The Official NBA Basketball Encyclopedia (3rd Edition) By National Basketball Association

Great book, some interesting texts at the beginning floowed by previews of every NBA season in this period, a lot of statistics and redocrs. Interesting for every NBA lover. Transmississippi Well taken care of! Thank you! Transmississippi High quality coffee table book, brought it for a 12 year old who aspires to the NBA. Transmississippi no real information to be given as it has been ought as a Christmas present Transmississippi the kids is happy Transmississippi

On December 12, 1891, 13 rules of a new game were posted in a YMCA gym in Springfield, Massachusetts. At each end of the floor, Dr. James A. Naismith, who had invented the game, had peach baskets nailed below a walkway that happened to be 10 feet high. Within a few days, one of Naismith's students would christen the new game Basket Ball.

Over a century ago, no one could possibly have envisioned the extraordinary changes that were going to transform Dr. Naismith's game. Who could have imagined a 6 10 George Mikan swatting shots away from the basket? Julius Erving in flight, soaring in from the free throw line for a heart stopping stuff? Or Bob Cousy throwing a mind boggling no look, behind the back pass; Jerry West hitting a 60 foot shot with no time left in a crucial playoff game; Larry Bird's three point prowess and Michael Jordan rising to heights literally and figuratively never before seen by any athlete? Who could have foreseen than 62,000 fans crowded into the Georgia Dome to see a game between the Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks? Or the titanic battles between Wilt and Russell? Or the Dream Team? The longevity of Stockton and Malone? Red Auerbach's victory cigars? Phil Jackson's Zen coaching? Or Shaquille O'Neal's powerful dunks? Who could have ever predicted talent like Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Walt Frazier, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Grant Hill, Vince Carter, Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson, and Kobe Bryant?

With an Introduction by NBA Commissioner David J. Stern and a Foreword by Michael Jordan, this third edition of The Official NBA Encyclopedia captures it all: The past and the present. The complete stats and the complex personalities. Dynasties, rivalries, coaches, referees, all the pre NBA leagues, vignettes and features by the top basketball writers in the world. Every NBA season is reviewed and individual statistics are provided for every player who has ever played in the league. An extraordinary 32 page color photo essay that captures the spirit of the game since Naismith conceived it opens this encyclopedia in an unprecedented and spectacular manner.

From the peach basket to the slam dunk championship it's all here in The Official NBA Encyclopedia, a book that's almost as exciting as a triple overtime seventh game of the NBA Finals.
The Official NBA Basketball Encyclopedia (3rd Edition)

Our 10 year old is an avid basketball fan and loves statistics and team/player info. He would love an updated version of this book! Transmississippi Setting aside the year in which this was printed and understanding it only has information through the 99 00 season, this tome still comes up lacking. Sure, it's great to have the stats of all the NBA and ABA players in one place. However, there are vast amounts Transmississippi I love the book and the history of the nba. I like to see Adam Silver and the NBA do a updated version to 2021 Have everyone from Lebron James to Kevin Durrant and young star players from Trae Young and Devin Booker. Love the Book Transmississippi This was a great find, amazing condition! Transmississippi Standard league reference book unites statistics from NBA & ABA years. Transmississippi


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