The Masters Indwelling By Andrew Murray


This is an amazing book, written in such a way as to make you feel the urgency in the author's words. I am always deeply stirred in my spirit when I read Andrew Murray's books and this one certainly didn't let me down!

If you're looking for something out of the norm, in the way of Christian living, you'll definitely want to pick up anything by this author. Having been written so long ago, and out of circulation for so long, it feels amazingly fresh. It actually has the feel of one long devotion. The Masters Indwelling It's Andrew Murray, so it goes without saying... this book was beautiful. A joy to read, but a theologically robust joy that comes with surgical blades to refashion your longing heart more into His likeness.

Especially Andy's early chapters - addressing the carnal life and the need for its uprooting - were of impact for me.

Very good. Much recommendation. The Masters Indwelling This book contains SO many truths, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a clear and concise outline and overview of what followers of Christ strive for and seek to incorporate into their daily lives. The Masters Indwelling This is an extremely well done book concerning pitfalls that most Christians encounter. There are a couple of theological points that he doesn't get quite right, but those should not detract from the extremely pithy observations that the author makes. The Masters Indwelling This is a wonderful book blessed by the Lord. Please read more of Andrew Murray, and AW Tozer

This book blesses your soul. Helps you understand how to be in Gods presence all day. Teaches importance of being humble, and less prideful. I recommend to anyone wanting to truly be closer to the Lord. The Masters Indwelling

Andrew Murray tackles some of the toughest issues of the Christian life, including how you can truly know God and how you may obtain His rest. This book will show you how to overcome all obstacles and enter into a life of abundance and joy, a life filled with the lushness of Canaan. The Masters Indwelling


This is the kind of book which can be really encouraging when I can read it slowly and meditatively, and allow what he says to affect my spirit, when I read it almost prayerfully, but when I rush through it to grasp the content quickly, much of it seems relatively straightforward. Murray is so steeped in scripture that much of his writing comes straight from it, so though I won't get many new insights from it, it is an encouragement.

Here is an example: 'Dearly beloved Christians, say in your heart, I never, by any effort, can take hold of God, or seize this for myself; it is God who must give it. Cherish this blessed impotence.' Sure, I know this from 2 Corinthians, but it is encouraging for me to hear it from him, it is almost like having a spiritual conversation with a friend. The Masters Indwelling A wonderful book somewhat spoiled by a small amount of racial comments that I am sure were common in South Africa at the time. I have always wondered at Murray’s involvement in what would later become apartheid. Here he uses a story about a “dark savage” with an “ugly exterior” to illustrate a point. It’s a jarring moment in an otherwise beautiful and balanced book on spiritual life. The Masters Indwelling Just like with Tozer's The Pursuit of God, I want to recommend this to every Christian reader following me. Each of these essays is deceptively easy to follow for containing such rich teaching and meditations on a single verse or short passage. So much food for thought and growth here regarding what it really means to be surrendered to Christ and have Him dwell in us. The Masters Indwelling This one of best devotional reads I've come across. I highly recommend. The Masters Indwelling You can feel the urgency of the author whilst reading the book. His books are uplifting and provoking. This was no exception. All Glory belongs to God. The Masters Indwelling