The Lochlann Treaty: Complete Series By Robin D. Mahle

Over 225k+ words of enemies-to-lovers tension, alternate-fantasy adventure, and bold action. This box set contains all 4 books in the Lochlann Treaty series, and *never before seen* exclusive bonus content.


Princess Charlotte’s entire life had been planned.

Right up until the moment her fiancé is kidnapped on her wedding day, sending the entire kingdom hurtling toward disaster.

Charlie has never left the protective grounds of the castle, but to save her intended, she’ll trade her crown for a sword and forge into dangerous rebel lands alongside her fiancé’s arrogant older brother, Logan.

Logan thinks she’s a spoiled princess. She’s about to prove him wrong.

But each step deeper into the enemy’s world confirms nothing is what it seems. Not the love that was supposed to be easy. Not the allies she’s supposed to trust. Not even the outlaws she’s been raised to fear.

Faced with brutal truths and the looming threat of war, Charlie must find her inner strength to not only fight back, but to trust her heart—no matter where it leads.

From naive princess to Warrior Queen, The Lochlann Treaty will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. A sweeping fantasy for fans of Red Queen, Outlander, and Throne of Glass.

★★★★★ The Lochlann Treaty series. One of my favorite fantasies of the year. Mahle and Madison are an ace duo who created a world that I didn’t want to come back from. The only problem with this book is that it had to end. - USA Today Bestselling author M. Lynn
The Lochlann Treaty: Complete Series


Robin D. Mahle ¶ 9 review

I adore this entire series. The Lochlann Treaty: Complete Series I got an ARC in exchange of an honest review.

This series is amazing. The plot, politics, twists and especially the characters were really great.

We start with the first book, Winter's Captive that shows Princess Charlotte or Charlie, being a sheltered princess without any firsthand experience with the struggles of her kingdom over the impending war and rebels doing an impulsive choice of chasing after the rebels in hopes to find her missing/kidnapped betrothed, Prince Oliver. She needs to work with Captain Logan, whom she claims to hate her and the feeling is mutual. In this book, Charlie gets to see firsthand the status of her people, their common struggles, and the ruthlessness of the rebels, Aramach.

It was a wonderful start. It gave us with characters who have grown so much in a good way, that is believable.

Spring's Rising, the second book, unlike the first book that felt more adventure, delved into the politics side of the series. Most of the setting is inside the Castle Cridhe. But I think it surpassed the first book, definitely. Here, you'll see Charlie's jumbled emotions as she tries to make sense of her life, relationships, and the reality of the measures she needs to do because of her crown and responsibility to the people of her kingdom. I won't spoil about the couple, but I really really love the confrontation scene under the willow tree. It made me teary-eyed. This book also had the first of the many twists/events that I didn't really see coming.

Summer's Rebellion had many emotional monologues/dialogues that hit me really close. The drama, politics, and tension were so stressful. I can feel the characters' sadness and longings. I can almost relate to Charlie's dilemma about her heart, the crown and her people. It was breaking. But this also had the main couple's wedding which is also swoon-worthy and I felt really happy about. This third book is an excellent set-up to the finale book.

Autumn's Reign, the finale, is hands down the most action-packed book in the series. It was the start of war, and the stakes are at their highest. Sacrifices and deaths were needed in order to win. This is also the book where we get to see the results of the character development going on since the start of the series. We get to finally see Charlie making her stand as the warrior queen, bravely fighting off rebels even with the odds. I was so anxious of the events for the other characters since I have really grown to love Logan, Finn, Isla, Oliver and almost every single one of Charlie's allies. The loose ends were tied up, and though I have questions at times, this still made for a satisfying ending to this amazing series. The Lochlann Treaty: Complete Series I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

To start, I just have to say that I truly loved this series! I was so excited to get the opportunity to read these books and they did not at all disappoint. I was so glad to have the full boxset on my hands when I did start reading them because the cliffhangers at the end of each book would have been so hard to deal with if I hadn't been able to start the next book immediately. It's definitely worth getting the entire collection to have it on hand.

