: The Managers Dilemma : How to Empower Your Teams Problem-Solving (Performance Development Series) eBook : OFarrell, Irial : Kindle Store By Irial O'Farrell

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This is an excellent book on leading teams and problem solving. The problem solving framework introduced in the book is very effective and can apply to various scenarios. I found the case studies to be valuable. Overall, this book provided great strategies on how to empower Kindle, Paperback Here’s the manager’s dilemma approached in this book: “will the skill of empowering my team’s problem solving be as valued and rewarding as the proven rewards associated with my ability to solve problems?” As a coach, I meet managers especially at low and middle levels Kindle, Paperback The author has a training and management background which provides a great foundation for her book. By using the same team of people all the way through, she helps with what drives promotions vs getting things done after that manager promotion. This will help every new Kindle, Paperback As an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant I see a lot of my clients struggle with the challenges presented in The Manager's Dilemma. Which is why I loved this book and I am going to recommend it to all my coaching clients. It addressed challenges of team leadership Kindle, Paperback This book is a must have for any leader or team member! The author brings clarity into why so many managers are overwhelmed with things to do, and offers helpful and actionable frameworks to coach your team in problem solving. The author's expertise shines Kindle, Paperback

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Using a story telling approach, the author provides practical examples and solutions for how a manager can lead a team through effective problem solving. Rather than trying to re invent techniques, like SMART objective setting, she applies those proven techniques in a Kindle, Paperback If you need a book on leading teams and problem solving, then The Manager's Dilemma is the book you MUST read NOW. Packed with valuable case studies and loads of experience to back it up, Irial teaches us how and when to escalate a case to the manager and the best approach Kindle, Paperback The author identifies a common issue with new managers the need to intentionally shift from player to coach and provides structure that is actionable and practical in the arena of problem solving. The case study thread through the chapters assist the reader in Kindle, Paperback