The Reluctant Tuscan: How I Discovered My Inner Italian By Phil Doran

Had fun reading this. We are headed to Tuscany and this was the perfect book. The author’s writing really gives you a feel for the country and people. Phil Doran Wonderful book. Very witty. The kind you think about reading again in case you missed something.Also fun to read about the real Italy. Phil Doran It was a humorous book that can be enjoyed by many people. I bought it for gifts for friends as I want to share this light easy read. The author lives in the same village as I do and he was a writer for well known Hollywood sitcoms. Well worth reading and learning about Phil Doran Read this book in a few days. Just breezed right through it. A wonderful read. Light, funny, realistic. It will remain on my bookshelf as one of my favorites. My wife who has a hard time reading books, and especially finishing them is currently reading it, and can't Phil Doran With The Reluctant Tuscan, Phil Doran has given readers a witty, personal account of his life as a homeowner and, finally, an enthusiastic part time resident of Cambione, Italy. (According to the biography on the dust cover, Doran divides his time between his home in Phil Doran

After years of working on a string of sitcoms, Phil Doran found himself on the outside looking in. Just as he and his peers had replaced the older guys when he was coming up the ranks, it was now happening to him. And it was freaking him out. He came home every night angry, burned out, and exhausted. After twenty five years of losing her husband to Hollywood, Dorans wife decided it was finally time for a changeso on one of her many solo trips to Italy she surprised her husband by purchasing a broken down 300 year old farmhouse for them to restore. The Reluctant Tuscan is about the authors transition from being a successful but overworked writer producer in Hollywood to rediscovering himself and his wife while in Italy, and finding happiness in the last place he expected.

In the witty tone that made him a success as a writer in Hollywood, The Reluctant Tuscan captivates those who simply love a good travel narrative as well as anyone who loves the quirky humor of Bill Bryson, Dave Barry, and Jerry Seinfeld.

The Reluctant Tuscan: How I Discovered My Inner Italian

Doran didn't set out to move to Italy. His wife's love of sculpture led him there against his will after she bought a house without even consulting him! Although Doran's book is another in the genre of move to another country and build a house against all odds books, his Phil Doran Doran is a self described Hollywood refugee who is always one broken shoelace away from a nervous breakdown, so when he moves to a dilapidated farmhouse in Tuscany after being hemmed out of his thirty year career writing for sit coms, it makes for a hilarious memoir. His Phil Doran My wife turned me on to this book, but I left it on a shelf for several weeks. Then I had to make a short trip and needed something less than a 600 page mystery. What a lucky day it was for me. Phil Doran has created a very enjoyable and funny book. I finished the book Phil Doran

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