The Prophet's Stone (The New Terra Sagas Book 3) By Matthew O. Duncan

Great read!

Interesting mix of science fiction and medieval fantasy. War on a galactic scale mixed up with medieval fantasy, mix in space battles, magical stones, prophecies, romance and adventure and that’s just book 1. In book 2 the story gets even better with more humor and romance on a beat up battle carrier and adds a little time travel as more prophecies play out. Things get a little crazy in book 3 but the story gets even better. I just hope there is more to come. The Prophet's Stone (The New Terra Sagas Book 3) Decisions, prophecy, timelines, and responsibility

Every decision that we make influences the future. What if you had a vague notion of what your decision today would mean for tomorrow? What if your two interpretation of that knowledge was flawed? Or something else changed? I have always liked a story that I can ask, What if.... Duncan weaves a tale of magic and fantasy and romance in a very special way. It seems like this series of books could go on infinitely with different timelines resulting from different decisions. Man, you could even have different people.... It's mind boggling! The Prophet's Stone (The New Terra Sagas Book 3) Not what I expected

This was more like a romance, not a future space thriller. The ending was disappointing although it left room for a book four. The Prophet's Stone (The New Terra Sagas Book 3) I so much I finished all three books in three days

Fun twists,.great characters. Its king Arther meets a Star trek universe with wee bit of magic. Pick up alk three and be mad cause the fourth isn't out yet. The Prophet's Stone (The New Terra Sagas Book 3) Very Good Series

I really like these books, they are those type of books you cannot set down once you start reading them. I love Science Fiction and Fantasy books, this series is an excellent mixture of both. So, if you have a few days to spare then please read these books! The Prophet's Stone (The New Terra Sagas Book 3)

It had been ten years since Roy came to New Terra. At the conclusion of the great interstellar war against the Serpent People, Roy went from being an Ace fighter pilot to a simple farmer, married to his beloved wife Katreena and father to their three beautiful children. He had discovered a happiness that he had long given up on having again in his lifetime. However, their lives were overshadowed by a dark prophesy. 500 years in the past, Queen Deoiridh predicted not only Roy's arrival on New Terra but warned that he would face the greatest danger yet to come. The Prophet's Stone had shown her a path Roy must embark upon; which would lead him to find an ancient city and the heart of the landstones. Both Roy and Katreena were prepared to stand against any foe and make any sacrifice if it meant saving their family. Yet not all challenges come from monsters and enemies. Roy must decide how to change the course of events in both the present and the past. The Prophet's Stone (The New Terra Sagas Book 3)


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