The Masters of the Universe Book By Simon Beecroft

Celebrate the incredible world of the beloved 80s franchise with this treasure trove of images and stories from Masters of the Universe.

Relive childhood excitement and celebrate than 30 years of He Man, She Ra, Skeletor and all the Masters of the Universe!

By the Power of Grayskull! The war for Eternia begins again in 2021! Officially licensed by Mattel, this stunning guide is a visual celebration of Masters of the Universes enduring legacy, including artworks, sketches, posters and merchandise from the official archives.

With the continuation of He Mans epic story, and a new CGI animated series both scheduled to release on Netflix in 2021, its the perfect time to familiarise yourself with all the heroes, villains, amazing battles and incredible locations from your childhood. Explore the full history of the toys, minicomics, TV series and movies. Meet characters including Skeletor, Man At Arms, Teela, Battle Cat, Beast Man and She Ra and track how they change through the decades, from 1982 to today. Go behind the scenes to discover what it took to create a franchise with phenomenal worldwide impact. Theres also a sneak peak at the reboots, to find out how He Man, one of the biggest icons of the 80s, is being restored to his former glory.

Mattel. All rights reserved. The Masters of the Universe Book

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