The first book starts off with Charlie, a princess who hasn't seen or experienced much of the world. She sets out on an adventure to rescue her missing fiance, Prince Oliver, and grows so much through the things she experiences. I loved how much her character developed from a sheltered Princess to someone who can actually take care of herself through her experiences. She teams up with her friends, first Isla, and later Logan, Oliver's brother, and the interactions between all of these characters was definitely a major highlight of this, and all the other books.

The second book takes place mostly within the walls of a castle, but is no less interesting for all that she is no longer off adventuring. Politics come into play much more in this book and Charlie continues to grow, becoming the future Queen she is meant to be, one who cares about her people and their circumstances. Her world is turned upside down as she is forced to question what she thought she always wanted, and what she always believed of certain people which forces her to make some difficult decisions.

The third book had one of the best moments of the series with the wedding of the main couple, and I was so happy when it finally happened and how beautiful the whole thing was. So much happens in this book. Charlie is forced to deal with a lot of very difficult events, and there is so much drama that keeps the story engaging and hard to put down. I loved the fact that this book made my feelings for characters that previously came off as unlikable actually do an about face as suddenly they became empathetic and so much more forgivable. Charlie was able to mend her relationship with a certain character and it actually turned into a very sweet bond between them which I loved.

Finally, the last book. I have to say I'm so sad to see the end of this series as I enjoyed it so much. It was bittersweet to finally see how things turned out at the cost of having no more books to read in this series. Charlie finally achieved the mantle of Warrior Queen and it was so satisfying to see how far she came as a character. I am so happy with this book, and all together this series and highly recommend reading it. The Lochlann Treaty: Complete Series Lochnn Treaty
****some minor spoilers****

I received this box set as an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Now that that is out of the way, I want to talk about how much I LOVED this book series. I have never seen such a growth in a character as I did in Charlie aka Princess Charlotte. The book starts with her wedding, this had been arranged since before they were born in order to bring together the two countries on Luan and H’Ria who had been at war for years. It just so happens that she is marrying her best friend Oliver. The parents kept all of them together in order to make the transition as easy as possible and they wanted the two of them to know the one they would be marrying before that day came.

Before the wedding can begin however, Oliver disappears, his room ransacked and the flag of the rebellion army the Aramach on display for all to see. This causes Charlie to break, he was her best friend and the fact that her soon to be husband is in the arms of this deadly group causes panic to ensue. While her brother Finn and Oliver’s brother and Luan’s captain of the guard Logan head out to find him the girls, Isla and Charlie concoct their own plan. They follow the regiment sent to find Oliver disguising themselves as guards and is found by Charlie’s brother Finn, essentially ruining their plan to “blend in” rather badly might I add. The image the authors provided for how the girls looks in this ill-fitting armor was pretty darn funny and I kind of wish I could have seen it playing out before me.

When the boys are ready to leave the girls at an estate, after Finn is injured in an attack Logan heads off on his own saying he’d be better off by himself than travelling with a larger group that is sure to attract more attention. Charlie, however, decides to once again take matters into her own hands and follows Logan determined to be of some sort of help to find her betrothed instead of just sitting around and waiting. Instead of arguing with her, knowing how stubborn headed she can be, Logan relents and lets her tag along. Along the way they meet a ragtag group forest thieves with an enigmatic and fiery white haired woman, a loving couple who take them and teaches Charlie how to be her own self without counting on anyone else, and finally the leaders of the Aramach. One who burns with a darkness that isn’t safe and another that she just can’t quite get a grip on why he with the other.

