The Seven Deadly Virtues. By Gerald Mann

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The Seven Deadly Virtues.

An incredible little book that cuts right to the chase. We Christians often think that we are so very different from our unsaved friends, relatives, neighbors, etc., as though we were somehow divided into two groups of people - the good ones and the bad ones. We often forget the sin from which we have been delivered. We forget that we, too, need a savior who stoops down to our pitiful level to lift us up. Without God in Christ, we are lost. All of us. There are no saints without Christ.

We need to be reminded that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

The Seven Deadly Virtues makes abundantly clear how like the Pharisees we become when our goodness somehow makes us think we're a better class of citizens than our lost brothers and sisters. Gerald Mann Good introduction to the dangers of pride and self-righteousness Gerald Mann