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I love it
And i love God so much
When I read it for me and for kids in my way I added each one of us came to this earth with gift to share
And the little kids start asking me all at once
What’s my gift SHAIMAA??!
Oh that experience so touching and influenced me so much 32 pages Like many little kids, my two children, 3 and 5, started asking about God, where they came from, where were they before Mommy and Daddy met etc.. and as a parent I sometimes struggled with ways to explain to them about things such as God, Heaven, creation etc..
Because we believe in God and are raising our children as Christians, I was really happy to find this book because I thought it dealt beautifully with some of the questions my kids had about heaven, God and Where we come from. A lovely way to make children feel loved from the moment before they were born, I thought this book very useful, beautifully illustrated, and a great introduction to God's love and human life.I would recommend this for parents who want to introduce this particular perspective to children. 32 pages My 6 year old LOVES Neal Donald Walsh stories! We first bought The Little Soul and the Sun and he was keep re reading it over and over. Now this book is another hit! I wish this story would be elaborated, it end somewhat too quickly.. Yet still, there is plenty food for thought and discussion after. 32 pages I love this book. It should be read to all children so they can understand who and what they truly are and how bright, brilliant and beautiful they are. 32 pages I bought this to read to my nieces while I looked after them for a week. It is longer than a quick bedtime story so be prepared but it is a beautiful story that can open up potential conversations about forgiveness.
They loved it and wanted to read it every night for the week, then again the next time I looked after them. Highly recommend! 32 pages


I bought the little soul and the sun for my son and read it to him years ago when he was around 4 6 years old. I just recently bought him the little soul and the earth and he read it on his own as he is now eight. He remembers the previous book once he's read this one and really enjoyed it, especially the illustrations. The story seems to make perfect sense to him. My relief and joy is in knowing that my son can continue to grow and live his life not having to worry or fear death. I highly recommend these book to all children in introducing the concept of life/death/reincarnation/spirituality to them. For me as a mother, I am relieved to know that my son understands that death is not the end. 32 pages I purchased this book because the first one was pretty good imo. This book is a smooth read I enjoy reading it to my girls before they sleep. My only issue is the angels have individual names and the author was implying the child was talking to her invisible friend and that made it sort of creepy. But I'm a Parent so I think cautiously and senical but childrens innocence will just enjoy the read. Worth the buy, well I think. 32 pages Love this along with its other book the little soul and the sun 32 pages Neale Donald Walsch does the BEST job yet of reminding us of why we are here. i purchased this book for the umpteenth time to give as a baby shower gift to a couple I married. i want the young soul entering their lives to know from Day 1 Who they are and Whose they are as presented in The Little Soul and the Sun and with this book to understand Why they are here. Their purpose in Life. If of us understood that we are not just mere physical being but importantly spiritual beings, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that events such as the one in Charleston recently, the removing of the Confederate Flag, the dishonesty of our banking system, the numerous lost of lives in wars raging all over the globe, our misuse and neglect of Mother Earth and our environment, lets just say all abuse would not be. Please fellow human beings hear God's call on our lives through Walsch's gifted writings. 32 pages I love this story and its companion book, The Little Soul and the Sun. It really brings to life some of the Conversations With God principles in a beautifully told story. 32 pages

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