The Highlanders Runaway Bride (A Highland Feuding #2) By Terri Brisbin

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A pact…a bride…a secret never to be told!

When Eva MacKay learns her father has bartered her off to a warrior from a neighboring clan, she has no choice but to run away, taking her dark secrets with her. Freedom is now within her grasp!

Dutiful highlander Rob Mackintosh tracks down his runaway bride, only to be stunned by the fireworks that erupt between them. For behind Eva's timid smile lies a headstrong beauty, and Rob knows, no matter what, this marriage is going to be full of surprises! The Highlanders Runaway Bride (A Highland Feuding #2)

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I’m picky about what Scottish-set historical books I read. I think that it’s a subgenre that relies more than most on clichés and stereotypes, so while I REALLY enjoy some, I REALLY don’t enjoy others (especially those that go crazy with the phonetically-written accents!).

I don’t know why I picked this one up exactly, but I’m so glad I did. I read it in one sitting, and enjoyed it more than I expected to.

Terri Brisbin is a marvellous writer, who seems to know how much stereotyping she can get away with at the same time as writing convincing characters. Her language works for me, and her storylines are larger than life at the same time as making sense to me.

In another author’s hands, this dramatic storyline and the massive secret between hero and heroine would have descended into melodrama. I could see my experience going either way with this one, and I’m so glad Brisbin is a good enough author to pull off high drama and high stakes without me finding it ridiculous.

Two things I wasn’t so sure about:

#1 We are not given a date for the story. Not even which century it is!

#2 We are not even told the heroine’s hair colour until 47% of the way in.

There’s a lot that can’t be said without ruining the story for others, but the fact I raced through this one so fast tells you – slightly odd cover aside – how much I liked it.

Now, off to read the first in the series.

Review copy provided by NetGalley. The Highlanders Runaway Bride (A Highland Feuding #2) Oh Terri Brisbin, you have the knack for making a cold and boring weekend an adventure! The Highlander's Runaway Bride is one great book!

Eva Mackay has been through imaginable pain and when she discovers that her father has given her in marriage to a Mackintosh clan warrior, she feels backed against a wall and decides to run for her life in search of the life she recently created.

When Eva's betrothed saves her from her from certain demise, Rob Mackintosh is confused with Eva's behavior and her secretive manner, but his honor has determined this marriage between the MacKay's daughter and himself. Mackintosh can't figure out what has Eva is knots, but he is determined to find out. What he does know, is that Eva is a force to be reckoned with.

For as much as Eva Mackay has been coerced into doing her father's bidding, she keeps her head high. Understanding that her new husband is nothing like her father and actually a most honorable and kind man, Eva does what she can to exist, all the while yearning for what was so horribly torn from her.

What will Rob do when he finally discovers his wife's awful secret? Read THE HIGHLANDER'S RUNAWAY BRIDE by Terri Brisbin to find out!

Great writing by the consummate Terri Brisbin. This writer knows how to grab attention and keep the reader in her grips until the end. Both Eva and Rob are strong and fascinating characters. Eva's tragic loss tugs at this reader's heartstrings and had me rooting for her and Rob the entire tale. A must read.. The Highlanders Runaway Bride (A Highland Feuding #2) 4 solid Highlander stars.

I really liked how well developed the relationship between Eva and Rob was and how the story built it up. Rob is painted as a protector, a compassionate and tender man. I really enjoyed that because he did what he thought was necessary to protect Eva and have you trust him. It was a different dynamic than is what usually seen in these types of books which was a major plus.

Eva is an interesting heroine in that she causes her partner extreme hell. She flies from the marriage, struggles with her decisions and then struggles to be with him fully. She has issues relying on him even though he is a genuinely good man because of her father being the way he is. Her trust and honest love come from Rob's constant reassurances of goodness through his actions.

I found at times that the story dragged a bit and I usually like more physical love between two characters because who does't like sex? The dragging feeling is the main reason the book lost an entire star, though. I would probably read more books by Terri Brisbin because I do like the writing style over all. The Highlanders Runaway Bride (A Highland Feuding #2) Wow! Wow! Wow! Terri Brisbin writer extraordinaire never ceases to amaze me! I have been reading her wonderful stories for a couple decades at least whether if its one of her Scottish historical romance's or her wonderful paranormal fantasy Stone Circle series I always seems to be swept away and throughly enchanted and mezmerized. In this book you can feel her passion and how Ms. Brisbin writes with her heart on her sleeve with wonderful dialogue, intricate details and unforgettable characters that you can't help, but fall in love with. If your a fan of Scotland, it's heritage, land and kilted lads this is a book you don't want to miss or you will ever forget!

This is the second book in the spectacular new series A Highland Feuding. In this book it is about a political marriage and neither party the bride nor groom is thrilled about the prospect of this match! Especially the bride to be, Eva MacKay, as she is is the daughter of the ruthless. cruel mean and diobiocal Chieftain, Ramsay MacKay. The MacKay has no problem using his own flesh and blood to have his way, by threats, blackmail, strap or fists! Even if it means using and degrading his only daughter Eva!

In this story Eva MacKay was disobedient for the first time time in her life and followed her heart. All it did was end up in disaster, as one already she loved is already gone and possibly even another! One she can't bare to be away from even though she doesn't not know this individuals exact location. Now Eva is filled with guilt and remorse for all her past decisions that has cost her everything! It is a secret she can never tell her groom or reveal anyone the truth to anyone or someone she loves more then her own life might die! How will she survive with this secret knowing she will be too far away to even try to do a search to find this loved one's whereabouts? Eva is completely both devastated and heartbroken feeling her only resolution is to runaway again, but how can she do that living so far away from the MacKay lands? Plus Rob with his sharp and intelligent warrior instincts is very perceptive and aware what Eva is planning, even before she sets a plan in motion! Now what will she do?

