The Legions of Pestilence (Ring of Fire Press Book 4) By Virginia DeMarce

Rather long and complicated. As, I am sure life was in the 1630s. One could wonder if this were not intended as two separate books.
All along, there seems to be a lack of true plot. Still, I quite enjoyed it and read it through to the end, which seems to be a comment in and of itself. The Legions of Pestilence (Ring of Fire Press Book 4) As a Ring of Fire addict, this will keep me going for a few weeks. Well done with focus among the Germanies along the French frontier. The Legions of Pestilence (Ring of Fire Press Book 4) Good story;terrible editing

I have enjoyed her other books and stories, but this digital edition needed close editing by someone . It looks like no one checked automatic spelling andgrammar program for missed and incur rots errors like this. The Legions of Pestilence (Ring of Fire Press Book 4) Very dense with a large cast of characters. It made the narrative a touch difficult to follow especially with some time jumps. Overall, I did enjoy it. The Legions of Pestilence (Ring of Fire Press Book 4)


In the world the West Virginians of Grantville came from, the borderlands between France and Germany had been a source of turmoil for centuries. In the new universe created by the Ring of Fire, the situation isn’t any better. The chaotic condition of the German lands has been ended—for a time, at least. And the near-century long war between Spain and the Netherlands has finally been resolved.
But now France is unstable. The defeat of Richelieu’s forces in the Ostend War has weakened the Red Cardinal’s grip on political power and emboldened his enemies, Foremost among them is King Louis XIII’s ambitious younger brother, Monsieur Gaston. An inveterate schemer and would-be usurper, Gaston’s response to the new conditions in France is to launch a military adventure. He invades the Duchy of Lorraine.
Soon, others are drawn into the conflict. The Low Countries ruled by King Ferdinand and Duke Bernhard’s newly formed Burgundy, a kingdom-in-all-but-name, send their own troops into Lorraine. Chaos expands and spreads up and down the Rhine.
It isn’t long before the mightiest and most deadly army enters the fray—the legions of pestilence. Bubonic plague and typhus lead the way, but others soon follow: dysentery, deadly and disfiguring smallpox, along with new diseases introduced by the time-displaced town of Grantville.
The war is on. All the wars—and on all fronts. Can the medical knowledge of the up-time Americans be adapted and spread fast enough to forestall disaster? Or will their advanced military technology simply win one war in order to lose the other and much more terrible one?
The Legions of Pestilence (Ring of Fire Press Book 4)

Virginia DeMarce ¿ 9 read