The Serrano Succession (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 3) By Elizabeth Moon

Moon runs multiple story lines, which sort of meet up in the end. She explores different worlds and the resulting implications when people from different cultures get meshed into a space fleet. There's a seriousness to her story telling, and she doesn't shy away from killing off key characters, with a HEA ending not automatically guaranteed; nor does she carefully roll up every story line to it's logical end the reader is expected to join the dots. But bits of humour slip in here and there it is surprisingly easy to disable a battleship armed with just cleaning products! Altogether, her books are a very satisfying read.. The Serrano Succession (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 3) I've read, and reread all of the books in this series. I own the original paperbacks and I love Elizabeth Moon's rich tapestry of characters and events. So much so I willingly bought them again just so I could carry them with me on my tablet.
The characters are rich, so human, each with their strengths and flaws weather hero or villains, that they draw you into their lives and make you care what happens to them and why. Here, I find myself in a quandary for I hate spoilers , I don't want to ruin that sense of discovery a really good tale imbues the reader with, yet the temptation lies there. I find myself wanting to tell you all. Elizabeth Moon 's masterful weaving of the complex and simple, of issues, politics, greed, heros and villians, of selfishness, selflessness of the human heart rather like the fines herbs in a good stew, or the nuances of a fine wine they all combine to make a satisfying meal for the mind.
I totally recommend this series to you my fellow readers, worth your time, and your dime. Buy them, you'll be glad you did. The Serrano Succession (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 3) There are just so many things which are profoundly right about this series that I hardly know where to begin. The action and adventure are a given in any Elizabeth Moon book, as are the levels of complexity and the attention to detail, but throughout this series, and especially in The Serrano Succession, there are sections of dialogue in which the sheer richness and depth of humanity rival the best fiction anywhere in literature. I can't recall ever weeping while reading SF before; but several times during this novel, I was just overwhelmed by human interaction that spoke to my heart about what is the very best potential of the human species. Moon lives and breathes honor, integrity, and a sense of loyalty that we all long for in a modern America where those qualities seem to be leaching away. The Serrano Succession reminded me what we are SUPPOSED to be about, and what our military is supposed to be protecting. I know you will enjoy this series, I can't imagine any reader not being moved to the depths of their heart and soul, and I suspect that, like me, most readers will long for ! The Serrano Succession (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 3) I'm something of an odd duck when it comes to genres. I don't read mysteries for the mystery; and while I do value the science in science fiction, I don't read military sci fi for the tactics and battles. That means I often skip over detailed battle descriptions and I did a lot of skipping in this series. But I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless, and was sorry to come to its end.

Both primary and secondary characters are well drawn and often (one of my favorite character traits) very resourceful, without turning into Mary Sues. The weaving together of different POVs and locations is not always seamless, but that's a minor criticism. And of course, as is typical of Moon's fiction, there are plenty of strong female characters, though it often takes them some time to realize their strength. The Serrano Succession (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 3) I’m an old Robert A. Heinlein fan. Finding Elizabeth Moon’s work to enjoy reminds me of the master. Old warriors will find tears in their eyes often than not. She is a powerful writer and knows the meaning of Duty and Honor. The Serrano Succession (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 3)

Two Full Length Novels of Space Adventure:

Change of Command : Esmay and Barin are reconciledbut their universe is falling apart! The exposure of defective rejuvenation drugs has sent fear sweeping across the known galaxy, including the Regular Space Service, while neighboring states fear the aggressive expansion of the Familias Regnant. Fear begets violent reactionsfrom foreign governments, from great Families determined to hold on to power, from internal rivalries in the Fleetand nothing escapes the resultant bloodbath unscathed, including Esmay and Barin.

Against the Odds : The worst has happened: Fleet is tearing itself apart. Some of the mutineers see injustice in the unequal spread of the rejuvenation drugs that offer virtual immortality to the rich; others are simply thirsty for power, or for blood. But when Esmay Suiza Serrano is unceremoniously booted out of Fleet, the apparent victim of Family politics, she has no idea of the conflict into which she has been thrown. As the noose tightens on galactic civilization, great battles will be fought and greater loves affirmed. and old friends will meet their destinies.

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Elizabeth Moon has degrees in history and biology, served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, was elected to public office, and spent six years as a paramedic on a rural Texas ambulance service. Her much acclaimed novels include The Deed of Paksenarrion, an epic fantasy, the Heris Serrano series; and two nationally bestselling collaborations with Anne McCaffrey, Sassinak and Generation Warriors. Her recent novel Remnant Population was acclaimed by Anne McCaffrey (. marvelously empathic insights. pure satisfaction.) and Ursula K. LeGuin (. a book full of pleasures.) and was a Hugo Award finalist. Her last novel was Change of Command, to which Against the Odds is a sequel. Moon lives outside of Austin, Texas with her husband and their son.
The Serrano Succession (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 3)

I ordered all three of the Serrano Legacy combo volumes and loved the entire series. I highly recommend these even for those without a military background. Her characters are solid and human. I am glad I added them to my Kindle Library. The Serrano Succession (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 3) These books continue the stories set out in the first three books about Heris Serrano, with a focus on other characters. First class military SF, fine characterizations, and a compelling plot. The Serrano Succession (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 3) of course it's great Moon doesn't do bad! best to read them in order. I originally read them as the ONCE A HERO part of the series came out and then had to track down the HERIS SERRANO trilogy to get the back story. these are keepers and true sci fi , no whoo whoo or zombies here, just well drawn folks dealing and great mil detail that isn't boring. The Serrano Succession (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 3) On the fourth time reading, first on Kindle, this series is still as engaging as ever. Even the non action doesn't slow anything down. This superb author creates a whole cast of fascinating characters, intricate plot twists, and plenty of action. I encourage those who haven't yet discovered Elizabeth Moon to read her works. You won't be disappointed. The Serrano Succession (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 3) I bought a second hand copy of one of the novels in this series, and it tempted me to buy the 3 omnibuses. I read the whole lot straight through about 2500 pages in total. You can read the novels individually, and some characters only appear in two or three of the seven individual novels, but when you read the seven you get the whole tapestry. I admit to being wary of finding large sections of one or another of the omnibuses being not to my taste. Well, you certainly get long concentrations on particular characters. But in the end you are reading a well written single story on a large canvas, based on humans who have developed several well spaced planetary systems with some of the political, military and other aberrations that humans are prone to even with only our one planet. You may also feel at the end that some characters' stories are unfinished, but maybe Elizabeth Moon was just leaving room for a continuation if she had further ideas at a later date. That would be nice! The Serrano Succession (The Serrano Legacy combo volumes Book 3)

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