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Short book but full of all the Dr Seuss rhymes and fun I loved as a kid Acquista per altri Love this book cause it’s got that story about a pair of trousers walking around at first they was acting all scary, then it turned out that the trousers were just as scared lol.Plus a few other story’s but the trouser one is the best imo, read it loads of times Acquista per altri


This wonderful book addresses many issues related to prejudice, superiority, judging others, segregation, division of people, rigid thinking (You're Wrong and I'm Right) as well as Fear of the 4 short stories.It was written around the period of the US Civil Rights movement, and was a way that Dr Suess hoped to reach youth, by exposing them to the adult nonsense of judging people by the way they look.Due to the current trend of Woke ism in modern education, most modern books that attempt to address this topic end up creating division, hatred, confusion and self doubt rather than understanding, self reflection, and love for other human beings.Mercifully, we can go back a few decades and find someone with the wisdom of Dr Suess, who came from a place of love.Although this may not be the best of his writing, it is surely one of the most important in terms of the themes it brings up.Note: if you are triggered by my using the term WOKEjust ignore this review and look up the book yourself and see if you like it. Don't look over this gem due to your dislike of me or any reviewer.As I struggle to find good children's books and young adult titles that are not influenced by WOKE culture, perhaps someone will find this review of use.P.S. The last story about the scary trousers is fantastic, tooaddressing how we can fear something irrationallyjust because we don't understand it. Acquista per altri Book arrived well packaged and protected, great if you want to keep the book and pass it down the generations. The story of the Sneetches did not capture the imagination of my grandchildren as much as Yurtle the Turtle. However if you want to collect Dr Seuss, it's a must have. One of the questions here is what age was the book bought for.. It is suitable for toddler upwards, use your imagination when telling the story Acquista per altri The contents of the book are fine, but I was disappointed that it was a small format paperback. I think the description of flexible cover is misleading, and you should just say 'paperback'. This is true for 5 out of the 6 Dr. Seuss books I bought. And they cost Acquista per altri This story is awesome. It teaches kids lots of things from issues about identity to social exclusion to the truly esoteric Kripkean intuition. From an excellent article by Susan Gelman Paul Bloom, In 1961, the children's author known as Dr. Seuss Acquista per altri These are wonderful stories for children, especially the Sneetches. They teach great morals, are fun and easy to read, and make for great bedtime stories. But as an adult, if you think about when Dr. Suess wrote these stories, during the lead up to the civil rights movement in America (the Sneetches was published in 1961, the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1967), they are remarkable in his attempts to influence society through children's literature. Dr. Suess himself was always very open about his push for social change through his books like the Lorax (environmentalism), the Sneetches (race relations), and Yertle the Turtle (class equality).For those who don't know, the Sneetches is a story about the Sneetches with stars on their bellies, and those without. The star bellied sneetches won't talk to those without. When a stranger comes to town and offers to put stars on the bellies of those without for three dollars each, everything changes. As the original star bellied sneetches pay ten dollars each to remove their stars to remain different the two groups eventually realise they really aren't that different after all.The Zax is a story about stubbornness and how sometimes it is better to give a little than to stand firmly in your place.Too Many Daves is a cute and funny poem with no real meaning behind it (as far as I can tell).What Was I Scared Of? is a bizarre story about a boy who is afraid of an empty pair of trousers he sees in the woods. Eventually he realises that they can be friends.Every kid should grow up on Dr. Suess, and I recommend this collection whole heartedly, as the Sneetches alone make it worth the purchase. Acquista per altri

Embrace diversity with Dr. Seuss and the Sneetches in this collection of stories about acceptance! The new matte finish cover makes it a great gift! The Sneetches got really quite smart on that day,
The day they decided that Sneetches are Sneetches.
And no kind of Sneetch is the best of the beaches.

The story of the Star bellied Sneetches and their star less friends is a perfect guide for kids growing up in todays multicultural world. This classic is joined by equally entertaining tales: The Zax, a humorous take on the art of compromise; Too Many Daves, which shows kids that sometimes standing out is better than blending in; and What Was I Scared Of?, which demonstrates how empathy can transform a stranger into a friend.

In these four energetic stories, Dr. Seuss challenges the idea that we have to look the same or be the same to find common ground. Full of Dr. Seusss signature rhymes and lively humor, this story collection is a must have for any reader, young or old.

Acquista per altri

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