I won’t spoil anymore but there’s an outcome that some of you may see coming but at the same time love it all the same. I got these books at the end of February and managed to finish all four of them by March 2 without a break. I couldn’t put them down and I loved watching Charlie grow from a little helpless princess to a warrior queen. I found myself urging her on every time something happened and the ending made my heart burst with joy. The only thing that I would really knock is the fact that there was a pretty significant secret that came out in the last book that I would have loved to learn more about instead of just the little bit that we got. Other than that though I highly recommend this series these authors know how to make you love in the most minor of characters. I’ve never had that happen before where they would write in these minor characters and you love them even more than the main ones. They broke my heart more than once with the loss of certain people and that’s how you can tell that these authors were passionate about this series it didn’t matter who they were they put all kinds of love into every part of a character so that you would love them almost as much as they did. The Lochlann Treaty: Complete Series If you are looking to start reading this series, I'd really recommend reading the omnibus instead of the individual books. Why? Because once you have this one, you can just keep on reading book after book, minimising the impact of the cliffhangers at the end of each book (plus getting to read a quick and funny note by the authors at the end of each book). Other advantages: Logan's bonus chapters. I always like these kind of chapters, getting to know what's going on in the head of one of the other main characters, and these were no exception. Now on to the individual reviews:

Winter's Captive: ⭐⭐⭐
After hearing so much good about this series (and Lochlann Feuds) I was really excited to start reading Winter's Captive. Overall the story was fine (the writing style was a bit different in comparison to their other books, but maybe it's because this was one of their first?), but I didn't really like Charlie... I can handle a broken heroine you need to put back together piece by piece, I can handle a fierce and bad ass one. But Charlie... she seems really complacent at the moment, and yes a bit stubborn too but mostly sad and full of guilt (not in a broken kind of way). But who knows what the next books will bring. Knowing a lot of Robin and Elle's other characters, I'll probably end up liking her as well 😉
As a non native English speaker, I had some trouble understand Logan and some of the locals. Nevertheless I get it why they speak that way, I absolutely love that accent on tv, just had to adjust myself a bit for reading and understanding it.
The storyline builds up nicely, you can definitely feel there is a lot more yet to come.
So although I didn't like Winter's Captive as much as some other books written by this amazing duo (like of Glass and Ashes, which I absolutely loved), I'm still curious about the other Lochlann Treaty books.

Spring's Rising: ⭐⭐⭐
Book 2 in the series, and just as I predicted, I started to like Charlie a lot more in this one than in the first one. There is a lot more character development going in here, although less is happening in the storyline itself in comparison to book one (hence the ⭐⭐⭐, would have been ⭐⭐⭐⭐ if the storyline itself developed at the same pace as in the first book too). Logan’s language use during Spring’s Rising turned a bit more “normal”, which made it easier to read on the one hand but on the other hand made it lose some of its charm as well. Because I have the complete series combined in one physical copy, I went back and forth between the main story and the chapters from Logan’s POV while reading. You could say this caused for a spoiler, but not one I didn’t see coming 😉 It was really nice to be able to get a look from his perspective too (he’s one of my favourite characters of this series). I still enjoyed the read, curious about the next one and how everything will turn out.

Summer's Rebellion: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Okay by now I'm really attached to the main characters 🤩 especially Charlie and Logan have won me over completely (even though I didn't like her in Winter's Captive). The intrigues are increasing, you just feel a lot is about to happen at any time now... And then... Cliffhanger, just like you've come to expect from these two authors 😁 So glad I could start Autnum's Reign immediately.

Autnum's Reign: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
What a rollercoaster! I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time, hoping for everything to go well... Some things did, some didn't (concerning one character in specific, I was glad to discover te apology by the authors at the end of the book 😉). I'm really glad I got to know the wonderful characters featured in this entire series and am proud of who they have become. Autnum's Reign really is a worthy final installment in the Lochlann Treaty series. Also, I've been excited to proceed to the Lochlann Feuds series for some time now, but now I really feel ready to do so, to discover what will happen next.

The Bastard King: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Lochlann Treaty: Complete Series

A rollercoaster of emotions!

I thought I was going to hate Charlie because of the way she acted so spoiled and self-centered at the beginning but fell in love with her shortly afterwards with her and Isla's antics.

I instantly liked Logan though. He just did not take any of Charlie's shizm. He just took charge but you could tell he loved her.

The humor had me rolling at times. I love when authors can make us laugh even during dark times. My favorite was the booby dagger.

I also fell in love and hate with the other characters in this story. I find myself wishing for a spinoff.

I highly recommend this series .

The Lochlann Treaty: Complete Series I truly don't know how I didn't have a review for this saved! Such a good series!

