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Amy came to Haamas to get away from a breakup and start her life anew. She volunteered at one of the orphanages and became a sort of guardian to Aisha. Sheikh Bahir didn’t know he had a daughter till he found letter’s hidden in his uncle’s desk. He wasn’t about to let her be alone. When he found Aisha, he also found Amy an American who was her protector. She wasn’t about to leave Aisha’s side till she knew the girl was safe.
A part of me felt so sad for Amy. Her jerk of an ex breaks up with her and says something cruel to her. But Amy is a fighter. She went toe to toe with Bahir even when she didn’t know he was a Sheikh. For Bahir he actually did well with his daughter. He just needed to learn to stop playing the flirt with Amy and get to know her. I would say Amy was the lost soul that Bahir needed to save and protect. He never really came out and say he wanted to have her stay earlier and that drove me nuts. And with things changing in their kingdom, they needed to add a little shake up. But why is it that men always think that they know what’s best and yet never think. UGH! I wanted to cry at times when my heart was breaking.
The Sheikh’s Secret Child (The Karawi Sheikhs, #2) Amy is an American journalist and is working at an orphanage overseas wanting to bring attention to the children that are left forgotten at these places. One orphan she has bonded with named Aisha and she wants to keep her safe. So when these rebels come to the orphanage one night looking for her Amy hides with Aisha while Aisha is sick and away from the others to keep her safe. She doesn't know what they want with the little girl but she isn't about to let them get her. Then after a few days some more people show up claiming to be Aisha's family but Amy won't let them leave without going with them. Sheikh Bahir has just recently learned that a woman he had a brief affair with had his child but his uncle kept it from him. Now he will stop at nothing until he has his daughter with him even if he has to bring Amy along with her. Sparks fly between them and they but heads when it comes to Aisha but they both know its just because they want what's best for her. Will the Sheikh claim Amy for his own now that his has found his daughter?

This is an amazing story that will draw you in from the first page. The chemistry between them is blazing hot. This is a well written and very entertaining story. I would recommend this book to any book lover.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. The Sheikh’s Secret Child (The Karawi Sheikhs, #2) This book had charming main characters. Well, maybe Bahir wasn't all that charming when someone steps between him and finding his daughter. That would be Amy who doesn't realize at first that Aisha is his daughter. But she did go into protection mode fast because she loves that little girl. Although she would have gone there for any child needing protection.
Amy is tough on the outside, passionate and fierce and on the inside she is loyal and and loving. Some of those things that Bahir begins to realize.
The story does end up having a H.E.A. It was a fast reading story, with some danger, some Sheikh sex, some family moments. It looks like there may be more to the Sheikh's youngest brother, Riyad. The rebels also have some surprise members in their ranks that made for a twist. There was one issue that didn't even get addressed, which I thought at some point it would be. I don't want to say too much though so I can avoid giving too much away.

i received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.” The Sheikh’s Secret Child (The Karawi Sheikhs, #2) As this book opens Amy is chasing the little sprite named Aisha who is determined to see the shark exhibit at the aquarium which has been closed to the public due to visiting dignitaries. By the time Amy catches up with Aisha she has befriended the most handsome man Amy has EVER seen. And he seems to be enjoying the little girls enthusiasm about the sharks.

As Bahir sat in the office at his deceased uncle's desk with his older brother Iman, King of Haamas, he discovered a secret which sent him into a mad search for the little girl he discovered was his daughter and now an orphan.

When Behir locates the orphan girl she is sick and being tended by Amy in a cottage separate from the main building that housed the children being cared for in order to prevent them from also getting sick if the child has something contagious. His main concern was to protect his newfound daughter from rebels that were determined to dethrone the Karawi family and he needed Amy to continue caring for the girl.

This book is filled with action, adventure, betrayal, kidnapping and lots of sexual tension between Amy and Sheikh Behir. As the kidnapping comes to an end Amy is seriously injured as she put herself between death and Aisha. This causes Behir to face his responsibility and do everything in his power to make sure Amy stays in Haamas and not just as a nanny to Aisha.

