The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself By Rodney Mullen

This is a great biography and I was very surprised at the brutal honesty in this book. Rodney Mullen recalls some of the most intimate details of his life and tells them with such honesty and detail. Rodney Mullen discuses everything from his childhood to how he became a pro-skater and includes an awful lot of details and he has no fear in describing his family, relationships and his own insecurities. This is an awesome book to read even if you aren't interested in skating as it is really inspiring to see how far practice and passion can take you. 9780060556198 Inspirational, heartfelt and fascinating story about the grandfather of street skating. I'd reccommend it to anyone interested in the history of skating and espcially in the life of Rodney Mullen. Makes you wanna jump on your skateboard and rip a local hill. 9780060556198 Never thought a skateboarder could write like this. Breathtakingly good story 9780060556198 this is a great book. read it cover to cover in one day, By far the most influential skater of all time. He basically invented every street trick you could think of. ollie, Kickflip etc Was really cool to read about his career which is basically the history of skateboarding. the discipline it took him to push the sport the way he did, and he did not have an easy life either. Basically was somewhat involved with every cool company in the nineties, and even though he talked shit about his skating ability in plan B questionable, it stands out in my memory as one of the most inspirational video sections i can remember. He always felt like an outcast in the industry too? He is a normal guy and im not sure if skating would exist the way it is without him. 9780060556198 I was in a skateboarding mood one day when I was in a big box book shop, I browsed the titles in the Sports section and came across this.

I was never a fan of Rodney Mullen when I skated, I too, like it is state in this book... thought Freestyle skating was lame, and that Rodney Mullen was lame. Ah, the opinions of a 2nd grader!

I picked this book up based on that fact that the cover art looked awesome and I needed something to whet my skating appetite without me actually having to dust the cob weds off of my board and embarrass myself at the skatepark.

What a treat. I had no idea that Rodney Mullen was such a rocket scientist! The way he described skateboarding and he he came about tricks and the enjoyment of skating, through math and science, is incredibly refreshing rather than hearing about a teen that just wants to rebel and be extreme.

The personal battles that are detailed in print with this book are things that I never would have imagined given how quiet and reserved Mr. Mullen always seemed in his video parts in skate videos my friends and I would watch.

If you are into sociology, you will dig this.
If you work with kids, you will dig this.
If you are into skateboarding, you will dig this.

For someone not into many or any of those things some of the lingo in this book may be confusing, thus ruining your enjoyment of the book, but if you are a skateboarder, know a skateboarder, or parent a skateboarder, you should def. read this. It will instill you such a great understanding of all the reasons WHY a person would rather ride their skateboard than do more serious sports.

I think for a lot of parents this book might ease some of their concerns that, by skating, their child is going to be dumbed down or miss out on things in life.

Check it out! It's awesome, and even has a cool photo section. 9780060556198

Holy geez, what an emotional roller coaster.

Throughout this book, we get to see skateboarding's evolution from freestyle to modern day street skating through the eyes of someone at the center of it all. However, this book is not about the technical progression of tricks; rather, it is about the personal hardships Mullen faced throughout his life and the social dynamics within the industry. It was honestly mind-blowing to see just how many big-name skaters ended up crossing each other's paths at key points in time and who started what companies.

While this skateboarding history was super interesting to read about (like, how have I gone so many years without knowing that Mullen co-founded World Industries?), the main focus of this book was on Mullen's life (duh!). And I was not at all prepared for how heart-wrenching it would be to read about it. There is something so relatable about the loneliness he felt, about not thinking he was good enough, about wanting to retreat into himself all the while wanting to feel more connected to the universe. Mullen lets us in on the details of these struggles, and over a long journey we see how he was able to overcome many of them after hitting rock bottom several times. 9780060556198 Hit a bit of a skateboarding phase this year, and wanted to learn from one of the greats... and you can't get much greater than the godfather of street. Rodney Mullen has always been fascinating to me. His video parts were weird and unique - it's hard not to be when you have invented half the tricks you're doing at any given time. Having only followed his career from a purely skateboarding perspective, I wanted to take some time to dig deeper into the person behind the tricks. What I got was more than I could have imagined, and inspired me on more grounds that just skateboarding itself. This guy became a millionaire off of some really, really stressful business decisions, had bouts of depression that had him almost take his own life halfway across the world, and constantly dealt with a father that would be hard to describe without the word abusive sprinkled in here and there. All the while, he was changing the face of how people went about riding a plank of wood with four polyurethane wheels. Even if you are not a skateboarding fan, this is a worth while read if you choose to give it the time of day. 9780060556198 My son has recently become obsessed with skateboarding (thanks to the re-release of THPS on the switch). We watched the Bones Brigade autobiography documentary as well as the Pretending I’m a Superman documentary about how the Proskater game came to be. My son really likes Rodney Mullen, who was featured in both so I looked to see if I could find anything else for my son to read or watch with him in it. Rodney is a pretty great role model (especially in terms of pro skate boarders), but I’m glad I decided to read this book WITH my son instead of just handing it off to him.

It’s an amazing book, very honest, and very inspiring in that Rodney is not exactly the type of person you’d expect to find at the top of his field. I’m sure most people won’t be handing this book to an 8 year old (my son), but in case you are, the book does contain drug use, sexual references, and talk of death and suicide. 9780060556198 I just kept on reading. His life was surprisingly different as I thought it would be. Judging by the title, skateboarding might seem like the sole linear storyline, but it's filled with unexpected experiences both enlightening for himself and the reader. Nothing is what it seems; nobody has life figured out. Least of all those who you think have had it all figured out from day one. 9780060556198 Three months ago, I didn't know Rodney Mullen existed. I first saw him in Tony Hawk : Until The Wheels Fall Off documentary and became slightly obsessed with him. I was always fascinated with skateboarders in general, but it was the first time I met one who I felt a sense of kinship to.

If you're looking for a book where Mullen shares his philosophy of skateboarding, this is not what you want. It's very much his life story, which is punctuated (here's where the sense of kinship kicks in) by a troublesome relationship to his father. Whether he is positive or negative about someone and whether that person is close to him or not, Rodney Mullen speaks from the heart, with a disquieting earnestness. You can almost hear him talk when reading the words.

The Mutt is the story of someone who bears magic within and who doesn't realize it because he is constantly reprimanded for not being someone else. It's great and it should help you realize that if you feel inadequate in a situation, it doesn't mean that you're inadequate. Context and circumstances and everything in life. Rodney Mullen found is, I found mine, you can find yours. 9780060556198


The world–champion freestyle skateboarder and the man who brought the ollie – the trick that revolutionised the sport by taking it from the ground to the air – to street skating shares the history of skateboarding, as he tells the dramatic story of his life.

At the age of 13, Rodney took the freestyle skating world by storm. He won 35 world titles in less than five years. But through it all, his father looked down on his son's love for skating and pressured him to walk away from the sport and leave behind his fans and status as the most famous skateboarder of his era. After years of stress and conflict, Rodney gave in and promised his father he'd quit for good. But by the time he finally broke free from his suffocating and abusive home life, the popularity of freestyle had waned and given way to vert and street styles. So Rodney picked up his board and started from scratch. With the help of mentor Mike Ternansky, Rodney used his freestyle background to usher in a whole new era of street skating.

Today Rodney is more popular than ever. The videos in his series Rodney Versus Daewon are among the most popular skateboard videos ever produced. He won the 2002 Transworld Skateboarding readers' choice award for favourite street skater and is the most popular character on the top–selling Tony Hawk's Pro Skater video games. The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself

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