Without spoilers, the omnibus has bonus chapters that I adored!! And Charlie's story is incredible. She pushes herself physically, mentally, and emotionally while trying to do what's best for her kingdom, while following her heart.

You get all the feels. All of them! You get such memorable characters (Fia!!), and you get so much adventure along the way.

Highly recommended.

I received a review copy of this in exchange for an honest review. The Lochlann Treaty: Complete Series Disclaimer
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This review is pretty much SPOILER-FREE! (Minor Spoilers only).

What is it?
Who is it about?
What's happening?
So, what happens?
Winter's Captive
Spring's Rising
Summer's Rebellion
Autumn's Reign
The Bastard King (Bonus Chapters)
What I liked?
What I didn't like?

I started reading The Lochlann Treaty: Complete Series last week of October of the year. Having read Scarlet Princess and Tarnished Crown by Robin D. Mahle and Elle Madison, I did have quite high expectations, (as always), and I wasn't disappointed.

What is it?
The Lochlann Treaty is a series of 4 books:
Winter's Captive
Spring's Rising
Summer's Rebellion
Autumn's Reign
Plus some bonus chapters from Logan's POV in omnibus edition!!!

Who is it About?
The story revolves around three main characters:
Charlie, Princess Charlotte of H'ria
Oli, Prince Oliver of Luan
Logan, Bastard Prince of Luan

What's happening?

Charlie and Oliver have been in love since childhood and are now getting married. However, on the wedding day, Oliver disappears. Maybe he is kidnapped. By who? Probably the rebels. What is at stake? The peace of both H'ria and Luan, and thence entirety of Lochlann. Why? Because there have been feuds between the two and among everyone in Lochlann. To resolve it, they created a treaty which says, that there'll be peace as long as there's a marriage alliance between H'rian Princess and Luanian Prince. Hence, The Lochlann Treaty.

“You should never be ashamed of your scars. That’s the proof you have of surviving the monsters who thought they were stronger than you.”

Logan, Winter's Captive

So, what happens?

Well, read the book and find out!!
Just kidding, I'll tell some.

The Lochlann Treaty is about how Princess Charlotte, aka, Charlie finds out about the reason behind the disappearance of her fiancé and husband-to-be, Prince Oliver aka Oli, with the help of Logan, Captain of the Guard of Luan, older brother of Oliver and former Best Friend of Charlie.

He may have imparted to us the importance of keeping our identities hidden, but now, the open adoration in his eyes was bound to raise eyebrows. I cleared my throat until he noticed and quickly looked away from her, suddenly very occupied with his reins. My smile faded. Have I lost the only person who will ever look at me that way?

Charlie, Winter's Captive

Winter's Captive

With the help of Logan, her brother - Finn, her best friend - Isla, who is Logan and Oliver's cousin, and her handmaiden - Clara, Charlie goes on a journey to find out what happened to Oliver. Now this journey is what the first book, Winter's Captive covers. It has a huge cliffhanger at the end, except the authors have been kind enough to wrap all four books in this one! I've no opinion for either Logan or Oliver just yet. Oliver is sweet but then did he really help her grow as a person or is it just hearts and flowers for them? Logan is not helping her out willingly at least and we don't know about relevant childhood memories just yet to see if he's actually goodie or not. On to the next book!

‘Son, there will always be horrors in this world. Ye aren’t doing those who have died any favours by refusing to live.’

Earc, Winter's Captive

Spring's Rising

Spring's Rising has the biggest cliffhanger of the series! I was literally screaming, (internally 'cause it was past midnight). I want to scream spoilers but Oh, My Goodness! The cliffhanger here would have killed me more if it weren't for the next chapter right on the next page!! Stillllll… This is so excellently written, authors, hands down, I couldn't predict a single thing about what happens next. Two more books to go and I hoped that answers every single question I have had that time! And Oh it certainly did!

“It’s a battle scar, woman.” His breath was warm against my ear, his voice low. “And you survived it. Be proud of that. Open yer eyes.”

