The Iliad By By Homer

The Iliad has had a far reaching impact on Western literature and culture, inspiring writers, artists and classical composers across the ages.

Part of the Macmillan Collector’s Library; a series of stunning, clothbound, pocket sized classics with gold foiled edges and ribbon markers. These beautiful books make perfect gifts or a treat for any book lover. The edition is translated into prose by Andrew Lang, Walter Leaf and Ernest Myers, and features an introduction by author and classicist Natalie Haynes.

Paris, a Trojan prince, wins Helen as his prize for judging a beauty contest between three goddesses, and abducts her from her Greek husband Menelaos. The Greeks, enraged by his audacity, sail to Troy and begin a long siege of the city. The Iliad is set in the tenth year of the war. Achilles – the greatest Greek warrior – is angry with his commander, Agamemnon, for failing to show him respect. He refuses to fight any longer, which is catastrophic for the Greeks, and results in personal tragedy for Achilles, too. With themes of war, rage, grief and love, The Iliad remains powerful and enthralling than 2,700 years after it was composed. The Iliad

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A good translation. Appropriate for most readers. English Arrived quickly and is a beautiful book but the hard cover is very dirty which hadn't initially seen. Not good as gave as a gift. English This is a classic English I would not suggest for elementary or middle school readers. The font is very small. English Nay. Never a saying so true. Such a wonderful classic. English

A really nice first read of the Illiad. It's in prose at a good price. Would highly recommend for kids and grown ups who are not familiar with Homer. For a modern reader digestible than Fagel or some the other great poetic versions. I gave
my son a copy of this translation when he was about 10 I think and he became a life long fan of Homer. English Great translation and makes the epic readable! What a disappointment to discover the epic is just an early soap opera about self centered characters English Good book for studying!
gives an awesome view on the original idea.
I'm inly on book 2 but it has been a very informative book. Very well laid out.
Plenty of excerpts. English I hadn't read this in decades and decided to listen to it and purchasing this Kindle edition allowed my to purchase the Audible audio book edition for a very low price. The reader did a good job; though I wasn't greatly impressed with his characterizations. He used nearly the same voice for all of the characters. I find that I enjoy audio books when I can tell who the character is by the voice and can hear the emotions in the voice. For what I paid it was acceptable.

The is the translation by Butler, which is a very good prose translation that I found easy to understand and follow. The major complaint of this translation is that it uses the names of the Roman gods instead of the Greek gods as Homer originally wrote. If you can get past this issue, it is a great translation.

The story is a major classic and gives you a feel for how the ancients thought. It is very violent and is a world view that it foreign to most of us where women are treated like property, physical strength is highly valued, and superstition is very strong. This is well worth reading or listening to. English overall good purchase. Much smaller than I'm used to reading in the typeface was almost hard to read at times. Did not realize it was approximately 4 by 6 in. Otherwise it read just like any other book : ) English