The Power of Capitalism By Rainer Zitelmann

The timing of this book couldn’t be better! Given what is happening in the world right now, this is a book everyone should read. Chapter 10, which deals with intellectuals and their general dislike of capitalism, is particularly groundbreaking. Rainer Zitelmann Great tool for debate:
Yes, China is a market success story
No, Africa needs capitalism and less aid and planning
Yes, Germany is a market success story
Yes, South Corea is a market success story
Yes, Thatcher and Reagan did well
Yes, Venezuela is a failure and Chile is a market success story
No, Sweden is not socialism doing well, it is capitalism making us so rich that we can spend as much as we want in public school and health
And NO NO NO, the financial crisis and the UE crisis have nothing to do with market failure. Those are state and central bank failure.
Simple as that. Rainer Zitelmann


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The market has failed, we need government intervention that's the mantra politicians, the media and intellectuals have been reiterating constantly ever since the outbreak of the 2008 financial crisis. By taking the reader on a journey across continents and through recent history, Rainer Zitelmann disproves this call for greater government intervention and demonstrates that capitalism matters than ever. The author provides compelling evidence from across the world that capitalism has been the solution to a number of massive problems. He compares developments in West and East Germany, North and South Korea, capitalist Chile v. Socialist Venezuela, and analyses the extraordinary economic rise of China. For many people, capitalism is a dirty word. This book provides a timely reminder of capitalism's power is enabling growth and prosperity and is alleviating poverty. The Power of Capitalism

Books are always good in unexpected ways. Rainer Zitelmann This book refutes many of the myths surrounding the policies of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. Instead of theories, the historian Zittelmann presents facts. Anyone who wants to debate anti capitalists will find countless arguments here. On Thatcher: The total number of businesses registered in the UK rose from 1.89 million in 1979 to over 3 million by 1989. At the same time, the number of people registered as self employed grew from 1.9 million to 3.5 million. Regarding Reagan: There are many myths about the Reagan years, including the assumption that it was only rich, white Americans who benefited from the economic upswing he ushered in, and that they only did so at the expense of low income black Americans. In fact, the real household incomes of black Americans rose faster than those of white Americans between 1981 and 1988. In Chapter ten, Zittelmann asks why intellectuals so vehemently oppose capitalism, despite the fact that history has confirmed its superiority. Hence, capitalism has not had its last word yet. Rainer Zitelmann Amazing Book. I was able to finish this within a day as I could just not stop reading it. This book really outlines the success and positives of Capitalism that are often neglected in school and daily life. I recomend this to people of the free market mindset and those who are not of it. This shows very well the comparison of free market countries and those with planned economies. Lastly, this book is a great reference for purposes of debate and discussions on the merits of capitalism. Rainer Zitelmann Overall, I enjoyed reading the book. It is very educational and gives plenty of great examples and comparisons between Capitalism & Socialism. The book explains how many positive effects of Capitalism are often neglected.

Nowadays, the foundations of our wealth are often forgotten, which is why this book is a must read for everyone who want to have a clear view on many today's issues. Too often, people want government to solve their problems. The author shows how this has turned out today and in history.

I highly recommend this book! Rainer Zitelmann Eye opening about the greatest economic system in the world. Rainer Zitelmann