Logan, Spring's Rising

Summer's Rebellion

Summer's Rebellion is a whole damned blast. Like the freaking cliffhanger here is THE MOST DISTURBING. I mean sure, I know, know how this kinda things progress in books, but oh, oh, I still was biting my nails offffffff! I FRIGGING COULDN'T WAIT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO OLIVER!!! I like him even though second to Logan. (Opinion subjected to change at the end of the series). I was so scared, My poor boy shouldn't go bad. And I wanted to dive into the next book right in but... Last book, last ride… Ah, goodbye is near and I was so damn hesitating to even start. I was legit feeling like I was going in for the final battle. And so I did.

“I’m glad to see we’re all wearing our mature pants today.”

Charlie, Summer's Rebellion

Autumn's Reign

Autumn's reign was so heartbreaking. Like I'm not even gonna tell you if it has a happy ending or not, because I certainly was in tears throughout the book, and that is saying a lot because I don't cry easily over books. Everything is at stake here. Everything we've been through so far, all comes to an end, but to what end? All of it, it could have been drastic but Robin D. Mahle and Elle Madison are marvellous writers and they penned down every single thing with so much care and attention. They have done a great job, applaud!

“Aye. Ye are. Family isn’t about the blood we share, or the name that’s been passed down to us. It’s about bein’ there fer another bastard when the world turned its back on him. It’s about loyalty, trust, and honor. It's about bein’ a friend when no one else will be.”

LOgan, Autumn's Reign

The Bastard King (Bonus Chapters)

There wasn't a lot bonusy about the bonus chapters, mostly because I could basically predict how Logan was feeling and what he was thinking at every instance of the story. That's a very good thing according to me as that says a lot about authors' writing skills because I just like to know all characters even without Multi-POVs. I don't think there was really a need for the Bonus chapters, but I certainly did enjoy them nevertheless.

Regardless of that, I'd strongly suggest you get the omnibus edition with all four books in it, it's so damn worth it, plus I happen to like the cover of this edition more than the individual covers. Plus well, the bonus is still a bonus, hehe.

What I liked?

The first thing I liked about The Lochlann Treaty was that it was not all romance. The politics and adventure in this were strong. It was gripping and I thoroughly gripped it throughout! There were many beautiful elements in the book, sub-storylines, which could potentially become great spin-offs. Primarily, I'd love to know the story of Fia and the Fae. The authors did mention a story about her, but it has yet to come.

My mother used to say, 'Tomorrow’s problems won’t run away in the night.’ Let's get some rest.

Logan, Summer's Rebellion

Another thing that I loved is that it doesn't have a love triangle. I mean, yeah, there's Oliver and then there's Logan, but it's not a kill one, choose one kinda triangle here and that's refreshing. There are enough heartbreaking elements in the story to add this clichéd one as well. So kudos, authors and readers!!

“Tomorrow can be for politics and scheming. Today is for love.”

Charlie, Spring's Rising

The best part of the series is that no matter how long, nothing feels repetitive and boring. There's always something new happening, and it's all flowing. It feels organized, yet not too predictive. The design and planning here are top-notch.

What I didn't like?

The first thing I didn't really like was the Fae element of the story. It seemed pretty unnecessary here. It wouldn't change a thing if they get rid of it really. Maybe they're gonna build upon it in future. Hope they do.

The second thing which I didn't really enjoy was the fact that there was nothing warrior queeny about Charlie (except maybe in end). She was a bit too reckless for it sometimes. Like in real life, some things have definitely ended worse if she had behaved like the pampered princess she is. Fia was so much more badass than Charlie. So yeah, despite the story as a whole being good, I didn't exactly vibe with the heroine.


The Lochlann Treaty was a good book and a great experience. I'd like to say one thing about any book in general and not just this specific and that is that when you sit to read a book, don't start and end by comparing it with other books. Drop the competitive feeling, for books as with your life. As like every human being, every book is different and hence treat it so. Enjoy it for what it is. And criticize it for what it is, not what it is not. This way, you'll be actually fulfilling the purpose books are made for and that's primarily, entertainment.

She met my eyes, the truth of my statement shining through hers, and I reflected for a moment on the nature of friendship.

