The Last Hacker By Mark Wahlbeck


I really loved the story and the characters. Struggled a bit at the beginning but as often the plot gets better the further you read. I hope the second one will be released soon! 444

Living in the Los Angeles wasteland can be tough – especially when you’re just some dude whose only real skill is computer hacking. So, Artie Gonzalez spends most of his days building drones, modifying his bi-polar robot girlfriend, and scavenging for his next pair of Chuck Taylors.

Artie watched the world end ten years ago. That was after the famous programmer Satoshi Nakamoto, released the world’s first sentient artificial intelligence. Now planet Earth is a dump and Artie has finally accepted that fact, doing what any other respectable tech-nerd might do in his situation – build a post-apocalyptic man-cave.

But the world is much different than he thinks. He’ll soon learn that thugs, raiders, and the occasional mutant are the least of his concerns. Something terrible is making its way from the east, kidnapping humans and rendering cities desolate – and Artie may be the only one with the skills to stop it.

With the help of some new friends, Artie is about to embark upon the quest of a lifetime – and maybe earn some Bitcoin along the way. The Last Hacker

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