The Organised Mum Method: Transform your home in 30 minutes a day : Bray, Gemma By

characters The Organised Mum Method: Transform your home in 30 minutes a day : Bray, Gemma


The Organised Mum Method is THE housekeeping bible that will completely revolutionise your home.

Say goodbye to mess, clutter and weekends spent tidying and cleaning! Gemma Bray (a.k.a The Organised Mum) is a firm believer that there is to life than housework, and over the last decade she has perfected The Organised Mum Method (TOMM).*

The Organised Mum Method is a structured, manageable and ultra efficient cleaning routine that ensures all areas of the home are taken care of. It's easy to follow, effective and ensures that everything gets done in just 30 minutes a day, Monday to Friday and you get weekends off!

Perfect for existing fans of TOMM or anyone looking for ways to fit cleaning around a busy lifestyle, The Organised Mum Method includes life changing tips, tricks, cleaning schedules, shopping lists, meal plans and quick recipes that will help you get your housework done fast.

*Don't worry dads it works for you too. The Organised Mum Method: Transform your home in 30 minutes a day : Bray, Gemma

Ok so I was skeptical that any book about cleaning and tidying could help me! After spinal surgery housework just ran away with itself and clutter built up on every available shelf and surface!I’d seen the organised mum on Instagram and heard everyone rave about how TOMM had changed their lives yeah right I thought have they seen my house!!!I’ll be the exception to the rule, I’ll show them it can’t be done. or so I thought!Fast forward a couple of weeks, book received and after the messy house boot camp on the first four rooms I think I can honestly say I’m a convert!My daughter is as untidy as me and her room has been transformed from something resembling a jumble sale to an oasis of calm. My bathroom is uncluttered and a manageable space. My front room is now a calm place for the family to sit and read or enjoy a film together. I still have a way to go but this book has shown me that it’s achievable. If I can reclaim my home then anyone can! English This book is proper amazing!!! It’s the book I’ve been looking for my whole adult life and have never found before! It is chockablock full of instruction.actual instruction and guidance of how to look after your home and have a life! And the recipes! The recipes are fantastic.I really can’t praise this book enough, it’s actually life changinga proper instruction manual for the home! It’s a must have for all, Well done xxx English A few months ago I was really negative about the TOMM method and said that I would never do it because my house would never be all clean all at the same time. But, I gave it a go, just to prove I was right, and I’m a complete convert! I now live and breathe TeamTOMM. It has given me my weekends back to spend with my family and it letting me get so much done in my life. The book is fantastic full of useful tips and realistic goals. Well written by a truly honest and likeable lady who’s happy to admit that running a house is hard work but that there are ways to get it sorted. Thank you Gemma and thank you TeamTOMM. English I am a full time working Mum of three and have always battled my way to try and keep a clean house. Age 36 I found TOMM and it has changed my life. I no longer spend weekends with 15 wash loads, house to clean and having guilt of not spending time with the kids. Gemma love the book well done x English I'd seen a couple of gemma's videos on You Tube so I was intrigued. I read the book as far as the recipes then and there, then spent my day off getting organised to do this. Gemma is very motivating with lots of common sense tips and hacks.My house already looks and smell better, but the main thing is I feel in control and can enjoy my hobbies etc without feeling guilty. As the book has arrived during the 1st week of Christmas countdown I will be reading those chapters as I go along. I will also be trying the recipes which sound great. As a 50 something Nana, I recommend this to anyone who feels overwhelmed by housework. English