Sometimes it’s in secrets whispered in the dark, the things you can say to one another that you’d never tell another soul.

And sometimes, it’s in the things you don’t say while you take comfort in each other’s presence.

Charlie, Spring's Rising

The last time I had this kind of feeling about a series was when I read The Infernal Devices. Now, of course, don't start comparing. These two are wholly different things, in different universes. But the feeling for me was similar. TID is still my favourite, the reason I mentioned it in my review of it here. But The Lochlann Treaty and its universe henceforth will also hold a special place in my heart.

Robin D. Mahle and Elle Madison have already written spin-off series called The Lochlann Feuds, consisting, yet again, 4 books:

Scarlet Princess - August 27th 2021
Tarnished Crown - October 22nd 2021
Crimson Kingdom - December 17th 2021
Obsidian Throne - December 26th 2021

I read the first two books already and I loved them as much as I loved The Lochlann Treaty. *Mini Spoiler* () Reading the next two now after The Lochlann treaty will hit completely different. I'd strongly suggest you start with The Lochlann Treaty but you can always start with The Lochlann Feuds, too.

I'm currently reading the Crimson Kingdom and will put out its review ASAP.

Once again, I want to apologize for having disappeared for so long. It's exam time in college and I also lost my job, so things have been difficult. I'll try to be consistent but things are unpredictable at the moment so no promises. But I'll try, that's a promise.

That was about it. Thank you for reading, have a good day and do share your thoughts and experiences!

If you like what I write, get the book for free for Kindle from the link here: The Lochlann Treaty: Complete Series WOW! This series is quite the adventure!

I really came to admire and respect our lead heroine, our Warrior Queen because she grew SO much in this series. The authors have immensely impressed and blown me away with the excellent writing and growth of these characters. Like I was HOOKED when reading!

As the series progressed, it increasingly became more in depth, pull-at-your-heartstrings kind of story. Autumn's Reign is like the peak of Charlie's overall journey.

It was stunning.
It was amazing.
It was everything I had hoped for.

Truly, I am blown away by the powerful ending of this series. It was everything I had wanted and needed.

I EAGERLY anticipate what these authors will share with us readers next. This story shows they are incredible storytellers who can transform characters into ones we won't forget, who have you cheering, and smiling with tears.

Highly recommend! The Lochlann Treaty: Complete Series **Review originally from Winter's Captive the first in the series, I won't comment on the bonus contents of the boxset much, but to say it's a must have for fans of this series!!**
How have I not picked this up sooner?! I've had it on my Kindle for a while, and wanted to read it for longer, but somehow it never happened. I recently got the change to read 1-3 of this series, and I flew through this one, and can't wait to read more!

There is so much to say about this series, but then again, I loved all the twists and surprises, and don't want to give any away. I'll just say that if it sounds like your kind of story, do yourself a favor and pick it up today!

I will add one thing...well maybe more than on. One, Logan is one of those characters I know I'm going to like from the start! This doesn't always happen, but always does in my favorite books, some examples of characters I 'imprinted' on at first sight/line: Rhysand from ACOTAR, Murtagh from Eragon, Ryker from The Elite Trials, among others...

So I knew I was in for a treat...I just had to look past Charlie's naive personality at first, but even she grew on me once she left her 'pampered' life, which often seems to be the point then I start to enjoy the FMC's personality as well.

Second...oops, anyway, I found many of the 'twists' in this one to be predictable, yet that has seemed to happen a lot lately, and since they were always things that I was asking myself about, or expected when a character mentioned something anyway, or more often 'dismisses' something, it didn't not take away from the experience at all, and actually added to my enjoyment as I felt I was able to better predict and understand the characters, as if I had grown up along them.

Overall, I loved reading this, and highly recommend it! Also, as mentioned I found this books similar to another favorite I read this year, The Elite Trials by Becky Moynihan! Especially the second book, but as it's a series (and you're gonna want to get ALL the feels, start with Reactive, it's a quick read, and totally worth it, Adaptive just gets better (think ACOTAR is required to enjoy ACOMAF fully, same type of things! Trust me!) The Lochlann Treaty: Complete Series