Pastel Artists Bible: An Essential Reference for the Practising Artist By Claire Waite Brown

 I was given some pastels as a birthday present. I tried them with not much success. Seen 'The Pastel Artists Bible ' and thought why leave my pastels idle, I'll read this book. I am delighted to write I absolutely love this book. 189 pages of very useful information. Everything you'll need in materials , techniques. In detailed colour pictures. That's not all. The best of all is the ' further techniques' section. Every other medium covered from pencils , watercolour, gouache, acrylic, oil painting, masking, resist techniques, and . Fabulous. Then subjects are covered, landscape, urban, still life, people,animals. What I also loved is there's also tutorials using of course pastels, and mixing with oil paint. I learnt a lot of ways to use pastels. Found out where I was going wrong. This book is a must for the beginner and experienced artist. Get this book first and you'll be delighted. Highly recommended.

― Geraldine Walker

This is a very well written book. The images are beautiful, and there are lots to look at. This book has taught me a lot about pastels, that I didn`t even know before. I thought I knew almost everything there is to know about pastels, but after reading this book, I realise that I haven`t even scratched the surface. I have lots of ideas for new paintings using some of the new techniques that I have learned from this book

― Karen Thomson

Pastel Artists Bible: An Essential Reference for the Practising Artist

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