What can I say that will top the phrase, This book ended with an HEA for all
*May contain small spoilers* The Sheikh’s Secret Child (The Karawi Sheikhs, #2) After his uncle's death, Sheikh Bahir Karawi finds a secret compartment in his uncle's desk that contains letters addressed to Bahir. Bahir learns he has a daughter with a former lover who has died, and her family has left he daughter in an orphanage along the country's border. Bahir sets out to find his daughter knowing it could be dangerous with a rebellion brewing inside his homeland. Amy is an American journalist who comes to Haamas and winds up volunteering at a local orphanage. Amy loves the children but is especially close with a little girl named Aisha. When strange men come to the orphanage looking for Aisha, Amy vows to do everything in her power to protect the little girl. When Bahir finds Amy with Aisha, he convinces Amy of who he is to Aisha and that she would be safer with him than she would be if the rebels come back for her. Bahir and Amy are attracted to each other, and their chemistry is explosive. Can Bahir keep Amy and Aisha safe from the rebels? Can Bahir prove to Amy that she is the woman for him? Can Amy overcome her baggage and open her heart to Bahir? Can Amy and Bahir find their happily ever after with the little girl they both love? I really enjoyed The Sheikh's Secret Child by Leslie North. The Sheikh's Secret Child is full of danger, twists, turns, deceit, and passion. I would definitely recommend getting The Sheikh's Secret Child.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. The Sheikh’s Secret Child (The Karawi Sheikhs, #2)


The Sheikh’s Secret Child (The Karawi Sheikhs Series Book 2) By: Leslie North
Take A Chance On The Sheikh’s Secret Child, Tis A Sweet, Intense Li'l Read!
The Sheikh’s Secret Child has been hidden from Him for YEARS,
But Now that He's found OUT the Secret~
Well, Pity to those that get IN the Way of a Sheikh & HIS Prey...
Cuz, He's ON the HUNT,
Then Again, if She comes Equipped with a S€X¥ American Goddess,
Who Acts like a Lioness protecting Her Cub...
Guess She'll be SomeOne Else He'll have to C.L.A.I.M. & KEEP!
Especially, when Rebels think they're Daring Enough,
To Steal The Sheikh’s Secret Child & Her Protector,
Out from Under His Nose IN His Home the Palace...
Ohhh NO! It just cannot be Borne!!
Now, those Rebels have THREE Sheikhs com'n AFTER THEM,
To bring BACK what ONE Now OWNS!!
I was granted an ARC of Leslie North's The Sheikh’s Secret Child (The Karawi Sheikhs Series Book 2) via B00|{$P®0UT. I recommend this book to others based upon its own recommendations. All opinions expressed within this review are uniquely my own & freely given!
Until next time... Happy Reading! The Sheikh’s Secret Child (The Karawi Sheikhs, #2) Original review:

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It seems my fear of stupid unprotected sex in every ARC by Leslie North I have left was a bit premature. In this case, the unexpected child comes from another route, so I’m happy I don’t have to deal with the same plot over and over again. Let’s see what the second Karawi brother has to tell in his defense!

This time we travel to that small and fictional kingdom to meet Bahir, the middle brother of Iman. By pure chance, he discovers several hidden letters that tell him he has a secret daughter who has been taking into an orphanage. Looking for her, she meets Amy, an American journalist who is helping in one of the orphanages to write a story. There she became attached to Aisha, the secret daughter of Bahir. That’s why they are a package deal when the Sheikh stormed the building to take the child. Brusque? Maybe. But the rebels also want Aisha as leverage…

The main strength of these books is their length. Less than 200 pages to tell a simple story where the main characters fall in love and have their happily ever after. This time the story comes with an unexpected amount of action scenes, where the characters have to face rebels in several situations. It is unexpected, because it didn’t look like the main focus was there according to the plot of the backcover. Yes, the secret daughter is important, but not as a way to develop Bahir character. She is the flag that the good and the bad guys have to capture to win the game. So, if you are expecting some quality time between father and daughter, you should look elsewhere.

This book also has the same problem as the first one: the romance is underdeveloped. In this case, the issue is even more evident due to the few pages Amy and Bahir have to focus on their relationship. They don’t have time to properly get to know each other due to the sickness of Aisha or the rebel attacks. And somehow they fall utterly in love… They barely exchange a couple of sentences and, the next thing we know, Bahir is already planning a wedding. Sure, sure. Everybody knows that those kind of marriages scream steady to the world… So, yeah… the length is nice to tell about the rebels and the daughter plots, but it is not enough to put together a coherent love story.

