The Seven Laws of Success By Herbert Armstrong

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Why are only the very few women as well as men successful in life? Just what is success? Here is the surprising answer to lifes most difficult problem, proving that no human need ever become a failure! All who have succeeded have followed these seven laws! The only way to success is not a copyrighted formula being sold for a price. You cant buy it! The price is your own application of the seven existing laws. The Seven Laws of Success

I didn't like just one thing about this book: that it used the simple marketing trick to draw the reader further into the book. With each law of success author emphasized how the next laws are even important and how the first, which will be provided last is Fantasy The author says that no human need ever become a failure and writes about the laws that make us successful. These laws are biblically based and the author gives them meat with his own experiences and others. This is good the author wrote this book in his 80s so he had Fantasy Every individual was put on this Earth for a purpose! Every person was put here to become a success. ~ Herbert W. Armstrong People don't write many books like this these days. This is a book from a while ago and is super positive with spiritual insights. Today Fantasy Following this will reap many rewards Fantasy I love how it’s very detailed Fantasy


I never cram religion down anyone's throat. I saw Mr. Armstrong many years ago , speaking about the Seven Laws of Success. First off, you do not need to be religious to appreciate this book. This book gives excellent advice. One of the main reasons for our failing economy Fantasy it was a free down load and thought the title was interesting. overall if you want to kill a little time and its still free, then judge for yourself but after I read it, I deleted it. it was ok but there are other books out there that are better. the language it outdated Fantasy ITS OKAY. I FEEL LIKE I COULD BENEFIT FROM SOM OF THE MATERIAL OUT OF THE BOOK. I HAVE TO SAY THAT I WAS SOMEWHAT OFFENDED WHEN HE THROUGH IN THE RELIGIOUS STUFF. NOT THAT THE CONTENT OF THE SUBJECT WASN'T BENEFICIAL BUT I FELT AS THOUGH HE WAS MISLEADING AND Fantasy