The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne By Jonathan Stroud

The title of The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne gives a fairly accurate picture of what the book is about it is an introduction to the characters Scarlett McCain and Albert Browne, who are outlaws. Or, at least, Scarlett is Albert's status as a lawbreaker is less clear. Jonathan Stroud If you like Stroud's previous works and/or YA fiction then The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne delivers in his accustomed manner. It wasn't quite as good to me as the Bartimaeus series, but fell pretty solidly within the Lockwood and Co series level. Some of the Jonathan Stroud A huge fan of the Lockwood and Co series my father recommended this book next and I can say without a doubt it did not disappoint. Great characters as to be expected and unique setting that leaves a nice mystery about what happened in this world, going to read the next book Jonathan Stroud Giving 5 stars for the story itself. As a fan of Lockwood & Co., I set the bar high for this book, and I wasn't disappointed! Super fun, excellent main characters. I love Stroud's writing. Unfortunately there must've been some issues with printing, as I see I'm not the only Jonathan Stroud I love Jonathan Stroud’s books. This book was as much fun and suspenseful as his ghost hunting books. Scarlett is an outlaw you come to love, as well as Albert who has unusual powers. They rob from the bad guys (who are really really bad) and run from the evil that Jonathan Stroud

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I've never read anything by Jonathan Stroud that I didn't enjoy. I became a reader of Lockwood and Co and Bartimaeus book series when my son was younger. I found that I still enjoy reading Mr. Stroud's books. This book was entertaining and fast paced. Jonathan Stroud I seriously loved this book, but I am am very hesitant to recommend it to kids over 14. There isn’t any swearing, but the violence is pretty graphic. We’ve got severed heads, cannibals, and lots of blocked. The writing is brilliant though, and even though the book is Jonathan Stroud I'm a big fan a Jonathan Stroud's Bartimeus and Lockwood & Co. series, and with great anticipation dove into The Outlaws Scarlett & Browne, and found myself immediately sucked into the new, post apocalyptic world which Stroud has designed. His writing is as sharp and Jonathan Stroud I love Jonathon Stroud novels, and this was another great one! Jonathan Stroud This is the first of Jonathan Stroud’s books I‘ve read and I love it! So if this is an example of his hallmark in writing, I’m game.Scarlett McCain is a gun slinger if I ever saw any! She’s fast, she is ruthless and boy, does she have a mouth on her. In short: love at first sight for me. She lives in former Britain, some unspecified time in the future, the country totally changed due to some unknown cataclysm and subsequent wars. Most people cling together in towns where a rigid regime is upheld: no deviation from „the normal“ is allowed. Outside these towns, beasts and „the Tainted“ roam and kill, and overall nature got back almost everything. It has a distinct Wild West feel to it, with small towns full of righteous folk, and adventurous people wandering the wilds.And Scarlett is able to survive everywhere, and being on her way through the wilderness to another town, she… encounters Albert Brown. They meet under strange circumstances and their dynamic and hilarious dialogue caught me at once.They both have emotional and other baggage, so to speak, and do initially only plan to travel together for a short while. But during their strange and very dangerous road trip, with a little breaking and entering on the side and being constantly pursued, they realize that they work pretty well together.The world building is very cool, I had it all pictured in my mind, nearly felt the tension the two of them so often feel no matter where they are, be it cruel nature or cruel cities. It’s a feat of the author to build such a bleak world and yet have people live in it still being positive and optimistic.And yes, although we get to know Albert a lot better than Scarlett, I liked them both and will definitely read on and see what their next adventure will be. And there is a lot of interesting stuff in Scarlett‘s past and I intend to fight out about it. Jonathan Stroud

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