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Get it as soon as Wednesday, Oct 13 The Kiteboarding Manual: The essential guide for beginners and improvers

Covers the bases. Highly recommended, especially for newcomers. English Overall an interesting and informative book, but not enough detail on selection or maintenance of equipment. Some maneuver's pictures/description would benefit from a corner inset showing movement of bar and other time position/altitude of kite, as it is not clear at times what is happening with the bar or kite.. English This book is worthless.

I bought it to be part of my process of learning to kiteboard. My expectation was that it would have lots of diagrams of equipment and definitions of terms. There is next to nothing of this sort. And this book specifically says it is for beginners.

If you don't already know the language of kiteboarding then this book is not for you, terms are used without defintion. Equipment terms are used without pictures or diagrams to show what is being referred to.

Please don't buy this book, let me be the very last person to lose money paying for this worthless compilation of nothingness. English Fantastic book with so much information. I bought a landboard and I cant wait to use what I'm learning in this book! English Great read, very interesting overall reference, nothing crazy in depth, but appreciate that it has sections on weather, tides, science of waves breaking, etc. If you are looking pure instruction, I suggest the Progression family of dvds. English

Great for never evers. Written in great detail. From the wind to science to physics to stoke to religion of kiteboarding. Good job. Thank you English This book was a good introduction to kiteboarding for a beginner like me.
It gives a good introduction to sea and marine culture (wind / tides / weather / etc..) and their relation/impact on this sport.
The sections related to the actual learning kitesurfing are OK, the pictures help a lot, but do not expect to become a professional kitesurfer just by reading the book! Practice is essential. English It came quickly before it’s estimated delivery date. Good beginner book easy to understand and put to practical use. Does not supplement taking a certified training course. Sand resistant but not a friend to sea water 🤷🏼‍♂️ English Book is a great buy. Arrived in perfect shape and early. Very happy with the book. English it could be because I'm a beginner but explanations are very superficial so zero use. also the photos don't really help to understand. all this for that price?? outrageous. English