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I was very disappointed in this book. The formatting was atrocious. Extra letters, partial sentences, missing words and sentences. Left me with no context to follow. The book was recommended by an author I follow. It was a big disappointment. I won't be purchasing a expensive edition to rectify the problem. I'll absorb the loss and read reviews before the next purchase. THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE Why isn't this fixed? I realize now that others have had the same problem the words are all messed up and you can't even follow the story. What a shame. I don't understand why it hasn't been properly digitized so that it's readable. THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE I've given up on reading this because the editing is so horrible on this Kindle edition. Just on the first few pages, I found words were missing and there were sentences that made no sense. very disappointed. THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE Every page has quality issues. Pages are missing, sentences just end mid way, words end mid way. It’s unreadable. This is the last time I assume any quality standards from Kindle. They should not be selling this. THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE The formatting issues in this Kindle version make the book completely unreadable. :( I've reported it as having serious errors. THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE

The second book in the magical Faraway Tree series by one of the worlds most popular childrens authors, Enid Blyton.

Joe, Beth and Frannies cousin Dick comes to stay, reluctant at first to share in their adventures at the top of the Faraway Tree. Join them and their friends Moonface, Saucepan Man and Silky the fairy as they discover which new land is at the top of the Faraway Tree. Will it be the Land of Spells, the Land of Treats, or the Land of Do As You Please? Come on an amazing adventure!

First published in 1943, this edition contains the original text. Inside illustrations are by Jan McCafferty, and the cover by Mark Beech (2014). THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE


I knew this was not what I had bought on the first page 'Rick' was coming to stay. It was DICK not Rick, that Enid Blyton wrote in 1940s England not 21st Century USA. Chose not to be disappointed by the usual PC rubbish which requires us to change the past to fit in with modern day thinking. Wiped it from my Kindle. Just a financial loss that way. THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE I'm sure the artist and the book are lovely. My complaint is with Kindle. I realize that this was free, but there is no excuse for the shoddy quality of the ebook. Words are missing from multiple lines on each page. When I realized it was like this throughout, I stopped reading the book. Kindle should have better standards. THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE Introduced my daughter to my favourite author growing up! She is 6 and enjoys reading this, and being read to. Very imaginative with good lessons about getting along with others, doing chores, and being adventurous. THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE I have been reading the faraway free stories to my son, as I used to have them read to me at bedtime when I was younger. I actually have the original at home, but forgot to bring it on holiday so bought the digital version so that we could continue whilst away.

Now don’t get me wrong, like most I used to have a good old chuckle about the character names dick and fanny. I’m not immune to immature humour. But did they really need to change these? They even changed Bessie, which just got me massively confused.

In a story about a magic tree with fairies and a guy with a moon for a head, why do we need to change the names to make it relevant to modern life? It’s not meant to be relevant.

Now because we were half way through the actual book, we took up half way through the digital version but perhaps I need to go back and read the beginning to see if they have completely changed the storyline to make this modern, because those kids were not living modern day lives.

I don’t know why the name change has irritated me so much, I’m all for change but this is a classic and it doesn’t update the story in any way. THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE I carefully read all the customers remarks. Some said bigger but thinner. Some said they loved the colorful illustrations. Mine came think and small. All the illustrations are in black and white so I was disappointed. THE MAGIC FARAWAY TREE