The Mirror Crackd from Side to Side Complete Unabridged By Agatha Christie


This Miss Marple novel is set in St Mary Mead, but it is a village that has seen changes. Miss Marple’s old friend, Dolly Bantry, has sold Gossington Hall and moved into the East Lodge, while ‘the Development’ – a new housing estate, encroaches on the very outskirts of the village. There is even a supermarket, which is viewed with suspicion by elderly ladies, who enjoy shopping as a form of social interaction and are not necessarily in a rush to hurl items into a basket. Miss Marple is elderly in this novel and has a ‘daily’ in young Cherry Baker, from the ‘Development,’ and has the bossy Miss Knight staying in the house as she has been unwell. Although Miss Marple knows that Miss Knight is meant as a kindness by her ever supportive nephew, Raymond West, she bristles under her attentions and is always finding errands to send her on to regain her freedom.

One day, having slipped away from Miss Knight’s careful ministrations, she ventures into the Development and has fall, being gathered up and taken in by the voluble Heather Badcock. Mrs Badcock tells her a long story about when she met the movie actress, Marine Gregg, who is now living at Gossington Hall. The story revolves around an escapade when she was younger and left her sick bed to go to a fete where Miss Gregg was presiding in order to get her autograph. She tells this story again some days later to Miss Gregg herself at another fete, this time at Gossington Hall. To everyone’s surprise, shortly after meeting Miss Gregg, Heather Badcock collapses and dies. Mrs Bantry is quick to inform Miss Marple, telling her that, while she unfolded her story, Marina Gregg looked frozen in shock – much like the Lady of Shalott…

It is obvious that Miss Marple needs an interest and so she is keen to learn all she can about the murder; even going as far as gathering up an armful of gossipy film magazines from the hairdresser. When her godson, Dermot Craddock, arrives to investigate, he keeps her informed and it is, of course, Miss Marple who untangles the mystery. For who should murder a perfectly innocent, well meaning, if somewhat nosy, middle aged woman? Was the real victim meant to be Marina Gregg and, if so, is she in danger? This is a really enjoyable mystery. There is an excellent cast of characters, including the glamorous Marina Gregg, who both takes to her bed and has hysterics with enjoyable frequency. You feel that Agatha Christie really enjoyed writing this and she combines the changing, modern landscape (this was published in 1962) with the traditional, village mystery, very cleverly. Littérature ukrainienne Glamorous movie star, Marina Gregg has moved to Gossington Hall previously featured in The Body in the Library novel. Whilst hosting a garden fete there, Marina meets a number of local dignitaries. Whilst meeting Heather Babcock, a local charity worker, Heather suffers a sudden seizure and dies. She has been poisoned by a deadly cocktail. But was this meant for Marina? Luckily Miss Marple is on hand and as the police bumble about, Miss Marple investigates using her insightful knowledge about human nature.

I don't know if it was the place I was in, but this novel actually felt slightly joyous. At the start of the novel Miss Marple, after a period of ill health, has a live in helper who seems determined to patronise, her much to Miss Marple's chagrin. On visiting her, the Doctor notices that Miss Marple seems a little down and jokingly suggests that Miss Marple would benefit from investigating a juicy murder. And indeed Miss Marple certainly perks up when she hears about the murder at Gossington Hall.

As always Miss Marple relies on two things; peoples' assumption that she is merely 'an old pussy' and her keen insights into human nature. On meeting Heather Babcock prior to the murder, she. quickly recognises her as a kind woman but who is completely oblivious to other people's needs and wants.

I also love these novels as they are a comment on the changing face of society. The novel was first published in 1962 and we can see the shoots of a modern Britain. There is a housing development on the outskirts of St Mary Meade where Miss Marple lives, reflecting people achieving home ownership for the first time. London is starting to feel vibrant and 'swinging'. A hip photographer and a model are both interviewed by the police. Miss Marple reads a celebrity gossip magazine to understand about the world of Marina Gregg. It is a lovely social comment about a changing time.

The crime is ingenuous as always, the motive fascinating and I really enjoyed this. Especially as Miss Marple seemed to be having such a great time herself! Littérature ukrainienne This classic mystery sees Miss Marple taking a little of a back seat than is usual, facing struggles with advancing age and the changes that the modern world is bringing along with it, yet ultimately solving the mystery admirably, way ahead of Scotland Yard and showing that she is as razor sharp as she ever was. Rather than look for material clues, Miss Marple knows better it's the human condition that needs to be explored and scrutinised. Always one step ahead with her astounding knowledge of psychology. A wonderful cast of characters and odd bods with quick witted, biting dialogue. A thoroughly enjoyable mystery. Full of red herrings, twists and turns, yet a deceptively simple plot superbly drawn. Recommended. Littérature ukrainienne Having veered towards the books featuring Hercule Poirot, I don’t think I read this one. Although I did see and enjoy the film adaptation with Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson the outcome escaped me, and I enjoyed the book even .

St Mary Mead, the once quiet village home of Miss Jane Marple, is changing and moving with the times. A new housing development has been built, the local shops have changed hands and appearance, and a supermarket has appeared where once the basket shop stood, to the horror of the older generation of ladies. One was expected to take a basket and go round themselves, looking for things! The ladies preferred to be served and enjoy as gossip at the same time. Even Miss Marple’s old friend, Mrs Bantry, has sold off Gossington Hall to movie star Marina Gregg and her husband, producer Jason Rudd, and moved into the lodge in the grounds.

Miss Marple is feeling the effects of age as, after a bout of bronchitis, her nephew has arranged for her to have a live in help, in the form of the over attentive Miss Knight, which Miss Marple finds a tad intrusive and annoying.

