Dumped by Popular Demand (The Social Experiments of Dorie Dilts, #1) By P.G. Kain

A great book that will have u interested about science as u r in gossip. Paperback Way, way, way better than I thought it would be! This is one of my fave books! Paperback I picked up this book because of the bubblegum-colored cover, thinking it would be a nice, breezy beach read about shallow, mean cliques. It is a lot more than that. I gave it 5 stars because it is pretty cool to read about a girl using science to navigate the waters of middle school. It was fun to see Grant go from a jerk to a nice person and Holly from a well-liked nice girl to the rude leader of the Holly Trinity. Dorie is a great character and the little bit of the sequel at the end made sure I will read it. Paperback a total pink book. so much fun. actually, it reminds me of this american life episode with the same premise. hopefully the library will continue to get this series. Paperback Reviewed by The Compulsive Reader for TeensReadToo.com

Most 13-year-old girls would be devastated to learn that their family has to move across the country from sunny California to New Jersey.

But most girls aren't Dorie Dilts.

Dorie is a scientist, and a bit of a loner. She has long been observing the popular girls at school, envious of their friendships. So moving to a completely different school makes her excited, because now she has the perfect opportunity to put her scientific experiment into play.

Objectives: To get popular. Hypothesis: If she gets dumped by Grant, then she will become popular. Results: Inconclusive...perhaps?

The first in THE SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS OF DORIE DILTS, DUMPED BY POPULAR DEMAND is inventive, smart, and funny. While Dorie may be wise in all things academia, her social awkwardness is something that girls of any age can relate to.

Dorie's discovery of true friendship and the meaning of popularity will be unforgettable in this humorous novel that has more heat than an exothermic reaction! Paperback

I first read this book when I was very young, and I loved it. When I was younger instead of reading new books I would just re-read my favourites and I know I have read this at least 10 times, the story may not be groundbreaking but it's fun and interesting and to this day I still pick it up when I'm feeling nostalgic. Paperback I love this book read it 3 times, it never gets tiring. DOrie is a strong protangist and is determined in her goal. Grant and dorie are a great couple since the kinda understand each other. It also gave me a new veiw in sceince and showed me how to organize my goal when I was in grade 6. Paperback Great Paperback I learned to be yourself. When you let life take you where it may, your life will be filled with much more happiness. Paperback OMG! I absolutely loved reading this book for a second time. I thought h it was so cute how Dorie learned to love Grant for himself and didn't care about the popular crowd. And I absolutely am in love with Dixie. I honestly wish I had a boy fashionista who I ate lunch with in the library and was my best friend! I am like Dorie Dilts because I absolutely love Science and I enjoy wearing cute clothes like Dixie! I love him and this book:) Paperback


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Dorie Dilts is about to move from California to New Jersey, and instead of seeing this as the worst thing to happen to her in her 13 years, Dorie sees this as a great opportunity--an opportunity to reinvent herself as one of the popular crowd, that is. When she arrives at her new school, she immediately sets out to determine who is the most popular and how they got that way. She quickly deduces it's a group of girls whom she dubs the Holly Trinity. And the one thing that connects them is their shared experience of having gone out with and been dumped by the arrogant Grant Braddish. One she determines this, Dorie is quickly on her way with a plan to win the heart of, and then get dumped by, Grant.

Dorie soon discovers Grant isn't as arrogant as some would think and maybe she would rather be with him than with the popular girls. Dumped by Popular Demand (The Social Experiments of Dorie Dilts, #1)