Rob Mackintosh, is cousin to Brodie,Chieftain, Clan Mackintosh's newly appointed Chieftain. Brodie is the heroe and main character in book 1 Stolen By The Highlander. Also is his wife Arabella, who was the heroine in the book as both are in this book too. Rob, who never had an empty bed and plenty of previous lovers, does not quite know what to make out a bride running away from him. He just wants someone to want him for himself, but not use what they can get from him, or his status as the Chieftains best friend and blood cousin. He feels there is more going on then meets the eye at the MacKay's, as Rob is a good honest and honourable man and is determined to find out what secrets everyone seems to be hiding! When he finds his runaway bride so ill - he nurses her to health, but is taken back that she does does not seem relieved or happy to be leaving her fathers cruel land and Rob does not understand it. It's quite the opposite, as Eva seems so miserable, sad and broken hearted! Rob does not beat or use women, or those weaker then himself like her sire, but why is Eva still so unhappy and fearful? Will she ever be able to open her heart to him and tell the truth to this handsome, honor bound Scottish warrior? Will they live forever as man and wife in name only and in misery forever? Will Rob understand, accept and forgive if Eva's deception and secrets are ever exposed? Or will he find it too big to be ignored feeling this treachery and perfidy to be the ultimate betrayal ?

Read this brilliant and major wonderful page turner with lots lot of twists and turns filled with blackmail, murder, secrets , betrayal, heartbreak, healing and love. It is a story that will stay with you long after you have read it!

I sobbed like a baby with this emotional and delightful read, which to me means I am reading a truly amazing story that really touched my heart. I highly recommend The Highlander's Runaway Bride by Terri Brisbin, as it is a book readers won't be able to put down! I absolutely loved it and can't wait for the next one.

***I was given a reviewers copy by the publisher through net in exchange for an honest review.***

A Highland Feuding series by Terri Brisbin

1.Stolen by The Highlander

2.The Highlander's Runaway Bride - to be released on 2/23/2016 in mass market paperback and 3/1/2016 in digital format.

Stone Circle Series by Terri Brisbin

1.Rising Fire
2.Raging Sea
3.Blazing Earth- TBR on 4/6/2016 The Highlanders Runaway Bride (A Highland Feuding #2) En realidad 3'5 estrellas... he leído casi todos los libros de esta autora y este es de los que más me ha gustado... típico romance escocés, en las que un matrimonio obligado termina siendo un matrimonio por amor... Eva, la protagonista me ha gustado por su personalidad y Rob su compańero de romance es un highlander algo 'más humano' integró pero delicado... sin esperar trama muy profunda me ha tenido enganchada durante tres buenas horas.... será que soy una romanticona... pero me ha hecho sentir profundamente el libro. Al final le doy 5 ✨✨✨✨✨. Por lo que me ha hecho sentir. The Highlanders Runaway Bride (A Highland Feuding #2)

I decided to give Harlequin Historical a try. I certainly hope this book isn’t typical for this line. This writing is painful. Abrupt ends, no transitions, if she says mayhap “one mo’ time,” diabolical villains, perfect heroes, clichés until you want to scream, the entire thing about lack of communication eons past anything sensible. No, just no. The Highlanders Runaway Bride (A Highland Feuding #2) Even though it seemed to be a well written story, the storyline itself was very emotional, dark and sad for me. Not a relaxing read, and a secret is held onto for too long. Even just a few chapters in, I was wanting to scream at the heroine to just tell her hero the truth already! #ihatesecrets The Highlanders Runaway Bride (A Highland Feuding #2) esta es una serie bastante interesante, con unos personajes igual de interesantes, ciertamente me siguen gustando más los protagonistas masculinos de la serie, aunque las chicas no están tan mal en fin le doy
3.5 ESTRELLAS The Highlanders Runaway Bride (A Highland Feuding #2) The Highlander's Runaway Bride ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ written by Terri Brisbin
(A Highland Feuding #2)

Eva McKay learns her father has given her for marriage to a Mackintosh clan warrior,a cousin to the laird and his first in command. Eva runs away from the arrangement but is soon found by Rob Mackintosh her betrothed. When she is found she in injured and suffering a high fever.

Although, Rob was against the marriage he would still obey his laird and go through with it. Eva, also, does not wish to marry anyone but is forced into this by her father and what he holds over her.

As Eva recovers from her injury and fever Rob still cannot figure her out. He realizes she had no desire to marry but detects an underlying issue with her and her cruel father.

Rob gives her a while to adjust to him before the truly consummate this marriage but Eva just will not reveal her plight to him. She has confided in the lairds wife but to no one else. Eva fears that as she finds herself falling in love with Rob if he learns her secrets he will despise her.

This book is so carefully woven by this crafted author that you cannot put it down. It will be take out food in your house till you turn the last page. Terri Brisbin is an author that has delivered a great story a story and having you getting out the Kleenex. This is one of her best and I highly recommend it. The Highlanders Runaway Bride (A Highland Feuding #2) Miniseries: A Highland Feuding The Highlanders Runaway Bride (A Highland Feuding #2)