Heather Badcock had been looking forward to attending the reception being held at Gossington Hall, to raise money for a charity. She had met her idol, Marina, years ago and chatters on exuberantly to her hostess. Shortly afterwards she suffers some sort of seizure, collapses and dies within minutes. Scotland Yard are called in when it transpires poison was found in the drink she was given.

Miss Marple had made the acquaintance of Heather Badcock when she took a tumble while walking round ‘The Development’ as the older residents had named the new housing estate. When Mrs Bantry gave Miss Marple the news there’d been a murder at Gossington Hall, and that of someone she had met, it affords her the mental stimulation she needs and she puts her knowledge and experience of human nature to work.

Even though Miss Marple is older, restricted and frustrated with age related issues, she’s still as smart and hasn’t lost any of her perceptiveness. Nevertheless, there’s a sense of wistfulness and slight sadness at the beginning for times past. But as deaths occur and the mystery deepens we see the Miss Marple of old piece together the clues. There are any number of suspects, unclear motives, a well constructed plot and easily visualised characters. I think books featuring Miss Marple are called for. Littérature ukrainienne An interesting read that had moments and phrases that didn't age well.

I felt early on that I had an idea who the perpetrator was, and was thrilled at the end to watch my theory come together! Even having the feeling of already knowing, the story held my attention and I flew through the pages following the clues.

My first Miss Marple story and it has me interested in picking up ! Littérature ukrainienne


A movie star moves to Miss Marple's town. Before you know it someone is dead, but there seems to be no reason why. Miss Marple spends most of her time in her house being looked after so she has to depend on visitors to tell her what is happening in the case.
Eventually there are many suspects and death! The characters are well delineated and the plot is very good indeed. Clues as to whom the murderer is are in the book. You can solve this one of you pay attention! I absolutely loved it. Littérature ukrainienne Miss Marple’s deep understanding of human nature comes strongly into play in this mystery.

A film star buys a Victorian mansion in Miss Marple’s quiet neighborhood. An annoying committee woman attends a fête at the house and drops dead just after speaking with the actress she so admires. Miss Marple starts unraveling the mystery at once, picking up gossip and having chats with her friend Inspector Craddock. A little murder is just what she needs to get over her recent bout of bronchitis.

The lavishly renovated household of the rich and famous actress contrasts with the new Development that has sprung up by the village. Miss Marple is very much interested in both.

Miss Marple’s struggles with frail old age and her efforts to evade the irritating nurse who’s supposed to be taking care of her is every bit as fascinating as the working out of the puzzle.

I guessed the murderer early on. Christie throws out a few too many pointers. But I still enjoyed this book. Miss Marple is the most delightful sleuth of the Golden Age, to my mind. Littérature ukrainienne The village of St Mary Mead experienced a growth (a development): new inhabitants, new houses, new shops. A famous artist arrived and settled in. In the fete given in her new house a woman is murdered. Miss Jane Marple considered the matter. The work of the Scotland Yard and the wisdom of Miss Marple are required to solve the puzzle. As is always the case, the solution depends in careful consideration of the facts. The novel presents Jane Marple in a colorful way with the total display of her grace. Another worth reading of Agatha Christie. Littérature ukrainienne Where to start This copy does NOT have the red emblem on the cover (for the “authorized” edition), even though the listing for the book showed that and advertised it as one of the “official authorized” editions. I tried re ordering, but each of the 3 copies I received are the same—missing that emblem, a different texture of cover from that of the William Morrow imprint of HarperCollins that the “authorized” editions are (versus this one being just “HARPER”), different page texture and font density/darkness of the text, and also different weight of the book (heavier and tighter binding than the WM editions). This version of the book seems to be a print on demand copy. For each of the 3 copies I got, the date on the last page was different and was, in fact, the date I placed my orders (suggesting it was printed when I ordered it each time). While some people wouldn’t care about the discrepancy between the listing and what you get, it is still “false advertising” of a sort. I have all the books in the Miss Marple series before this one and wanted the editions to match (the “authorized” editions), and the WM imprint’s version is easier to read one handed than the HARPER imprint print on demand version (which matters to me because the only reading time I get is when I am breastfeeding my infant). There also seemed to be some typos in this copy (although I have no way of knowing if these errors are present in other editions than this HARPER print on demand one), not least of which was the back cover misspelling the name of a key character: “Babcock” on the back versus “Badcock” throughout the story.

The story itself was entertaining enough, although it was a bit of a bummer that Miss Marple was so seldomly directly “in” the action. It was one of the Miss Marple books that I managed to correctly guess the murderer/situation during the course of book, before the reveal (along with A Murder Is Announced, They Do It with Mirrors, and A Pocket Full of Rye), but in a way that makes it enjoyable for me, so no complaint there. It did leave a few open/unanswered questions at the end than I would like, similar to some of her other ones with abrupt endings, but that was my only point of dissatisfaction with the story itself besides Miss Marple being mostly confined to her house throughout. Littérature ukrainienne As with the previous of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple books, I'm officially rating her 1962 novel Littérature ukrainienne

Beautifully re packaged with stunning new cover illustrations and design that rival some of the best jackets and audio collections out there! The group as a whole stands out with an assortment of colours and gorgeous text on every spine. This is story telling at it's absolute best! One minute, silly Heather Badcock had been gabbling on at her movie idol, the glamorous Marina Gregg. The next, Heather suffered a massive seizure. But for whom was the deadly poison really intended? Marina's frozen expression suggested she had witnessed something horrific. But, while others searched for material evidence, Jane Marple conducted a very different investigation into human nature. The Mirror Crackd from Side to Side Complete Unabridged