The Legend of Mackinac Island By Kathy-jo Wargin

Kathy-jo Wargin Ò 5 Read & Download

A beautiful tale of the painted turtle Makinauk, his animal friends, and their discovery of new lands and long-lasting friendship. The Legend of Mackinac Island

This book was a very fun read! I would classify it under traditional literature as it is a retelling of a legend. One unique feature of this book is its illustrations, they are made to look like paintings on a canvas. You can see the brush strokes in the images, it is stunning. I feel that this book would be appropriate for grades 1-5. 1886947120 The illustrations are beautiful. However, the story has a slow pace. Animal lovers would like this though. 1886947120 a sweet story and beautiful illustrations 1886947120 Genre: Traditional Literature
Grade: 1st(read aloud)-12th
Unique Characteristic: I think every Michigander should read this book. Mackinac Island is such an amazing and unique part of Michigan that I think everyone should hear the legend of how it formed. I think young kids would really get into this and love how the animal turned into an island. This would be a great book to use for teaching legends and folktales to young students. 1886947120 A wonderful book with amazing pictures. 1886947120

It's okay. The drawing is excellent. Not one of my favorite stories of how the island is formed. Although the thought of providing for your loved ones is always appreciated. 1886947120 This is my favorite picture book I've had the pleasure of reading. I reread it every year before my annual trip to the Island. This will be a book that I will be sharing with my children. 1886947120 I enjoyed this legend of Mackinac Island. 1886947120 If I learned one thing in college, it was just how significant the turtle is to almost every culture on Earth. What’s fascinating is that despite their distant geographical location, countries in Asia, the North American Midwest, and South America, to name a few, all have some type of creation myth which involves an enormous turtle. The Legend of Mackinac Island is a beautifully illustrated retelling of such a tale.

Long ago, the animals lived happily together in an oceanic golden age. The animals had a great friend in the turtle, Makinauk, who would allow the animals to rest on her back when they grew tired. However, one day a great spirit told Makinauk that she should create a safe haven for the animals from a handful of earth which lay hidden deep in the cold murky waters below. The animals begin to volunteer to fetch the earth for Makinauk, and so the great creation legend begins.

I don’t want to spoil the entire story, but the book is not exceptionally well written anyway besides a few lines of thoughtful poetry; the real gem to be found here are the gorgeous paintings and the book’s beautiful binding. Creation legends are some of my favorite stories, my favorite being Ovid’s Metamorphoses. My greatest memories from camp growing up are telling such tales around the camp fire while beating the life from grapefruit-sized bloodsucking insects. 1886947120 My 5 year old liked this book more than I did. An interesting legend of how land came to be. The illustrations were fabulous - I loved all the vibrant, sunset colours. 1886947120