The Mammoth Book of Chess By Graham Burgess


♔♕♖♗♘♙One of the very few books regarding How to play the Game of Chess, and goodness gracious, it is indeed a very dense book with 570 pages, filled with a ton of good and applicable iformation and knowledge about Chess.So I would suggest to take your time to read and digest this one Mammoth of a Book of Chess.This book is both for beginners and intermediate players. With ratings from around (400 1200).Within the book we get to learn :• a complete guide to all the main opening gambits.• 100s of test positions for players of all standards.• courses in tacticts and attacking strategy.• an analysis of some of the greatest games ever played.• information and advice on club, national and international tournaments.• glossary of terminology.• practical advice and information for further study.• new and expanded sections on online chess and openings.• And in the Appendix section at the end of the book, it teaches us how to play the game of chess (each pieces like how the King, Queen, Rook, Knight, Bishop and Pawns moves around the board) , then chess notations and some basic mates.•what i found really good and useful about this book is that it also has Glossary of Terminology (like an inbuild dictionary for chess)All in all:Book condition/ quality ★★★★★Delivery time ★★★★★Delivery partner (very well mannered and polite) ★★★★★Worthy of spending our money ★★★★★ ♚♛♜♝♞♟ The Mammoth Book of Chess N/A The Mammoth Book of Chess This is an interesing and special chess book. It is both instructive for beginners and thoughtful for advanced player players. This is a book for everyone!It covers all aspects of chess, within the chess board and out of the chess board.The exercise problems are deep and full of thoughts. It is worthy to spend time on every problem. The Mammoth Book of Chess I got this as it looks to be a newer type of review on Chess which includes recent/modern moves and games, which is nice to have since strategies and Tactics have changed a bit in the past few decades. Yes, Chess is chess, but it is an evolving game, and staying in touch with newer options played by the masters is a good way to enhance ones games.I just started working through this, but it is nice and thick (~2 thick in paperback) and has lots of game reviews, exercises, and discussions on how Chess has evolved. High recommended for the intermediate level amateur looking to enhance their game, or maybe reviewing after a hiatus.Excellent value for the money too! Thanks! The Mammoth Book of Chess A treasure trove of precious chess information.Lots of theory, lots of games but lots of other useful information.Improve your game and start winning. The Mammoth Book of Chess

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