The Reality Check: A Quest To Understand Chiropractic From The Inside Out By

Excellent deep explanation of Chiropractic in a useful and scientifically based way.
Dr. Haavik did and does a great work.

Dr. Ronen Mendi, Israel
Chiropractor 978-0473470432 Excellent book. 978-0473470432 Good book but expensive 978-0473470432 Its chiropractic for those with squirrely minds 978-0473470432 I bought this book as a gift for a friend that is going to school to become a Chiropractor and he loved it. 978-0473470432


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I found the information and studies covered in this easy to read book to be potentially life changing. The studies discussed in this book highlight the important role the nervous system plays in health and disease. The information I learned in this book will allow me to go beyond just diet and exercise and I seek ways to be proactive with my health. This book is a must readthat is written in an easy to understand and apply manner. Great job Dr. Haavik! 978-0473470432 I appreciate the neuroscience approach and clear explanations. It is well written so that as a DC I found it engaging and encouraging. It is also written is such a way as to make it accessible for patients as well. Confirming what I've seen in practice for 35 years. Nice work Dr. Heidi! 978-0473470432 The author presents a meaningful synthesis and theory of chiropractic’s neurological mechanisms using rigorous research in collaboration with neuroscience professionals outside of the chiropractic field. The information is communicated in an easily digestible manner using very helpful analogies. This is a great example of the type of scientific rigor and research that needs to be done in chiropractic to expand our understanding and to create better practices. 978-0473470432 This is a very good book for Chiropractors, Osteopath and others health therapist that would like to develop to expand their knowledge about the spine function and the benefits that a regular adjustment can provide to our health. 978-0473470432 I loved it. Easy to read. I have a greater understanding of how chiropractic treatments can benefit humans. Wellness secrets uncovered. 978-0473470432