The Smurfs #18: The Finance Smurf (The Smurfs Graphic Novels) By By Peyo


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The Finance Smurf is the last Smurf story that the original Peyo had worked on and a very great story that now has an English translation. In the story, a character called Finance Smurf tries to implement the system of money into Smurf society, which normally operates on the system of cooperation and sharing, and it changes Smurf society to the point where the Smurfs revolt against this system and leave the village altogether, forcing Finance Smurf to put an end to the system of money. The story works very well in the context of the characters, and is similar to the cartoon show episode The Smurfs And The Money Tree, where a Smurf learns the hard way that there's to life than just money. Some readers may be put off by the story in that it only confirms in their own minds that the Smurfs are communists, but then that may be a reflection of their own hearts as to where they stand on the issue of money, that, although it is a necessity for human life, it has no comparable value to that of what the Smurfs (and what we should ourselves) hold dearly in their hearts.

As usual with other Papercutz English translations, it gets one star removed for Grouchy's me, I don't like which doesn't fit the character in his normal English portrayals. 978-1597077255 thumbs up 978-1597077255

When Papa Smurf is hurt in a lab accident he sends a smurf to the good wizard Homnibus for help. Although Homnibus has a cure, he needs to buy some seeds hes missing for the recipe. Fascinated by this exchange of commerce among the humans, the smurf returns to Smurf Village as Finance Smurf! After teaching his fellow smurfs how to buy things with money, some smurfs get rich while others dont, and things quickly tumble into disarray. Will the smurfs find a way back to the peaceful way things used to be? The Smurfs #18: The Finance Smurf (The Smurfs Graphic Novels)

zoom in not available.!! 978-1597077255 Don't really under stand about the story and also words are unclear. I really like smurfette do better work.

A Un Identified person 978-1597077255 My son like the story and he can not wait for next issue from smurf 978-1597077255 it reminds me of my old childhood about the Smurfs and they are one of my favorite cartoons :) 978-1597077255 The book is in good condition 978-1597077255