The Nostradamus Descendant By Daniel M. Berghoff

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From the very beginning I was hooked. If you are a Dan Brown fan, tell him to move over. Daniel M. Berghoff

The novel that solves the greatest mystery of all - Humanity. Follow modern day Nostradamus Descendant Pierre Damus as he attempts to save the world from an apocalyptic World War III. Using his dominant mental powers the French scientist encounters a mission adventure in which he overcomes secret society assassins and the power of evil to reveal answers that have haunted mankind for centuries. Solutions to his ancestor's revelation prophecies, as well as the wonder behind the Big Bang, The Roswell Incident and Area 51, ancient astronauts and Atlantis, The Bermuda Triangle, vampires, angels, and Biblical prophetic truths that explains our human purpose on earth. The story that reveals everything. The Nostradamus Descendant