Regarding the characters, I have to say that Amy is OK, but without any kind of spark. She is protective of Asha and I guess that is nice, but having a favourite kid in an orphanage is kind of unwise and even unethical. The one I do not like at all is Bahir. At first he seemed nice with the playful banter with his brother, but then… he becomes too bossy, too drunk of power. Breaking and entering in an orphange as if it were a rebel compound was way too much. And the problem is he is totally unapologetic about that… as if he had all the rights in the world to do so due to his title. This Alpha barks too much for my taste.

Let’s see where the story of the third brother takes us, but before that… some cowboys!! The Sheikh’s Secret Child (The Karawi Sheikhs, #2) Sheikh Bahir Karawi had come home to attend his brother Iman's wedding to an American and then decided to stay. His lying, deceitful Uncle Salah has now died. As Bahir sat tapping his fingers on his uncle’s desk, he discovered a secret compartment which contained letters addressed to him that he had never received. He discovered that he had a daughter whose mother had died, so she was sent to an orphanage. Bahir begins to search for his daughter, aware that rebellion is threatening and things could get dangerous. Unfortunately, the rebels also found out about Bahir’s daughter and they are looking for her as well!

Amy is a journalist who comes to the Middle East, to a small kingdom called Haamas. She ends up volunteering at the orphanage and becomes attached to a young girl named Aisha. She is very protective of Aisha and will keep her safe – even from the man who says she is his, but doesn’t know her name! The rebels had tracked the girl down to take her, but Amy wouldn’t give her up. Because Aisha appeared to be sick, Bahir took Amy with them and his daughter when he realized the rebels were nearby. Could Bahir protect them against the rebels? With the growing attraction between them, would they open their hearts for something more? Would they be willing to make their new family situation permanent with the daughter they both already loved?

Great story that I loved from beginning to end. There is plenty of excitement, danger, and emotion in this book. The story line was really good, especially as we already saw how dishonest Uncle Salah was with his nephews. Here is another life he almost ruined! The reader will love the characters and will cheer for them as they do their best for Aisha. Definitely recommend this one – it’s a keeper!
The Sheikh’s Secret Child (The Karawi Sheikhs, #2) Compassion leaves one woman courting some serious trouble when a mysterious stranger enters her life. Amy and Bahir are a firework brought to life. Their chemistry ignites rather quickly and becomes an explosive romance. Both have a thirst for adventure that often leads them into danger. However, a secret child changes everything including the man and woman that love her. The Sheikh's Secret Child is the beginning of a bond that impacts three lives and creates a family. The Sheikh’s Secret Child (The Karawi Sheikhs, #2) This was a great story and was very entertaining. Once I started I could not put it down. The chemistry between the hero and heroine is sizzling hot. I would recommend this to anyone that loves a great love story.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. The Sheikh’s Secret Child (The Karawi Sheikhs, #2)

As an ambitious American journalist, Amy Mathewson will stop at nothing to get her story—including going into dangerous, rebel-infested countries. But when she stumbles across seven-year-old Aisha in an orphanage her heart melts, and Amy vows to keep her safe.

Until the rebels start to close in.

Just when Amy thinks they’re in grave danger, a stunning Sheikh arrives, claiming Aisha as his daughter; a Sheikh with smoldering dark eyes and the kind of handsome that is difficult to forget. Unwilling to let Aisha go with a stranger, Amy agrees to accompany the Sheikh and Aisha to a safe house to confirm his claim. But it may not be safe for Amy, not with a sexy Sheikh making her feel things she hasn’t felt in a long time—and whose touch is as hot as the desert sun.

All his life, Sheikh Bahir Karawi has taken care of himself, knowing no one else would. When he discovers he has a daughter, he immediately sets out to bring her home, to make sure she never feels as alone as he always has. What he doesn’t count on is butting heads with the fiercely protective and dangerously beautiful Amy, who has taken up the duties of caring for his daughter. As they get to know one another, he can’t ignore the searing attraction he feels, nor the realization that Amy would be perfect, both for his daughter and for him.

As the rebels close in, Bahir realizes he will do anything to keep his daughter and Amy safe—even if that means putting his very life at risk. The Sheikh’s Secret Child (The Karawi Sheikhs, #2)