The Hotwife Principle (Hotwife, Cuckold, Humiliation) By Camille White

What a beautiful short Hotwife story
James is explained as the perfect husband
His Hotwife develops beautiful under Camille's gorgeous prose
The Alpha is huge compared to the Beta hubby
A delicious introduction into the hotwife society based upon solid research and factual evidence which makes the story even better
Can't wait for the story to be resumed and completed Camille White

Jennifer has been married for 15 years and now she's wrestling with her husband’s recent confession that he’s been fantasising about her with other men. He says it’s called being a Hotwife...

What does she do? Does she dare even entertain his wild kink? What does it mean for their marriage? Could it ever really happen?

Under the spectre of an affair gone wrong, years earlier, Jennifer allows herself to consider the possibility that this highly-charged idea might be an opportunity for her to make up for lost chances. Does she now dare pursue a life of sexual adventure; a life that for her, has been nothing more than a forgotten dream.

An erotic tale about a loving but increasingly detached couple as they begin to walk a dangerous line between fantasy and reality. The Hotwife Principle (Hotwife, Cuckold, Humiliation)

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