The Prisoner: Hard Labor; Under Torture (The Prisoner #9) By Eli Harder


Brutal and gut wrenching, but the aftercare is so sensitively dealt with that it becomes extremely moving. A 5 star read and one of the best in the series. These must be read in order. The Prisoner: Hard Labor; Under Torture (The Prisoner #9) Brutal

I'm not sure that I believed Martin's forgiveness of Neal. I believe that he respects and accepts Neal's contrition, but to actually have forgiven Neal for what he did, I don't buy it. The Prisoner: Hard Labor; Under Torture (The Prisoner #9) Great books

Very clever concept for a BDSM romance. I hate giving things away in reviews so I'll just say that Neal, The Prisoner, suffers a lot and Martin Kinsey, his sadistic handler, is the cause. If you're into BDSM, wow, you've gotta read these books! They are well written, full of exquisite detail, and hot AF for gay men who love it either way, Top, Bottom, Dom, Sub or in my case, Switch! The Prisoner: Hard Labor; Under Torture (The Prisoner #9) That was fucking brutal. I'm so glad that it was a dual POV and mostly from Neal. It let his thought process shine clearer. I'm glad that everyone involved in the program actually listens to him and gives him a chance to explain himself rather than just gagging and assuming. It's that mutual autonomy that I really appreciate about the BDSM in these books.

I hated the Stop. Go. Stop. Go. Stop. Go for pages and pages like WE GET IT. The Prisoner: Hard Labor; Under Torture (The Prisoner #9)

A Hard BDSM Series

Prisoner Neal Landon suffers his most brutal judicial punishment yet when his handler Martin Kinsey finally gets his hands on him after a false accusation. After an unforgivable betrayal, Martin has no plans for mercy - or for keeping the prisoner once he's through making the man suffer dearly for his crime.

To win back Martin as his handler, Neal must do the impossible: beg for his own excruciating punishment until Martin is convinced he's truly remorseful. Neal isn't a tough man, and now he must beg to be punished until he passes out... and when he wakes up again, he has to plead for the worst agony he's experienced in his life.

Martin's punishment skills are second to none, and he puts Neal's offending mouth, body, and intimate body parts through excruciating pain with gags, bits, clamps, spiked collars, and electrified sounds and plugs. He forces the prisoner to drive himself to exhaustion and beyond in his first true hard labor punishment.

From literally washing his mouth out with soap to forcing him to bruise and blister his feet pulling a cart beyond the limits of endurance, Martin has quite the 24 hours of punishment planned. Jerking a painful bit in his mouth to stop him, forcing him to walk forward by jerking on clamps attached to his sensitive nubs.... that's nothing compared to the electricity he'll run through the prisoner's sound and plug to keep him going. And a rough rope gag dripping with hot pepper sauce will feel unbelievably agonizing in his bleeding mouth after it's chewed up by the bit.

But what he doesn't know until the very end is whether he can bring himself to forgive and keep this particularly difficult prisoner. Neal is going to have to display a level of remorse and submission Martin isn't sure the handsome young prisoner is capable of. The Prisoner: Hard Labor; Under Torture (The Prisoner #9)

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