bought it, one clicked that MF, and now I have to wait for the next part! I'm going to be stamping my feet and throwing a tantrum until it comes out. 57 This was a good read that I liked but I had a few issues with the editing with this book. While on spring break in Cancun Connor is with his frat brothers although he would rather be alone with his frat brother that is like a little brother to him Jake. All wants to do is get laid but the moment he starts talking girls run and the fact that Connor is ruining his chances. When they hook up with a hot older woman they get a surprise she sells them to human traffickers. I liked this book but it was frustrating when the font kept changing this book had some editing issues. 57 En sus vacaciones de primavera junto a sus compañeros de equipo Connor espera que esta sea la noche en que pueda lograr que Luca este con el. Pero estando los dos tan excitados y una hermosa mujer les promete una noche con los dos, Connor piensa que puede ser la mejor noche de sus vidas, lograr estar con Luca y con una mujer. Pero las cosa nunca son tan buenas como parecen, asi que ambos se ven secuestrados por un grupo de trata de personas, ahora tendran que aprender a vivir en este nuevo mundo sin saber si va a hacer posible volver a la vida que tenian antes o si van a poder sobrevivir.

Este es el primer capitulo de una historia, al leerla senti que era casi demasiado realista para ser una novela, es una de esas historias que se cuentan para darnos miedo cuando viajamos. No se si me gusto mucho la narrativa, pero tiene escenas que parecen muy reales, ademas de escenas eroticas y una buena descripcion del prota, vamos a ver como se va desarrollando la historia. 57